Dollar General Batteries (Who Makes, Battery Longevity)

Are you looking for affordable batteries? Dollar General batteries can successfully provide the best results at the lowest cost.

As soon as you enter Dollar General stores or search on its official website, batteries are the most common thing you will come across.

Therefore, most customers prefer to pick these incredible batteries when they are tight on budget and need batteries for everyday use.

The brand name under which you can find these items is DG Home. Are you excited to know the actual people behind the making of these useful batteries? Here we go with all the fascinating facts about Dollar General Batteries and some of their features.



What are Dollar General Batteries?

Dollar General is a reputed entity and is primarily famous worldwide for its batteries. They come within the pocket-friendly range and ensure you get the batteries anytime.

Nowadays, with online shopping being the most significant place for trading, Dollar General Batteries are readily available with a click. Therefore, you can avoid the crowd at the company’s local stores and order any number of batteries online.

However, there are mixed reactions regarding the quality and longevity of the batteries. Some users say that these batteries are only worth it if you expect them to run for a short time period.

For instance, when your child’s toy is not working properly, and you change the batteries with a Dollar General one, it will likely show disruptions within a short span.

For this reason, many avoid going for the batteries of this brand. But undoubtedly, they are the best options for ordinary people who need batteries frequently at cheaper rates.


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Who Makes Dollar General Batteries?

Who Makes Dollar General Batteries

Dollar General has never revealed the actual maker of their batteries. Thus, consumers often feel curious about the manufacturers of Dollar General batteries.

Although the company is not so secretive regarding its other products, the battery makers are unclear to us. However, one significant reason for this is the switching of manufacturers depending on the quality they produce and the price they charge.

Dollar’s primary agenda is to provide consumers with the cheapest batteries. As a result, they are not ready to compromise on the price while manufacturing them.

Recent reports indicate that Dolgencorp is on the top list of battery manufacturers of the DG brand. But you can mostly find other names too which make these batteries.

Dolgencorp is Dollar General, owner of the store located in Tennessee. So, they do not indulge in all-time battery manufacturing.

Instead, they outsource the production to another external battery manufacturer for suitable consideration. Things become convenient as they sell the batteries under their own brand name.


How Long do Dollar General Batteries Last?

The Dollar General Batteries are usually made from carbon-zinc compounds. Therefore, to the experts, they are not everlasting batteries.

However, for immediate necessities, you can always use them to tackle the problem for the time being in the absence of alkaline batteries.

Excessive use of the Dollar batteries can also result in leakages. Hence, it is better to go for the disposable varieties. They will not provide services for 9 or 10 years at a stretch.

Moreover, Dollar General products will likely become disposable within 1 or 2 years. So, you can expect a maximum capacity of 3-5 years in the case of these batteries. If you are protective, then the duration can be a little more.


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How Much Cost Are Dollar General Batteries?

How Much Cost Are Dollar General Batteries

Dollar General stores in the USA sell the Energizer batteries under the DG brand in a pack of 16 for $14.45. However, you can also buy a smaller pack containing four pieces for $4.10. The prices are subject to necessary changes as per the company policies.


What types of Batteries does Dollar General Sell?

You can find different types of batteries available at Dollar General stores. The most popular items in this category include;-

· Energizer Max AA Batteries (Double A Alkaline)

· Energizer Max AA Batteries (Triple-A Alkaline)

· Energizer 2032 Lithium

· Energizer 377

· Energizer 2025 Lithium

· Energizer A23 Batteries, Miniature Alkaline

· Energizer 357/303 Batteries Button Cell


Is Dollar General Batteries Operated Lights?

Are you looking for affordable alternatives for festive decorations? Get the Dollar General Batteries apt for the operated lights.

Seasonal décor, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, will remain incomplete without the colorful lights. These batteries work great for temporary LED decorations and let you have a delightful ambiance.


Is Dollar General Batteries Operated Lamps?

The fabulous LED lamps from Dollar General will turn your table magical. The hues from these battery-operated light sources will enhance the looks of the whole room.

Select only DG batteries to get the best results from these lamps. The lamps are of marvelous designs and appropriate for any occasion.

These are permanent items adorning your study table also. You can get affordable lampshades with batteries for your bedroom or living halls.


Is Dollar General Batteries Operate Fans?

Dollar General is ready to give you relief from the scorching heat with high-velocity fans. The mini fans require less power and are great during the summer.

Just spend around $15 and beat the unbearable temperature outside. You may also get battery-operated rechargeable fans from this store.

It is recommendable to use only the Dollar General Batteries to operate these fans as the fit will be perfect. These fans are portable and work brilliantly as you go for a vacation.

Thus, many prefer to carry them during their journeys. In other words, they can be considered as mini-ACs while on the move.


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Mixed reactions are there concerning the quality of Dollar General Batteries. However, you will find the most affordable products as you go to the stores.

The brand provides exciting offers and attractive discounts, especially during the festive months. Moreover, these can be best picks for house party decorations, Christmas times, or a poolside party.

The incredible LED lights run amazingly on these fabulous batteries. If you need higher-power lights, it is better to go for other alternatives.

However, when you require temporary bulbs and low-power lights, Dollar General can become your best friend. The traveling equipment, like fans, torches, or pocket LED lights, can run appropriately with these batteries.

Please do not think that they will give services for an extended period. But around three years is the average time to enjoy the lovely services of this brand.

You can pick suitable products by visiting Dollar General stores in various areas in the United States. Similarly, online purchase facilities are also there as you select the items from the list on the official page of Dollar General.