Does Lidl Take EBT in 2024? (Complete Detail)

Lidl is a great grocery-shopping destination; you can purchase all necessary items regularly. But after the pandemic, shopping for accessories became difficult for many customers, so EBT accounts are trending again.

Lidl has more than 1800 stores available in the United States, and in all those stores, customers can purchase all the necessary items that came under SNAP.

And using the SNAP EBT card, those who can’t afford good quality nutrition can purchase those for themselves and their family. Now the problem is that so many people don’t know how to use the EBT card at Lidl; this article is here to guide you.



Does Lidl take EBT?

Yes, Lidl takes EBT. People from all around the world go to grocery stores quite often to purchase groceries and other required household items. And among those grocery stores, Lidl is one of them.

In grocery stores, to purchase items, customers are concerned about the payment method most of the time, and currently, Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT is again hitting the Market; that’s why the customers are eager to know that if Lidl takes EBT, well the answer is yes.

Libl has many money transfer methods available at the stores, and among those methods, EBT is one of them which you can use any time you want.


How to Use EBT at Lidl?

Does Lidl Take EBT (Using Process)

Well, whenever you go to Lidl to shop for your groceries using EBT in that case, you must know how to use it properly, as you can’t go to Lidl to purchase the item you need. So, here is the way to use EBT at Lidl,

● First, while shopping for groceries, you must separate the EBT-approved or eligible products from the regular items.

● Then, at the checkout process, provide all those EBT-eligible items to the cashier.

● Then, when the cashier scans all the EBT-approved items, you must enter your card into the reader.

● Then enter your EBT card’s 4-digit pin.

● And then, if everything is right, the payment will be deducted from your SNAP account. 

● While paying for the items using the EBT card, there is a chance that any supervisor or manager will look into your identification proof to make sure the card is under your name. 

After you successfully purchase all the required EBT-eligible items from the Lidl store, you can give your other shopping items to the cashier and pay for them using cash or other available payment methods.

This way, you can shop for all the necessary items in one visit, but remember that you must always keep the EBT Purchased item receipt to yourself, as it helps prevent mischarges.


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What are the other payment options Lidl accepts?

If you are not aware of the EBT or you are not comfortable with the process, then instead of using EBT at the Lidl locations, you can use, 

● MasterCard

● American Express

● Visa card

● Discover

● Google Pay

● Apple pay

● Cash 

● Lidl gift card


You can pray for your purchased items at Lidl using any method of payment you like. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some FAQs on “Does Lidl Take EBT.”

What states allow EBT at Lidl?

To use EBT at Lidl in the United States, you must know where EBTs are accepted. You can use it in Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


What types of food can I buy with EBT at Lidl?

By Using EBT, you can purchase many regular grocery items at Lidl, such as,

● Fruits and vegetables

● Meat, poultry, and fish 

● Dairy (fresh or shelf-stable)

● Bread and cereal

● Spices and seasonings

● Honey, maple syrup, cane sugar, and other natural or artificial sweeteners

● Ketchup, mustard, and other condiments

● Potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, and other snacks

● Baked goods

● Cake and brownie mixes

● Ice cream

● Water, soda, lemonade, iced tea, fruit and vegetable juices, and certain energy drinks 



Can I use EBT for online orders at Lidl?

You can’t use EBT to pay for your online order in Lidl. But in many grocery stores all around the US, EBT is also accepted as a payment method for online purchases.


Can I use EBT for non-food items at Lidl?

You can’t purchase any non-food item at Lidl using EBT as a payment method. Whatever you purchase using EBT in Lidl has to be SNAP-eligible.

This Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a service that provides low-income families with nutritious food and drinks through which they can lead healthy lives. So if you try to purchase any other item apart from food using the EBT at Lidl, you can’t purchase it. 


Are there any restrictions on using EBT at Lidl?

If you are willing to use EBT at Lidl as a payment option, in that case, using the discount, you can’t purchase anything you want; there is some item that is restricted for purchasing using EBT those are.

● Tobacco products

● Alcohol

● Prescriptions

● Pet food/accessories

● Health supplements

● Household cleaning products

● Food or drinks that are on sale

● Hygiene items

● Cosmetics


These items are not under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. If you want to purchase them, you must make another bill but can’t pay it using Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).


What is the maximum amount I can spend with EBT at Lidl?

The maximum amount you can spend at Lidl using EBT depends on the location and the EBT store. So the maximum amount would be different in different Lidl stores. But if you still need proper guidance, contact your local Lidl store to guide you.


Are there any discounts or special offers for EBT users at Lidl?

Those purchasing groceries using EBT are already getting a separate discount at Lidl. So, apart from that, there isn’t any specific discount or special offer available for customers.


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