Top 15 Dollar General Similar Companies Updated 2023

Dollar General is highly famed retail with over 14000 stores scattered across the United States. It is considered one of the best maximum valued stores that generated about $27.754 billion in 2022. But are there any other retailers capable enough to compete with Dollar General? So, who are Dollar General similar companies?

Our post today generally focuses on the top 15 competitors of Dollar General present in the US and the manner in which they can compare when it comes to finding various products at fewer prices. So, continue reading to know more!



Dollar General Similar Companies in 2022 

Dollar General is the leading retailer having a few competitors with stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walmart, Amazon, Target Corporation, and more. The stores are capable enough in terms of competing with Dollar General offering better quality products to their consumers, who have stores all across the United States. Also, there are warehouse stores like Costco that competes with Dollar General offering bulk orders at cost-effective prices.

Today, the use of digital shopping networks in the US and other countries has increased greatly where almost every prominent retailer who are adapting to the omnichannel retail strategies and serving customers through the physical and digital channels.

Dollar General has also focused on digital commerce and technological innovations to strengthen its competitive fringes.

So, are you prepared to know more in detail about the leading competitors of Dollar General? And the revenue they generate compared to Dollar General? Continue reading our post!

Below we share some Competitors of Dollar General

Family Dollar

Dollar General Similar Companies

Family Dollar is among Dollar General’s main competitors, as both stores provide a variety of things for under $10!

The shop layout and merchandise carried by Family Dollar are remarkably similar to Dollar Generals.

Furthermore, Family Dollar generated over 25.51 billion dollars in revenue in 2020, placing it second only to Dollar General.

Furthermore, over 7,800 Family Dollar outlets across the United States, generate nearly as much income as half of the retailers!


Dollar Tree 

Dollar General Similar Companies

Dollar Tree is one of the foremost direct Dollar General competitors. You will find nearly everything for $1, with some prices rising high up to $15 in Dollar Tree.

Additionally, you can find various household goods at Dollar General, including:

Furthermore, you can discover various household items at the Dollar Tree, including Pet Supplies, Toys, Books, Games, Personal Hygiene products, Kitchen accessories, and more.

Besides, Dollar Tree has over 15000 locations in the United States that generate $23.611 billion of revenues as of 2020 and make it second next to Dollar General.


99 Cents Only Stores 

Dollar General Similar Companies

At 99 cents only stores, you get everything here in 99 cents. But, it is well-famed as one of the best competitors to Dollar General with several cheaper goodies.

You will also find a massive selection of various items that are available here in this store, like Home products, home décor items, party accessories, general commodities, and more.

The 99 Cents Only Stores gained revenue of about $2.4 billion as of 2020, and with 400+ store locations scatted all across the United States, it is quite prominent amongst the extremely valued shoppers.


Ross Dress For Less 

Dollar General Similar Companies

The next competitor in our list to Dollar General is Ross Dress for Less, as it is cost-effective apparel and another commodity retailer, including home décor products, shoes, and other goods.

Moreover, it is established in 1500+ locations across 40 states, allowing it to generate about $12.5 billion of revenue as of 2020.


Target Corporation 

Target Corporation 

Target Corporation is also on the list of Dollar General Competitors since both these companies try to entice their budget customers.

At the same time, Target is known to sell more than thousands of products that you need and reasonable cheaper costs.

There are about 1897 stores of Target across the United States, and they have generated a revenue of $93 billion in 2020, making it one of the leading retailers.

At Target, you can find almost everything, including:

Here you will find almost everything like electronics, pet supplies, home décor products, appliances, clothing, outdoor furniture, groceries, and more.




Known as one of the leading retail stores where you can find low prices on various products, Walmart competes with and offers more variety than Dollar General.

Walmart is known to offer a plethora of products than Dollar General, which is known as one of the prominent retail stores where you get everything at the lowest prices.

Additionally, Walmart stores have got almost everything that includes clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, pet supplies, video games, health & wellness products, in-store pharmacy, and more to pen down!

The revenue that Walmart generated in 2020 is $559 billion, and it has more than 10000 stores all over the United States.


Five Below 

Five Below 

There are several Five Below Stores in the United States where you can find thousands of products that include home décor items, clothing, games, accessories, and more.

Along with this, there are over 1,100 locations for Five Below all across the country, and it earned revenue of $1847 as of 2020.

Additionally, there are add-on items for sale costing about $10 here in Five Below stores. Therefore, you can still get some of the best deals for products at cost-effective prices compared to Dollar General.


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Big Lots 

Big Lots 

Big Lot is a massive competitor to Dollar General. For instance, you will come across several items here for just under $20, including toys and games, apparel, home décor, and more.

Additionally, you will also come across over 1400 Big Lots stores in the United States that are earning about $5.32 billion in revenue as of 2020.



Dollar General Similar Companies

Costco is a bulk retail company with more than 571 sites across the United States. Costco is a members-only club; therefore, you must pay an annual membership fee to shop there.

Additionally, you can discover a plethora of items here in Costco that had sold in bulk, including clothing, electronics, shoes, food, games, toys, and more.

2020 noted Costco to have generated about $122 billion of revenue, which makes it one of the massive bulk retailers in the country.




Lidl has almost 300 locations in the United States and competes with Dollar General for the same budget-conscious customer.

Lidl also offers a wide range of products, comprising home furnishings, kitchen appliances, food, cosmetic products, and much more!

Lidl’ssales in 2020 is expected to be 28.3 billion euros. As a result, it’s one of the most popular retail outlets for high-quality goods at low rates!


BJ’s Wholesale 

Dollar General Similar Companies

BJ’s Wholesale Club has over 200 locations across the United States, offering high-quality merchandise at low prices.

Furthermore, BJ’s Wholesale is expected to generate well over 13 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. In a market where Dollar General competes, it does admirably for a members-only club.

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Dollar General Similar Companies

Amazon is considered one of the leading eCommerce giants among the prominent brands with its robust presence in the US and international marketplace.

Amazon is also a major player in the cloud industry, along with being the most dominant player in the industry of eCommerce.

The capability of Amazon in digital commerce is more powerful than the other retailers present worldwide, and it is known to allure the massive part of online sales in the global retail industry.

While physical shops in the United States such as Walmart, Costco, Target, and Dollar General invest in digital capabilities, Amazon remains years ahead of the competition regarding technological functionalities and creativity.

Amazon’s overall net sales in 2021 were $469.8 billion, which included earnings from its digital commerce operations, Clouds, digital licenses, and other sectors. The corporation is also the world’s biggest R&D investment, with R&D expenditures surpassing $56 billion in 2021.



Dollar General Similar Companies

The Kroger Company, founded in 1883, is one of the greatest retailers in the United States and the globe, based on yearly net sales. It’s also one of the biggest food stores in the country.

The corporation had 2,742 supermarket branches across the country as of January 2021. Kroger also sells items online and provides consumers with home delivery and in-store pick-up options.

Well over 15,000 private-label goods are available through the company’s private-label brands.

It sells a significantly wider selection of things than Dollar General, including food, grocery items, fashion, home furnishing products, pharmaceutical products, electronics, and various other categories.

The financial earner for Kroger, as noted in 2020, was $132 billion.



Dollar General Similar Companies

Aldi is considered an international retailer is aiming primarily at groceries and food items, and a few other home essentials.

It was founded in 1961 in Germany. The US operations include over 2000 stores spread across 36 states. The US headquarters of this company is in Batavia, Illinois.

The retailer offers a large range of food and grocery products at everyday lower prices.

The retailer provides a massive range of grocery and food items at cheaper costs. There are more than 90% of the grocery items offered to their customers in the United States consist of their own branding and are considered one of the prominent competitors of Dollar General.


Walgreens Boots Alliance 

Walgreens Boots Alliance 

Walgreens is the world’s largest retail drugstore chain.

It employs over 315 thousand people and sells in nine countries.

Mostly in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, the corporation has over 13,000 outlets.

The firm distributes pharmacy items to its consumers through internet channels in addition to its physical operations.

Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Boots are the three brands that make up the partnership.

It carries international health and cosmetic brands such as s No7 and NICE!

Soap & Glory, Liz Earle, Finest Nutrition, YourGoodSkin, and Botanics, Sleek MakeUP, are among the brands represented.

As of 2021, the revenue that Walgreens Boots Alliance noted was 132.5 billion dollars.


CVS Health 

CVS Pharmacy 

CVS Health is considered the dominant healthcare provider with its base here in the United States. The company functions in more than 9900 locations spread across 49 US states, along with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

The revenue earned by CVS Health as of 2020 was $268.7 billion.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the question “Dollar General Similar Companies”

1. Is Walmart bigger than Dollar General?

According to customer feedback, Dollar General’s business is placed #335 on the Global Top 1000 Brands list. Their current market capitalization is $48.43 billion. According to user feedback, Walmart’s brand is placed #104 on the Global Top 1000 Brands list.


2. What is the competitive advantage of Dollar General?

By concentrating its efforts on the correct demographic, Dollar General can provide a simple and competitive shopping experience. Due to the modest size of its stores, it also profits from minimal operational expenses and a sustainable plan for quick expansion.


3. In which domain does Dollar General engage?

Discount retailer


4. Is Dollar General controlled by Chinese investors?

No, Walmart does not own Dollar General and has never owned it. Dollar General is likewise not owned by any of the major supermarket chains but rather by private equity firms like Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts & Citigroup.


5. What is the difference between Dollar Tree and Dollar General?

As of 2022, Dollar General doesn’t even own Dollar Tree. In truth, Dollar Tree, as well as Dollar General are two entirely different firms that are fierce competitors in the sector. Despite this, there are numerous commonalities between them, including products and locales.


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Concluding Thoughts 

So, today we have enlisted the top 15 Dollar General similar companies. Dollar General has numerous competitors to pen down scattered all across the United States, and it includes direct competitors such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

The other great competitors to Dollar General are Walmart, Big Lots, and 99 Cent Only Stores, which offers thousands of consumer goods at cost-effective rates.

Furthermore, even wholesale retailers like Costco and BJ’s compete with Dollar General for customers who are on the hunt for bargains and some massive deals on quality products!


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