Does Subway Take Apple Pay in 2024 (Updated)

If you are confused and have questions like Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

You are on the correct page. Subway is an American restaurant chain.

It is principally focused on selling sub sandwiches, commonly called subs.’

Subway advertises itself as being healthier than McDonald’s or other fast-food chains, leading to an enormous number of customers for Subway’s chain restaurants.

Subway has nearly 37000 Subway locations across the globe.



Does Subway Take Apple Pay 

Does Subway Take Apple Pay

Here’s the answer – yes! Subway uses Apple Pay as a payment method.
Subway was one of the first restaurant chains that accepted Apple Pay.

The restaurant started taking Apple Pay as a form of payment in 2014, and apple and Apple Pay are accepted at all Subway establishments.

If you’re planning on dining at Subway in the afternoon, you can pay using Apple Pay and save time and effort.


Can I Use Apple Pay by the Use of the Subway App?

Does Subway take Apple Pay by using its app?

Yes, you can make use of Apple Pay within the Subway App.

Apple Pay is now well integrated with Subway. Subway App.

When you reach the payment screen, you’ll be offered the option to pay using Apple Pay, and you can pay for the meal.


What are the Other Payment Options in Subway?

Apple Pay is a significant payment alternative for Subway because of its popularity. A substantial part of US users utilize the app.

Yet, Subway also offers alternative payment options. You can pay at Subway using the following methods: listed below:

  • Cash Payment
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Card
  • Subway Gift Cards
  • Subway Gift Vouchers
  • Gift cards for debit and credit

If you do not already have Apple Pay or are facing problems with it, you could be able to pay your bills with any of the methods mentioned above at Subway.


How Long Has Subway Been Accepting Apple Pay?

Subway was the first restaurant company to implement Apple Pay when it moved to mobile-based orders in 2014.

Apple Pay is relatively new, but Subway has already embraced the technology to utilize the service.

The first time Subway launched Apple Pay, it was only available for purchases in the shop from counters.

In the following years, the options were increased for those who used Apple Pay, which didn’t involve standing in line at the counter for a long time.


Does Subway Take Apple Pay for Dine-in?

It’s the truth that Subway is a restaurant that accepts Apple Pay as a method to pay when you dine at the restaurant; if you’re planning to go to Subway and want an easy payment method, you can pay by using Apple Pay.

Here’s how you can use Apple Pay to place your order at Subway:

Once you are ready to pay, ensure that you have your device in the terminal to pay.

Verify the purchase with your ID card with a facial scan.

Be sure to finish the transaction.

You’re ready to go!


Does Subway Take Apple Pay at Subway Drive-Thru?

It’s true; Subway accepts Apple Pay as a payment option at their Subway drive-thru.

If you’re in a hurry and want to take your food home without waiting in the restaurant, make your order via the drive-thru.

Here’s how you can utilize Apple Pay to make payments at Subway drive-thru locations:

  • You can place an order online.
  • If you are ready to pay, you’ll need to place your device at the terminal to pay.
  • Check your purchase using your photo ID.
  • Pay the bill.
  • You’re ready for the adventure!
  • Can You Use Apple Pay When Ordering On Subway’s App?
  • One of the most exciting new features Subway has released is the decision to include an Apple Pay option in its application.

For instance, Subway is one example. The subway application is a prime illustration, and it’s a well-known application that Subway lets customers discover specials and deals.

With the launch of Apple Pay, which is currently the Apple Pay option on the application, From time to time, Subway may offer special deals specifically for this kind of payment, which gives clients discounts when they purchase Subway or other food items.

In the past, Subway had a deal with Apple Pay, which gave customers a discount of $2 on their Subway footlong when they used Apple Pay on the app.

Before this update which allowed users to purchase items using Apple Pay on the Subway app, users had the option to buy goods using different types of mobile payment like PayPal.

With more options and flexibility in using Apple Pay, Subway has dramatically improved the convenience of ordering food at its restaurants.


Apple Pay at Subway Restaurant

Does subway take Apple Pay at a restaurant? Subway is among the biggest restaurant chains across the USA.

You can pay for food at Subway with Apple Pay.

Subway has accepted Apple Pay ever since its debut. Apple Pay has made payment options more accessible to customers.

Carrying cash, debit, or credit cards is no longer necessary, particularly when you have a smartphone.

With technological advances, Subway has decided to open the possibility of Apple Pay at its stores.

Most of the US population owns an iPhone, and the majority would use Apple Pay to make payments.

Due to the rising popularity of the concept and technological advances in digitalization, the use of cash has been reduced.

Restaurants and retailers have also changed their rules regarding accepting payment, and Apple Pay is becoming a popular delivery option for nearly all restaurants across the USA.

The previous year, Apple also revealed discounts for customers paying for Subway.

While paying at Subway, discounts in the amount of 2 percent were made available for a few days in August.

To take advantage of the discount, enter the code “APPLE PAY” must be entered.

Alongside Subway, the promotion was extended to other essential partners in Apple Pay like Dunkin’ Donuts, Instacart, DoorDash, and GoPuff.


Does Subway Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, Subway offers gift cards.

They can be purchased online via Subways gift card purchase on the internet.

You can purchase e-gift cards that you can email to the recipient email. You can also send physical gift cards by mail.

Subway sells gift cards up of up to $500.

You can buy several cards if you’re searching for more expensive gifts.


Is Subway’s App Free To Download?

However, not only is the Subway application free, but it’s also very user-friendly and provides many advantages. 

For example, Subway, for instance. The subway application lets customers earn “Subway My Way Points.”

Additionally, the Subway application lets you create an order that could be customized precisely to how you’d like it.

In addition, food images in apps help select the right ingredients for the salad or substitute.

For Subway My Waypoints, when customers purchase through this app, they will be given four points (or tokens) for every dollar they spend.

Although these tokens don’t add rapidly, they could benefit the user.

In essence, after they’ve paid $50 at Subway via the app, users can get back $2. Although it may not appear much, it’s a great feature to utilize in the app.

In some instances, it is possible that using Apple Pay earns you even more discounts.


Does Subway Take Checks?

Unfortunately, Subway does not take payment by check, which means you’ll have to cash checks before purchasing a meal at Subway.



Does subway take apple pay? Obviously, yes, like other restaurants in the USA, Subway also accepts Apple Pay.

Subway is the first customer of the chain to get Apple Pay across the United States.

Customers can use Apple Pay at Subway restaurants in addition to Subway’s mobile app and website.

If you’re planning to enjoy an excellent meal at Subway, there’s no need to carry cash or a credit card. Pay your bill using your mobile.


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