Does KFC Take Apple Pay in 2024? Unveiling Facts

For hotels, retailers, and even landlords, contactless transaction has become the new norm, especially with the outbreak pandemic.

It is quite a safe methodology for using contactless payments for both customers and businesses, unlike traditional debit or credit cards.

Now, getting into the topic, does KFC take Apple Pay in 2024?

You may ponder on the thought that KFC has adopted this methodology as most businesses today are opting for cashless transactions.

Our post today will help you have a clear idea of whether Apple Pay is accepted in KFC or not!



Does KFC Take Apple Pay In 2022? 

Does KFC Take Apple Pay

At several of the KFC store locations, Apple Pay is accepted as a valid payment method as of 2024.

Furthermore, KFC also accepts Apple Pay in their stores while ordering in the drive-thru and even for online deliveries.

KFC even accepts other mobile payments, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and they are more likely to accept several other payment modes down the lane.

You may wish to know about the methods of payment the company is allowing and ways for using them if you are buying KFC meals regularly.

So, below are the things that we found about KFC accepting Apple Pay!


Is Apple Pay Accepted at KFC Drive-Thru? 

Apple Pay is accepted as the payment method at the KFC restaurant’s drive-thru.

You need to double-tap the lock button present on the right side of your iPhone and then place your finger on the sensor till it says it’s donetoo make the payments.

The purchase needs to be authenticated by looking at the screen or entering the passcode if you use an iPhone with a password or a Face ID.


How to Use Apple Pay at KFC with iPhone? 

Payments can be made at KFC’s restaurants along with the drive-thrus with the help of an iPad or an iPhone.

The following are the instructions you can follow to pay for the meals:

  • Enter into the App Store and search for “Apple Pay App.”
  • Once you find it, download the app on your iPhone.
  • Enter into your phone’s settings select the option “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and tap the “+” button.
  • Before pressing on the “Continue,” select the “Add a Card” option and select your choice of payment mode from the enlisted options.
  • Enter your debit or credit card details.
  • There will be a prompt asking you to agree to the terms and conditions of Apple.
  • The next prompt you will get will be to verify the information for cards that are linked to your Apple account.
  • After the verification, the bank will approve the details of the card entered, and you will be able to use Apple Pay.
  • If you use Touch ID on your iPhone, double-tap your home button located on the screen and then restore your finger on the sensor until it prompts “Done” for making the payment once the card is approved.


How to Use Apple Pay at KFC with Apple Watch? 

You will be amazed to know that you can now make payments at the restaurants and drive-thrus of KFC with the help of your Apple watch.

The following is the guide to help you set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch:

  • Enter into the “My Watch” tab, which is present on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “Wallet & Apple Pay” option.
  • Enter your details.
  • Tap on the “Next” option.
  • Your bank will be verifying, so be a bit patient.
  • After your bank account is verified, double-click the side button, and your default card will pop up.
  • Lastly, enter your password and place your finger on the Apple watch over the payment reader till you hear a beep sound.

***FOR NOTE: Just repeat the steps we have mentioned above if you wish to add multiple cards to your account***


How to Use Apple Pay for Online Deliveries of KFC? 

You can use the restaurant’s app, which is one of the convenient ways to order food right from KFC.

We will guide you through the process we have mentioned below while using Apple Pay for the online deliveries of KFC.

  • Enter into your KFC mobile app and sign in to your account. If you do not have an existing account, you can continue as a guest.
  • Select the option of your preferred restaurant near you, and you also have the privilege of selecting the pickup time.
  • Add your selected meal to the cart.
  • The order on your card needs to be confirmed, and then select the “Continue to Payment” option.
  • Lastly, enter your contacts and details of the delivery by selecting Apple Pay as your mode of payment.


Is PayPal accepted at KFC? 

Customers come first at KFC, and they’re always seeking innovative and handy methods to make dining as simple and convenient as possible.

As a result, KFC accepts PayPal payments as well.

You may purchase for every meal using your PayPal account, whether you purchase for collection or delivery on their webpage or at the restaurant.

They feel that accepting this popular payment option is another opportunity for KFC to provide the greatest possible experience for its consumers.


Is Apple Pay secure to be used at KFC? 

There is no doubt that Apple Pay is safe to be used at KFC.

In reality, it is the most convenient mode of payment, offering several security benefits, making it a secured option compared to the other traditional payment methods.

Initially, the advanced technology of encryption was used by Apple Pay for processing transactions securely.

Apple Pay helps in creating unique transaction codes for every purchase that are never shared or saved to third parties, unlike the other cards that reveal your personal information online with the help of physical skimming.

It would ensure that your information stays private and is accessed only by you.

Furthermore, using the Touch ID on your phone will add a protection layer against unauthorized access.

You can be assured that your credit card details stay secured during every transaction with Apple Pay.

Therefore, if you are searching for an easy and quick way to pay at KFC without leaving your security and privacy on the loose, Apple Pay is a perfect choice.


An Overview of KFC 

KFC is considered one of the renowned fast-food restaurants that are reckoned globally.

It is no wonder that millions of people flock to KFC each day for their mouthwatering delicacies like its bestselling fried crispy chicken, burgers, and more.

It has its chain of restaurants stretched around 22000 locations worldwide.

But, which distinguishing trait does make KFC stand out from the other fast-food centers?

KFC boasts about using ingredients that are of high quality in every recipe!

KFC makes everything with utmost care and from scratch, irrespective of whether it is their classic side dishes like coleslaw and potatoes or signature fried chicken.

Furthermore, KFC is noted to offer the best customer service to its patrons.

There is no wonder that KFC is the most adored globally recognized brand, along with offering prompt service at the counter to budget-friendly prices and a collegial atmosphere.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the question “Does KFC Take Apple Pay”

1. Can I use my phone to pay at KFC?

GACC uses the Kuapay mobile payment technology in its 14 KFC/Taco Bell stores.

Customers must first load the Kuapay Mobile Wallet app and link any credit or debit card to pay at a participating KFC store.

Kuapay is available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


2. What types of payment does KFC accept?

Customers will be able to pay using any type of electronic payment, comprising EMV chip and PIN, EMV chip and sign, magstripe, and NFC/contactless, as part of the solution.


3. What is the procedure for using Apple Pay at a drive-thru?

Customers who wish to pay using your latest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will need to inform the drive-through salesperson that they are doing so.

After that, the cashier will deploy a portable card machine toward the driver’s side window.


4. Do you take GCash at KFC?

We may now pay for orders using GCash through the KFC Delivery App in life, which is accessible through our GCash dashboard.


5. How can I tell whether Apple Pay is supported?

Simply search for the Apple Pay & NFC/tap and payment decals in store windows and then on the point of purchase to determine if a retail, restaurant, gas station, or even other establishment accepts Apple Pay.


Closing Thoughts 

So, does KFC take Apple Pay? Yes, it does! Apple Pay is the most seamless and safe mode of payment for your next meal order at KFC.

The mode of payment provides several benefits over the traditional methods like using credit cards or cash due to its advanced, easy-to-use mobile app and additional security attributes.

Apple Pay is surely worth considering if you are searching for an easy way to pay for KFC meals!


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