Does Sheetz Take Ebt in 2024? (EBT Policy, WIC and TANF)

Yes, you can use EBT services at Sheetz, available at all the Sheets stores in the United States. In the US, EBT services are very important as we know that EBT services are mainly made for low-income families to support their families and themselves.

And this service helps those people continue living a healthy lifestyle by consuming daily food. Service allows you to purchase grocery items through which you can make food at your home.

But still, not all stores provide access to EBT, but Sheetz does and helps its customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. Saying that, let’s say a few things about Sheetz.

Sheetz is a famous convenience Store chain with gas stations, coffee stores, etc.

This store chain has been in the market for more than 70 years, so they have gained quite some experience to run this business successfully.

It has around 700 outlets all over the United States and is available in some major parts of the US.

As it’s one of those stores that provide benefits, from poor to rich, everyone can utilize the store’s content for their benefit.

But there are many more things about the Sheetz stores and EBT that you must know about; for that, this article is at your service.




Does Sheetz Take EBT & its Policy on EBT?

Yes, you can use EBT services at Sheetz, available at all the Sheets stores in the United States. Well, in many locations, Sheetz has become a part of people’s lifestyles as this convenience store chain provides many useful services that people need every day, such as convenience stores for grocery shopping, gas stations for fuel, and coffee shops.

So the popularity of Sheetz is quite high, but the problem is if you are thinking of using EBT services at Sheetz stores, in that case, there are a few policies that you must be aware of, 

The most important rule in Sheetz is that you have to be a store member to enter the Sheetz Warehouse to shop for the items you need.

Both EBT and Non-EBT users having a membership in the store is necessary, and if you don’t have a Sheetz membership card in that case, you just have to pay a small amount to get the membership.

Then to use EBT services, you can only purchase SNAP-eligible items at the Sheetz Store; using the EBT card, you can’t purchase any item you want.

And for every non-EBT eligible item, you must pay it from your pocket.

Also can’t purchase made-to-order (MTO) items like burgers, pizza, etc. From the Sheetz stores, providing cooked meals using EBT cards is against federal law.

Also, Sheetz has no access to or is eligible to provide a restaurant meal program; purchasing hot meals at the Sheetz stores using EBT service is not an option.

Then if you purchased any items from the Sheetz store that you want to return in that case, you have to return that item within the first 90 days of purchase, and this rule is for both EBT and non-EBT purchases.

If you return any item you purchase from Sheetz using EBT benefits in that case, you can’t receive any sort of cash refund in exchange for that product.

Instead, you will receive your refund back to your EBT account as a gift card or any other method. And to discuss the refund method, you can discuss it with the store management.

Then you can’t use the Sheetz EBT benefits to order items from their website. To use the EBT card for shopping, you must visit the Sheetz store in person; you can’t use it online or pick up orders.

If you think that you can use your EBT benefits to purchase fuel at Sheetz stores, in that case, you have the wrong idea.

As the Sheetz store doesn’t provide TANF services, you can’t use this EBT service at Sheetz. You can only purchase groceries at Sheetz stores under the SNAP services. 

Etc. These are the major policies available at the Sheetz stores, and if there are any other rules, then you can easily talk to customer service at the Sheetz store. 


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Does Sheetz accept WIC or TANF benefits?

Does Sheetz Take Ebt, WIC

Well, Sheetz stores have been available in the market for many years. After that covid, the demand for EBT services is increasing day by day, and for financially unstable families affording a healthy lifestyle is quite difficult.

So by using the EBT services, you can take advantage of three benefits, SNAP, WIC, and TANF. 

Snap benefit is The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; this service is the one that allows you to purchase healthy food items and groceries on a low budget. And this is the service that Sheetz provides to its customers. 

Then the WIC benefit is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. New mothers can purchase healthy food items and medicines through this service for their children and themselves.

In Sheetz, there is no proper information about whether the store sells baby food items or milk to the customers for EBT purchases. Therefore there is no proper information regarding that.

Finally, the TANF services explain Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This EBT service helps with financial support for low-income families.

By using this service, EBT cardholders can withdraw from the ATM, as well as from the stores. But unfortunately, Sheetz stores don’t have access to these facilities, so you can’t take advantage of the TANF benefits at any Sheetz stores.


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What Products can you buy by using EBT at Sheetz?

As we said before, Sheetz is one of those places where you can purchase almost everything you need, and with time it’s gaining even more popularity among customers.

But with EBT services, there is a restriction about the items you can purchase that you can purchase at Sheetz stores, the items that came under the SNAP benefits, and those items are, 

● Meat (frozen, canned, or fresh)

● Fish ( frozen, canned, or fresh)

● Fruit

● Live seafood

● Vegetables

● Bread 

● Dairy items like milk, cheese

● Cereals 

● Candy 

● Chips 

● Juice 

● Cookies 

● Brownie

● Seeds and Plants



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Can I use my EBT cash benefits at Sheetz?

Can I use my EBT cash benefits at Sheetz

Unfortunately, now you can’t use the EBT cash benefits at Sheetz to purchase necessary items.

The thing is, Sheetz doesn’t have access to TANF services, and without the benefit of the service, you can’t withdraw money from the store or from the ATM to pay for the items you need, as it will work against the law.

And also, this is one of the main reasons Sheetz doesn’t provide a monetary refund to its customers after returning the items they purchased from the Sheetz store. 


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How to Use EBT at Sheetz?

Using EBT services is getting quite popular in the United States, and by using it, people from low-income backgrounds can benefit a lot.

And as Sheetz has become a part of people’s day-to-day living, let’s find out how you can use EBT at Sheetz.

Step-1 First, when shopping at Sheetz, you must separate all the EBT-eligible items from the non-EBT-eligible items. You can choose the method you find convenient to separate the items.


Step-2: After you put everything you want to purchase in your shopping cart, it’s time for checkout. Go to the checkout process, and unload all the EBT-eligible items in front of the cashier.


Step-3: After the cashier scans all the EBT items, tell them you are willing to pay using an EBT card.


Step-4: Swipe the card at the Sheetz stores point-of-sale (POS) machine, like a debit or credit card. Or you can give that EBT card to the cashier, then put in your 4-digit pin.


Step-5: Before completing the payment process, the Sheetz cashier or the supervisor may ask for your photo identification proof. For that, give them your driving license, military ID, etc.


Step-6, the Sheetz cashier wheel proceeds with the payment, and if everything is fine, the purchase amount will automatically deduct from your EBT account.


Then after your EBT purchases are made, you can give your regular non-EBT eligible items to the cashier, make another billing for that purchase, and for this, you can use other payment methods like debit or credit card. Also, after shopping at Sheetz EBT card, you must keep the receipt carefully to yourself. 


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Sheetz alternative payment options 

Sheetz alternative payment options

As we know, all over the United States, Sheetz has made quite a name because of its wide range and quality of products.

So because of this, thousands of people visit the Sheetz Store regularly to shop for household items and many other things.

But instead of an EBT card, if they want to use other payment methods, then there are many options available,

● MasterCard

● Visa

● American Express

● Apple Pay

● Google Pay

● Cash 

● Sheetz Gift card



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Are any states allow EBT Purchases on Sheetz?

The Sheetz company has around 700 stores all over the US. And the main places where the company serves are North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, etc.

And in all those places, the Sheetz Store has EBT services for its customers. So if you live near a Sheetz Store in that case, you can visit that place to shop for your groceries using EBT.


Can you use EBT at Sheetz gas stations?

In the present world, where every item’s price is increasing daily, transportation has also become a huge issue.

In the United States, it’s quite difficult for low-income families to pay for private transportation and purchase fuel every day.

But unfortunately, Sheetz stores don’t provide TANF services, which is why they have no cash benefits; as a matter of course, even though they need it, they still can’t use the EBT benefits to purchase fuel at Sheetz gas stations.


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Can you buy cigarettes with EBT at Sheetz?

You can’t purchase cigarettes at the Sheetz stores using EBT services. The EBT services are all about a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, and cigarettes are never a part of a healthy lifestyle.

So even if you try, you can’t purchase cigarettes using EBT services as cigarettes are never a part of SNAP benefits and never will be. 


Can you use EBT at Sheetz for food and beverages?

Sheetz convenience store chain where you can purchase anything you want, and there if you want to purchase beverages then, then definitely purchase beverages that are part of SNAP benefits; hence you can purchase juice, soda, etc., at the Sheetz store but for alcoholic beverages the EBT services won’t pay for it.

And the same rule is for foods as well; by using the EBT service, you can purchase snacks like chips, candy, brownies, etc., but purchasing cooked food it’s part of the deal. 


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