Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in 2024?

Everyone will surely adore their occasional fried chicken at your favorite fast-food joint.

Fried chicken will never go out of fashion whether you include it in your sandwich or serve them with fries.

But, if Popeyes is your go-to place, then it is important to understand the rising question of does Popeye Takes Apple Pay or not?

One of the essential options in the United States is Popeyes, as it has one of the best fried chickens in the nation.

It has significantly combined many followers and fans of its food since the start of 1972 in New Orleans.

Numerous customers will enjoy the different modes of payment available, including Apple Pay; however, does Popeye accept Apple Pay?

Let us find out and know everything about Popeye and their payment options!



Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay? 

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay

Popeye surely accepts Apple Pay as their mode of payment in their retail outlets, like through their app for online buys.

Popeyes has been accepting Apple Pay in their restaurants since the year 2019, and later it added their option through this app.

If you own an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you are surely fortunate!

Continue to go through our post if you wish to know about the other available payment options!


How to Use Apple Pay at Popeyes? 

The below-mentioned is a small guide on the best way to use Apple Pay either to dine in or to collect food from the drive-through.

  • To start with, open up the app of Apple Pay on your iPhone.
  • Investigate your payment and check whether your billing information is correct or not? If not, then you will have to add yet another card.
  • Lastly, hold your iPhone on the card reader at the contactless part. Leave it there till you hear a ping sound. After you hear the sound, it indicates that the transaction is complete.


Setting Up Apple Pay on your Device 

Setting up the Apple Pay app on your Device is extremely simple and does not take much time. All you need is to follow the easy instructions that we have mentioned below:

  • All you need is to add your card.
  • For using Apple Pay, you need to add a valid debit or credit card to your digital wallet, and the following is how you can do it:
  • Open the app of the wallet and select the option for Add button from the plus sign.
  • Select whether you wish to add your credit or debit card.
  • Click continue
  • There will be instructions on-screen as you add your selected card.

It may be required for you to verify your information with your card or bank issuer. The main reason for this is to approve your card, allowing it to be used along with Apple Pay.


Can I pay with Apple Pay on my Apple Watch at Popeyes?

You can surely make use of Apple Pay with the help of your Apple Watch at the Popeyes. The entire process is almost the same as that of using your iPhone, except that you need to hold your watch over to the card reader till the transaction is done.


Using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

You can use this payment option to pay for your meals at Popeyes if you own an Apple Watch.

  • Primarily, you can double-click on your side button
  • Select the card of your choice
  • Hold your phone near the contactless reader, allowing you to verify the payment through Apple Watch.
  • You will hear the note of a small beep, and the payment is made.


Can you place your orders at Popeyes Online? 

You can surely use the Popeyes app and place an order for your food items at home.

You can make your purchases with the help of Apple Pay, and this is how you can do it.

  • Primarily, select Apple Pay as your mode of payment while you are at the checkout process.
  • If you wish to switch the cards, click on the “Next” button till you have located the card of your choice or the “Expand” button to check out every card at just a glance.
  • If required, fill in your details. Apple Pay will be storing all information if you have entered them earlier, including your shipping, billing, and contact information.
  • Confirming and Authenticating the payment.
  • Double-click on the power button to activate the scanner if you wish to use the Facial recognition.
  • You must place your finger at the home button to scan your ID if your Device has a Touch ID. The feature is not available, or you may have to use the other method where you have to enter the passcode.
  • With Apple Watch, you can double click on the side button.


Does Popeyes Accept Cash App? 

Surely, you can use any Cash App to pay for your food at Popeyes, and the entire process is conventional.

The following are the steps that you can follow to pay for your meal with Cash App:

  • You need to enter the amount you wish to pay once you have opened your cash app
  • Then enter a valid email address, phone number, or $Cashtag
  • Enter in your valid email address, $Cashtag, and phone number
  • Enter the recipient
  • Tap “Pay” again


Can I avail myself of a cashback using Apple Pay at Popeyes? 

Apple will offer you a cashback if you use your Apple Pay Card while the merchant is accepting it. There are no transactional limitations on your cashback, and you can get several instances while you transact. You can collect about 3% cashback on almost every transaction. You can check out the terms and conditions on your Apple Website.

Customers using Apple Pay Card often receive rewards for every transaction made with the card. On the Apple website, you may verify your eligibility. If you’re a frequent buyer, the Apple Pay Card is suggested since you’ll earn cash back on every transaction. Over time, these add up to significant savings.


What are the benefits of using Apple Pay at Popeyes? 

Let us check out the various benefits of using Apple Pay for ordering food at Popeyes and the reason behind its popularity!


Contactless payment has never been more popular. Apple Pay is simple to use and does not need clients to interact with anything other than the smartphone they are using to make a payment.

Using this payment method at a crowded restaurant like Popeyes minimizes wait times, whether you’re ordering inside or through the drive-through.



Apple Pay is completely secured as your debit or credit card details or any of your personal information is never stored. The app, instead, will create a fresh token every time you are paying to stop the merchants from accessing the details of your card. It means that it is completely impossible for your cards to be hacked using this payment mode.


No fees

When using Apple Pay to pay at stores or restaurants, there are no costs. You will be charged the regular costs imposed by your supplier if you opt to add a credit card through into app.

They accept cash in addition to Apple Pay, which must be given to the driver. They take credit cards and have lately begun to accept PayPal. Credit & prepaid cards are not accepted.


Is there a way to get cashback with Apple Pay at Popeyes? 

You may earn cash back at Popeyes restaurants that support Apple Pay when you use an iPhone or iPad wallet to link your Apple Card using Apple Pay. It is the mode of payment without any limitations, and it means that you will always get cashback. You can apply for the Apple Pay Card to check whether you have eligibility or not.


Can Apple Pay be used in the Popeyes App? 

The app of Popeyes allows customers to order food items from their menu for pick-up, delivery, or in-store dining option. It is the best feature in the Popeyes app where the customers can avail rewards by simply placing an order through the app. The more rewards you avail yourself of, the greater amount of food you can hold. It is the sound that surely rings in your ears!

Customers can make use of Apple Pay to pay for items with the help of the app. All that you need is to connect your Apple Pay with the Popeyes app, and it is all set.


Other Places accepting Apple Pay 

Several fast-food networks accept Apple Pay for using the secured and conventional mode of transaction. The restaurants included here are KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

We wanted to include some more in our list. However, there are too many to pen down! There are several other retail stores, pharmacies, fast-food joints, and even the gas stations accepting this mode of payment. As we enter into digitalization, it surely will not be long before every business in the world accepts Apple Pay!


Other Modes of Payment Accepted at Popeyes 

Popeyes, along with several other fast-food joints, are accepting various other modes of payment. You even have the option to pay cash, credit or debit card, Google Pay, Popeyes Gift Card, Samsung Pay, and others.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the “Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay”

1. What countries accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the authorized payment option by over 85% of merchants in the US; therefore, you can use it anywhere.

You simply have to check on the information if you are not sure.

Apple Pay is used across several locations accepting contactless payments that include grocery shops, vending machines, subway stations, taxis, and several other shops, especially if there is an App and Internet connection.


2. Can you pay for fast food using Apple Pay?

Chili’s, Panda Express, and Panera Bread are among the establishments that accept Apple Pay. KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, and White Castle are among the fast-food restaurants that accept Apple Pay. Here is a list of all Apple Pay locations.


3. How can I determine whether or not a restaurant accepts Apple Pay?

Look for the Apple Pay emblem in the Useful to Know portion of a location’s information card.

Click back downwards until users reach the part under “Useful to Know.” If a location supports Apple Pay, you’ll see such an Apple Pay emblem in addition to information like whether it’s kid-friendly or takes bookings.


4. Is Apple Pay accepted at ATMs?

Apple Pay is accepted at the very most cardless ATMs. Large banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, & Bank of America are among them.

To determine whether an ATM is NFC-enabled, simply check for the contactless emblem.


Ending Notes 

So, Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay? Answering your question, Popeyes now accepts Apple Pay as one of their payment options.

All you would require is an authenticated credit or debit card on your Wallet App as well as a compatible device.

Using Apple Pay through your iPhone has become a common mode as it can also be used with your Apple Watch.

Do not forget that Apple Pay works well when you use the Popeyes app. It becomes more convenient and easy, specifically if you wish to avail of cashback rewards!


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