Does Walgreens Develop Film? (Cost, Time Take)

Here we mainly focus on the question, “Does Walgreens Develop Film.” If you are looking for a place that would be value for money when it comes to developing your various kinds of films. Then there is no more that can come even close in this race.
It has to be Walgreen; it is the best place to develop your films at an affordable price. The cost of developing your film varies. It depends on the number of copies you want and the size of your film.



Does Walgreens Develop Film?

Yes, they develop all kinds of films. Besides being a chemist, Walgreens is renowned for its excellent printing services.

They are famous for developing your film from negatives and disposables. They usually involve a third party in doing this task. But their pricing and the quality of service are high quality.


What kind of film does Walgreens develop?

Does Walgreens Develop Film (What Kind)

Walgreens is capable of processing all kinds of films. They specialize in processing 110 films as well as APS films. The Walgreens outlets also accept 35mm film, and they get it processed for you.

You can also get your negatives and single-use camera pictures developed from Walgreens.

With factors like pocket-friendly pricing and a wide range of options available at Walgreens, it is undoubtedly a great place to develop your film.

But only some stores are capable of developing your 35 mm pictures. It is because they don’t have a lab story in their outlets. Only those with a photo lab can develop film from your 35 mm film.


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How long does it take to develop a film at Walgreens?

It usually takes three to five working days to develop a film at Walgreens. They typically receive your order and then send it to a lab to develop the images from your film. This entire process is time-consuming because Walgreens need their laboratory.

They involve a third-party vendor who develops the film on their behalf. Once you have placed an order, Walgreens officials will roll out your film to get them developed.

As the vendor finishes the task, they quickly transfer it to Walgreens, and your film is handed out to you.


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Has anyone recently had their film developed at Walgreens?

Does Walgreens Develop Film (Anyone Developed)

Developing your films from Walgreens is a regular phenomenon for their customers. As mentioned earlier, Walgreens is popular for its high-quality film development services.

They develop almost all kinds of films at their stores. Thus, if you are looking for a good place, you should try Walgreens.


Does Walgreens develop a 35-millimeter film?

Yes, all the stores can develop 35-millimeter films at Walgreens. Therefore you can quickly develop your 35-millimeter film from Walgreens.

Considering the price at which they provide this service, it is commendable of them to develop films at such an affordable price point.


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Will Walgreens develop my film?

Does Walgreens Develop Film (Individual Film)

Yes, they will develop your film. But the entire process is time-consuming. It is mainly because Walgreens still need a functional lab of theirs. They mainly send their film development orders to a lab to develop the final product.

After a few days, the lab digitally transfers the image to their store, and the negatives are scanned and printed on digital paper.

You can ask them to repeat the process, and they will do it for you from their desk. Therefore you will have to go through the entire procedure to develop your film.


How much does Walgreens’ development cost?

The cost of developing your film at Walgreens depends on the size of your product. It depends on the quantity as well. For Film processing and development, it will cost $15.99. 

But most of the time, the pricing is very pocket friendly. You will not have to pay an extravagant amount for developing your pictures or films from Walgreens.

These days you can also avail of their online portal to order your pictures and pay for them simultaneously.


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How to process film at Walgreens?

Does Walgreens Develop Film (Processing)

Typically all Walgreen stores with a functional photo lab can accept 35 mm film. Therefore you need to find a store that also accepts rolls and negatives. Usually, they involve a third party in developing a film. 

When you select a Walgreens store with APS (Advance Photo System) photo lab in it. Because in that case, you will accept your 35 mm film. Or they will send your roll/ negatives to a third party and fulfill your order.  


Does Walgreens develop film from a disposable camera?

You can develop film from your disposable camera. However, you must ensure that the store has a kiosk to produce the film from your disposable camera. It usually takes three to five working days to develop the film from your disposable camera.

But this service is only available at some of their stores. Only selected stores provide you with this service. So it is better to call them before visiting the store to develop film from your disposable camera.


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Does Walgreens develop film in-store?

No, Walgreens has stopped developing your films at the stores. It is mainly because of the lack of infrastructure. Usually, they send the film to a third party who develops the film and send them back. The third-party vendor does the entire work on behalf of Walgreen.

Once the third-party vendor completes the job, they mail the developed film back to Walgreens, which is then handed out to the customer.

Since they no longer have a functioning lab, they stopped developing films at the store. Nowadays, they only take orders and get them done by their third-party vendors. 


Does Walgreen develop disc film?

Yes, fortunately, they still develop disc film as well. They even develop films from your Kodak disc film as well. Therefore, if you plan to develop your disc film, do consider visiting Walgreen.

They are the best in the market. Their service is precious for money, considering the price point they provide.


Is Walgreens a good place to develop a film?

Undoubtedly, there is no second opinion that Walgreen is the best place to develop your film. Make sure they have a working lavatory because they usually involve a third party to get your work done in most of their branches. 

Maintaining a fully equipped laboratory is slightly expensive. Moreover, it is not a great idea to create an entire setup without any regular source of revenue income. But some stores have a full-function setup capable of developing various kinds of films. 


Is it cheaper to develop film at CVs or Walgreens?

Walgreen is comparatively cheaper in comparison to CVs. The cost of developing 35 mmm 24 exposures at Walgreen is $15.99.

The cost of developing the same number of 24 exposures from CVs is 17.85 dollars. Even though the cost of printing 12 exposures is identical in both of these stores. 

But as you increase the number of copies, the price also gets higher in CVs.On the other hand, Walgreen is on the cheaper side. Thus, it is safe to say that you can develop a film from Walgreen at a cheaper cost. 


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