Does Walmart Deliver To Your Home in 2024

Does Walmart Deliver To Your Home?

While Walmart is famous for its numerous stores throughout the US, it is one of the biggest online retailers.

Walmart uses several delivery options and methods to get its products into consumers’ hands.

No, which state you reside in the US, there is a good chance that Walmart delivers to your home.

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Does Walmart Deliver To Your Home?

Does Walmart Deliver To Your Home

Walmart will deliver to your home using various delivery methods and services in 2024.

It utilizes carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service for orders shipped through Walmart fulfillment facilities. 

For delivery to homes of grocery purchases made from Walmart retail stores, Walmart makes use of local, third-party delivery drivers and delivery services.

For more information about Walmart’s home delivery service, how you can get free delivery, and much more, learn more about it here.

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What Kinds of Home Delivery Services Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart will deliver its products to homes throughout the US regardless of where customers may be.

Walmart uses several different delivery methods to deliver its goods to shoppers who purchase online.

The business employs so many different delivery methods that it could be complicated.

It’s helpful to divide it into two major categories: delivery to Walmart fulfillment centers and delivery to local Walmart stores.

Products purchased at are delivered from fulfillment centers associated with major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service.

In addition, the delivery services offered by Walmart will be able to reach any address of residential property across the US.

Apart from the shipping service, Walmart also offers grocery delivery at home and other products at its stores.

However, delivery to homes is not offered at all of its stores.

If you want to find out if your local store offers home delivery to your location, search for it in the Walmart store directory.


What Service Does Walmart Use for Delivery?

Does Walmart Deliver To Your Home

For orders made online at, your order will be delivered using regular delivery options like UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

To provide grocery delivery to shops, Walmart partners with local drivers from third-party companies and Delivery services.

Be aware that the home delivery grocery service isn’t available in all areas.

It is possible to check your local Walmart catalog of stores to verify that it is in operation in your region.

In certain metro regions, Walmart partners with Instacart to deliver groceries to locations with no stores, such as New York City and Boston.


Does Walmart Charge for Home Delivery?

There’s a flat shipping cost of $5.99 for orders made through unless your purchase exceeds $35.

All orders that exceed $35 are shipped without cost.

Home delivery for groceries operates a little differently, and you pay the delivery cost, which is $7.95 or $9.95, depending on the time of the day you plan your delivery.

For delivery of groceries, Walmart also offers Express Service, which costs $10. is an additional cost of $10.

There is, however, an opportunity to pay for delivery without paying. Walmart and members do not have to pay for express or regular grocery delivery.

If you sign to WalmartPlus on the site and pay $12.95 each month, or $98 annually cost. However, all costs for delivery and shipping are paid for.


Does Walmart Have Next Day and Express Delivery?

Walmart offers next-day delivery for orders delivered via its fulfillment centers.

For orders for groceries delivered from Walmart stores close to your home, you can purchase Express Delivery for an extra cost of $10. your order will be delivered within two hours.

You can select either the Next Day or Express Delivery options at the time of placing your purchase.


How Do I Set up Walmart Home Delivery?

To avail of Walmart home delivery, you must register online at

You’ll need to provide your home address to create your account.

After you’ve completed the Shopping and you’re ready for payment, you’ll be asked to sign in to your account when you’re ready to pay.

If you click on Continue Checkout, you will see various delivery options, charges, and delivery times you can choose from for your purchase and your address.

Once you’ve selected the delivery or shipping method, You can pay for it and the full checkout.

You will receive notifications about the status of your order and delivery dates by text or email until your package is delivered to your door.


Should I Tip the Delivery Driver?

When you pay for delivery services from your local Walmart retailer, you can include a tip for the driver as a nice gesture of gratitude.

You can also leave feedback about how you felt about your Delivery experience through Walmart’s website. Walmart website.

If you want more information, you can read our blog posts regarding whether Walmart provides delivery to the UK, Walmart delivery drivers, and whether Walmart provides delivery in Australia.


How Do I Get Groceries Delivered From Walmart?

Walmart grocery delivery operates by delivering your order to a location where an associate selects the items you want and then gives them to a driver from a third party who will deliver your grocery items to your home.

Follow these steps to make your first Walmart grocery purchase:

1. Create a Walmart Account

To find out whether Walmart groceries are available for delivery in your region, sign up or sign up for an account on and through your Walmart app. It is possible to download your gratis Walmart application to iOS and Android.

The steps are identical for all devices. However, the buttons could be placed in different locations.

On the site, you can click on the “Sign in” button and provide your personal information to sign up or log into the account you created with your Walmart account.

Once you have a Walmart account, you can use your Walmart credentials to sign in to any device.


2. Choose Delivery and Your Time Slot

After logging into your account, you’ll notice that Walmart is defaulting to grocery pickup, which means you’ll need to change it to delivery to check whether the service can be found in your local area.

Click “Change” in the “Pickup from” box on the right.

A box will be displayed on the right-hand left side.

Select “Delivery” then “Add a New Address.” Enter the address of your delivery and any other special instructions you might need to give a driver before they deliver to the address.

You’ll notice “Delivery available” in green with a truck symbol under the address if delivery is possible at the address you’ve entered.

Check to see that you are using “Delivery” selected at the top.

Then, select the time and date you would like your groceries delivered.

The delivery cost will be displayed in each time frame. Sometimes, it’s “$0” because of a free trial offer.


3. Go Shopping

Now, you can fill your cart! You can browse the items in a category or the website to find the required items.

Because Walmart is a huge and major retailer, you can purchase items other than food delivered to your home.

Browse through your “Pickup and Delivery” menu left side to view the various options available.

When you shop while Shopping you shop “favorite” products by clicking the heart icon beside the item, clicking “Add items from your favorites,” or clicking the “Add items from your favorites” button on your shopping cart to have your basic needs quickly taken care of.

If you come across something you like, click “Add to cart” and alter the quantity of the items you wish to purchase.

Walmart doesn’t offer coupons like other stores, but you can search for items marked “Rollback” for reduced-price items.

Be sure to compare shopping between various brands and stores to ensure you’re getting the best price.

After you’ve made an order and have it shipped, you’ll be in a position to scroll down the homepage to see the items you’ve previously purchased.

The items are in an area called “Reorder Your Essentials.”

Once you’ve put everything in your cart that you’d like to purchase, you click “Check out” at the end of the cart.

I needed a minimum of $35 for Walmart delivery. However, the minimum can vary based on the address you’re located at.


4. Place Your Order

If you hit “Check out,” you’ll be directed to the web-based version of the candy aisle near the cash checkout counter.

This is designed to lure you into making an impulse purchase.

Avoid making these last-minute choices by ensuring your shopping list is near until you’ve finished your purchase.

Hit the “Continue to check out” button to complete your purchase.

Check your delivery address by clicking right at the bottom of your page.

If you did not set a date or time slot is over, Walmart will prompt you to choose a new date and time to deliver.

If you choose a time, you’ll also be able to see the delivery cost for each time frame.

If the time you choose is still in use and you can proceed, you’ll move over to this page and proceed to the payment confirmation.

Input your credit card details in this case if you do not already have one in your file.

If you already have a card on the file, choose the card and type in its security code. You can also include EBT details or promo codes listed on this page.

Then, go over your purchase. Verify that the delivery address and delivery timeframe are correct.

You can choose you’d like the driver to drop off your groceries at your doorstep even if you’re not there to pick them up.

You can also offer specific instructions to drop off. If you input your mobile number and then check the box to the right, you’ll receive texts regarding your order’s status.

Make sure that the correct card is being used on this purchase.

Then, you can decide whether you’d like to let substitutions be made.

Walmart guarantees that any replacement is as good or even better than your selected product without additional cost.

If you decide you aren’t satisfied with the substitute made, you may request a refund. You will not be charged for the item if a substitute isn’t made.

Then, you’ll select the delivery fee you prefer.

You can select the following options: Walmart grocery monthly, annual membership, or pay-per-delivery.

As of the moment, Walmart is offering a 15-day trial free of charge for its WalmartMembership however, make certain to be sure to read the fine print before you sign up for any ongoing costs.

A membership could be worth the cost if you’re already buying food items at Walmart more than once per month.

Only you’ll be able to determine the best option for your money.

The following section shows a complete breakdown of Walmart grocery delivery charges.

If you select the delivery fee you prefer, you’ll notice it in the order information at the end of the screen.

The subtotal will include your order, the tax, delivery cost, promotional discounts (if you are eligible for any), and the total purchase amount.

After reading your review, click “Place order,” and you’ll receive an email confirmation.


5. Receive Your Groceries

You’ll get updates by email or text based on your communication preferences.

Updates will include confirmation of your order in the event of out-of-stock items or substitutions, delivery tracking, and the final invoice.


What’s the price for Walmart to deliver their products to your home?

Delivery: Orders placed at our store will be delivered to the customer’s door for a cost of $7.95 (or $9.95.

Free delivery with Walmart+ delivery as fast as the same day, as well as other benefits – with a $98 annual fee or $12.95 monthly cost.



Hope so you got the answer to your question Does Walmart Deliver To Your Home? This entire article is what I describe.

Walmart offers a variety of delivery methods and delivery methods to deliver its products to its customers’ homes.

Shoppers have various options to expedite delivery, and they can cut shipping costs by signing up to Walmart.


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