Does Smiths Take Apple Pay in 2024? (Other Payment Methods)

Smiths Food and Drugs is a place for customers to purchase groceries, medicines, household products, etc.

And more than 140 stores are available for customers to purchase their necessary items.

And Apple Pay is a well-known digital payment system through which anyone can pay for their item on their mobile.

Now when the world is getting more advanced day by day, payment methods are advancing as well, and that’s why many people stop carrying their cards and cash, as paying using the phone is much more convenient.

But at the Smiths store, payment methods are a little complicated if the customers are unaware.

So that’s why this article is here to give the customers of Smith’s Food and Drugs a proper idea of payment methods and whether they can use Apple Pay at the Store or not.



Does Smiths Take Apple Pay?

Well, Smith is a famous place for people to go there and shop for items that they need regularly and to purchase; all these people often try to use Apple Pay as a payment method, but the payment won’t get accepted because many customers don’t know that Smiths doesn’t accept Apple pay as a payment method at their stores.

Not only that, as Smiths is a subsidy brand of Kroger, that’s why in most of Kroger subsidy brands, you can pay using Apple Pay. 


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Why does Smiths not accept Apple Pay?

Does Smiths Take Apple Pay

Generally, most stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method, and when Smith denies it, most people get confused and think about why Smith doesn’t accept Apple pay.

The answer is Smiths is a subsidy brand of Kroger, and Kroger has a payment method called Kroger Pay.

Using that app, customers can easily scan and pay for their purchased amount through their phones.

Through the app, Smiths can maintain their loyalty reward system, also create a great checkout experience.
Another reason, and probably the main reason Smith Food and Drug doesn’t accept it, is that the Kroger pay app is similar to the Apple pay app.

That’s why they don’t want to promote a competitor payment system at their Store.

Also, those people who use the Kroger Pay app get nice offers and vouchers through the app; that’s why customers, instead of going to other places for groceries and household products people come to Kroger every time to utilize the offers.

And these are the reasons why Smiths doesn’t accept Apple pay as a payment method.


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What payment methods does Smiths accept?

What Other Payment Method Smiths Accept

As Smiths is quite a famous place for grocery shopping or shopping for household products, customers need to know what payment methods Smiths accepts.

Smiths accepts payment methods such as,

Smiths Rewards World Mastercard

Kroger Pay app

Prepaid cards

Smiths gift cards

Debit cards

Visa cards

Discover cards

American Express cards

EBT cards



So as that’s Smiths except mostly all types of cards as the payment method, but the only mobile payment method they accept is the Kroger pay app as they don’t want any competition like Apple Pay at their business.


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Sometimes it is hard for a few people to visit places where Apple Pay is not accepted. In that case, they might be disappointed.

But Smiths is a part of the Kroger family, and there are around 16 subsidy brands that are under Kroger hundreds of stores belong to these brands, so if you start using the Kroger pay app, it will be beneficial for you in many ways as they don’t accept Apple pay at most of their stores.

But if you don’t want to use the Kroger pay app at the Store and you can’t use Apple pay at the Smiths stores, Then there is nothing to worry about.

As you can see, many payment methods are accepted at the Smiths store. So you’ll always have other options through which you can pay.


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Frequenlty Asked Questions

Below we share some FAQs

Does Smiths grocery store accept Apple Pay?

If you want to pay for your Smiths groceries using your Apple Pay app, then unfortunately, you can’t do that as Smiths doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method at their Store. 


Are Smiths planning to accept Apple Pay in the future?

To answer the question, the chances of using Apple Pay at the Smiths store are very low.

Smiths is a subsidy brand of Kroger, and as Kroger is focusing on its mobile payment app, Smiths won’t keep a competitive payment system at their Stores.


How do I set up Apple Pay to use at Smiths?

Unfortunately, you can’t set up Apple Pay to use at any Smiths store; you have to use the Kroger Pay app on your Apple phone if you want to use a mobile payment service at the Smiths store.


Can I use my Apple Watch to pay at Smiths?

At the Smiths store, you can use Apple-related items like an Apple watch, phone, etc.

But you can’t make a payment out of it if you don’t have Smiths approved mobile payment app, which is the Kroger pay app.


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