Does Walmart sell Amazon Gift Cards in 2024?

Are you on the hunt to get a hold of the ideal gift for someone who is special?

Although you should be getting them an gift card, select a specific present for them. So, does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards?

Instead of pondering on the gift you wish to offer them, it would be best if you could just select an Amazon gift card so that they can buy a present of their choice.

A gift card is considered a prepaid debit card containing a preplanned amount of money that is used for various purchases.

The Amazon gift cards would make a massive gift since you can easily buy almost anything you can select specifically on Amazon with free Prime shipping where the product lands right in front of your door.

Walmart is scattered over 11,300 store locations, therefore making them the appropriate location for choosing the gift card.

Walmart is known to be selling a massive variety of gift cards. However, you may wonder whether or not they sell Amazon gift cards or not?



Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards In 2024? 

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Sadly, we regret to note that Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards in 2024.

Walmart considers Amazon as the main competitor, and it is the reason why Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards.

However, the customers can instead purchase Amazon gift cards from the stores that include Whole Foods Market, USPS, Krogers, Walgreen, and Staples.

In order to learn more in regards to the relationship between Walmart and Amazon, there are potential discounts, along with the gift cards. So, scroll down for more!


Which Gift Cards Are Sold by Walmart? 

Walmart is known for offering a massive plethora of gift cards for selecting to meet the needs of everyone who is a person, even though Walmart is not selling Amazon gift cards. These are the gift cards offering you services that include entertainment, lifestyle, dining, retail, along with travel.

The following table depicts a few of the well-known gift cards that are found under every category:

Gaming PlayStation Store, Xbox Microsoft, Roblox, Apex Legends, Fortnite
Restaurants Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Red Lobster, Subway, DoorDash, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Darden Restaurant Inc.
Retail Nordstrom, Sephora, Home Depot, Adidas, Foot Locker, PetSmart, NBA Store
Prepaid Vanilla Visa, Vanilla Mastercard, American Express
Entertainment Google Play Store, Disney, Spotify, Walmart eBooks, Hulu, MLB.TV
Travel Delta Airlines,, Southwest Airlines
Phone & Data Plans Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, TracFone, AT&T, Cricket Wireless, cellular, T-Mobile
Lifestyle Gift of College & Invest529, Golf Card International, Charity Choice, Spa Week, Stockpile Multi-company


But, this is the list that does not include the entire options for gift cards in-store. You will come across to find various other options at the local location of Walmart. You can also purchase them through the online store and get the gift cards delivered to you.


Are Amazon Gift Cards and Products sold by Walmart online? 

Walmart never sells Amazon gift cards or even Kindles online; however, some individual sellers would.

The website of Walmart allows discrete sellers to access the enlisted items that are for sale as they are shipping out to the customers, similar to Amazon.

Walmart does not directly sell the products as they do not fulfill the order.

There is a time when you can locate the products of Amazon, like the tablets that are for sale or Kindles, on the website of Walmart through third-party sellers.

Some time back, Walmart had associated with Rakuten Kobo for selling their Kobo eReader.

Walmart always sells ebooks through Kobo in-store along online to compete with the empire of Amazon’s ebooks.


What are the other places offering Amazon Gift Cards other than Amazon? 

You can always purchase an Amazon gift card without even having to leave your comfort zone.

You will get the printed or digitally printed version in terms of the code that is better for buying anything present on the website.

But, if you are selecting a gift card directly from the store, you have various options, including Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens, and others.

Additionally, GameStop, Kroger, Family Dollar, and JCPenney are also included in the list of some best options for customers with several gift cards.

You can come across other stores like Wawa, Wegmans, Lowes, and Public if you are unable to locate any of the shops we have mentioned above in your neighborhood.

However, it might not be possible for you to check out the bigger branded stores like Costco and Target selling Amazon gift cards.


Other Amazon Products sold by Walmart 

Irrespective of the fact that Walmart refrains from selling Amazon gift cards, you might be pondering whether they offer any other Amazon products in their stores or not, such as Kindle or Firestick.

For your information, Walmart does not sell any Amazon devices like Fire Stick or Kindle, and the reason is the same, which is the competition.

To break the clouds, Walmart follows the practice of matching up with Amazon prices.

In reality, it is a great strategy for benefitting if you are in search of a bargain and you prefer shopping in the store.


Can Gift Cards be sent as an online gift? 

You can buy a gift card online from Walmart and get it delivered to whomever you wish to deliver to.

There is always an option for sending the card as a token of gift when you are buying it online.

if you are choosing this option, then the following are a few of the features that are included:

  • Walmart Box is used for shipping gift cards
  • The prices are hidden
  • It includes a digital receipt for the gift
  • Includes an eGift message

If you’re wondering what that option looks like when buying a gift card at Walmart’s online store, it looks something like this.


Can Walmart Gift Card be used on Amazon? 

You cannot use a Walmart gift card to buy anything at Amazon. But, you can purchase a prepaid Mastercard, Visa, or American Express card that can be used at Amazon at Wally World.

The method operates seamlessly as long as the card does not need you to enter your CVV code present at the rear end of the card, and Amazon does not support it.

You can break the payment into a prepaid card and some other payment mode. You can use this prepaid card to purchase an Amazon gift card to get around the buying limitations and restrictions.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Walmart sell Amazon Gift Cards

Below we share some FAQs related to the question “Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards”

1. In which way do Amazon gift cards work?

Amazon Pay Gift Cards offer prepaid gift cards that can be used to buy things on Amazon. and through its partner retailers.

Tangible, eGift Cards (E-mail & Share through link), and Anytime Gifts are the three varieties available.


2. Do Unredeemed Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

No, even if they are not used, Amazon gift cards don’t expire.

You may use the Amazon gift card whenever you like.

You may use the gift card to buy goods just on the Amazon website or app once you’ve activated it and added that to your account balance.


3. How could an Amazon gift card be used only once?

Only an Amazon gift card or a debit or credit card can be used to divide a payment.

Knowing how to lessen the quantity charged to your credit card is useful, especially when you already have digital currency to spend.


4. Is It Possible To Include A Walmart Gift Card With Amazon?

The Walmart gift cards are not redeemable at Amazon or any other shop.

Amazon is a major competitor of Walmart, and its goal is to keep shoppers away from As a result, Walmart gift cards are really not redeemable on Amazon.


5. Why did Walmart stop selling Amazon gift cards?

Walmart considers Amazon as its direct competitor, and it is the reason why Walmart refrains from selling Amazon gift cards.

Customers can also buy gift cards from these stores, which include Whole Foods Market, USPS, Staples, Krogers, and Walgreens.


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So, does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards? No, they do not; however, they have a massive range of gift cards that you can gift to your loved ones.

You can get help from an employee or the head of Walmart if you are unable to check out the right card you need in the store.

On the website of Walmart, there is a huge collection of gift cards along with a massive range of appropriate options for delivery.


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