Does Fresh Market Take EBT in 2024? (Eligible Products)

Yes, you can easily use your EBT benefits at Fresh Market Stores. Currently, as the price of most items is increasing daily, it’s become quite difficult for low-income families to pay for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle; that’s why to support them in this crisis, the US government started the services of EBT.

And this service includes many benefits such as SNAP, WIC, and TANF, which you will learn later in this article. But still, because of this, many people’s lives are getting easier.

And also, as people can use these services at Fresh Market, it is quite beneficial for the store and the customers.

Those who shop at the fresh market regularly already know that Fresh Market is a famous retail company mainly based in Southeastern US, Mid-Atlantic US, and Midwest.

And there, you can purchase any household items, from groceries to hygiene products. And now, when you can use EBT benefits at the Fresh Market Stores that case you must know how to use them and, more importantly, know more about them.


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Does Fresh Market Take EBT and its Policy on EBT?

Yes, You can use EBT Card in Fresh Market stores. For those who live near Fresh Market stores, using this store’s facilities is very convenient, especially If you use EBT. But for those who don’t know that Fresh Market uses EBT services, you must know about some policies,

If you are thinking of shopping at Fresh Market using your EBT benefits, in that case, you have to shop at the Fresh Market Store in person as they don’t provide benefits for online, curbside pickup, or delivery methods. So the only way you can utilize them is through online purchases.

When shopping at Fresh Market, if you choose any non-eligible EBT items, you have to pay for them using your debit, credit, or other payment methods.

Then if you are interested in using the discount or offer coupons at the Fresh Market Store, the good news is that you can get both benefits of EBT and the coupon discounts.

Also, buy shopping at Fresh Market Store. You’ll receive an extra reward for using the EBt service. So every time you shop there, you’ll receive a reward that you can use for your next purchase.

Then if you are interested in returning the Fresh market item you purchased using EBT in that case, you can easily do that, but it will be better if you talk to the store employees.


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Does Fresh Market accept WIC or TANF benefits?

In the United States, using the EBT benefits has helped many people. As we know, in the service, you can take advantage of SNAP, a nutrition benefit service, to supplement the food for needy families at a low budget.

Then the WIC is also a service where you get supplementary food items for the mother, child, and infant. But TANF is a service that provides cash benefits to customers.

Now that you can understand the differences between these benefits, we can understand that Fresh Market is all about SNAP benefits, as you can purchase grocery items using an EBT card there.

And also, as they have baby food items, there is a chance that they provide WIC programs as well. But they don’t provide any services that are related to TANF. 


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Fresh Market EBT Eligible Products

Does Fresh Market Take EBT (Eligible Products)

If you have ever visited Fresh Market to purchase your groceries, then there is a wide range of items that you can purchase at the stores. But if you are thinking of using your EBT benefits at the Fresh Market, then there are some selected items that you can purchase as those are,

● Meat (fresh, canned, frozen)

● Eggs 

● Fish (fresh, canned, frozen)

● vegetables (fresh, canned)

● Fruits

● Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)

● Bread, Grains, and Cereals

● Spices, baking soda, sugar, etc.

● Snack Foods (chips, popcorn, cakes, etc.)

● Non-Alcoholic Beverages (water, Gatorade)

● Seeds and plants for foods 

● Baby food 


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Can I use my EBT cash benefits at Fresh Market?

Unfortunately, you can’t use any EBT cash benefits at Fresh Market stores. The fresh market mostly provides SNAP benefits, and they have no connection with TANF services. And as this service is the only way to get EBT cash benefits, you can’t withdraw or take any cash from the store.


How to Use EBT at Fresh Market?

How to use EBT at Fresh Market

Suppose you are interested in purchasing necessary grocery items from Fresh Market using your EBT services. In that case, you can easily use them whenever you like at the Fresh Market Store, but first, you should know how to use the EBT services at Fresh Market.

● To use the EBT benefits at the fresh market first, give all the EBT-eligible items to the cashier to start the checkout process.

● Then after they are done with scanning the item, tell them that you are interested in paying by EBT card. 

● After that, when everything is fine, swipe the card at the payment machine and enter your 4- digit EBT pin.

● Then provide your photo identification proof through the cashier or a store supervisor.

● After that, when the process is done, the price of your purchased items at Fresh Market Store will automatically deduct from your EBT account.


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Fresh Market Alternative Payment Options

When you visit your nearest fresh market Store and shop for the items you need, then apart from the EBT-eligible items, if you need to pay for other products, in that case, there are so many alternative Payment methods available for you, are,


Visa Card


American Express

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Gift card




Do any states allow EBT purchases on Fresh Market?

In the US, around 160 Fresh market stores are available, most of which are based around the Southeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest areas of the United States.

So if you somehow happen to live near a Fresh Market store, you can easily use your EBT benefits to purchase groceries as Fresh Market accepts EBT at all of Fresh Market locations.


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Can you buy cigarettes with EBT at Fresh Market?

You can’t purchase cigarettes at a Fresh Market Store using EBT benefits. EBT only provides food services for low-income families, and it doesn’t promote addiction.

So, that’s why you can’t purchase cigarettes using EBT benefits; you have to pay from your pocket for these unnecessary items.


Can you use EBT at Fresh Market for food and beverages?

If you are interested in purchasing food and beverages from Fresh Market when there are many options, and few of them can be bought using EBT benefits, such as snacks like chips, popcorn, etc., and non-alcoholic bravery ages such as lemonade, water, etc.

But apart from that, if you are looking forward to purchasing cooked food or alcoholic beverages, you can’t purchase them using the EBT benefits.