DoorDash Fast Pay- How to set up & get instant Cash (2024)

In this article, we share in-depth information on “DoorDash Fast Pay“.

If you’re currently working for DoorDash, You have the chance to earn extra money and, all the while, establish your schedule while earning tips and enjoying the many additional benefits of working as an individual contractor.

You might have thought about if there’s a way to be paid more quickly than direct deposit.

In the end, situations occur, and occasionally you’ll need money faster than the time you’re supposed to be paid.



What is Doordash Fast Pay?

What is Doordash Fast Pay

DoorDash introduce Fast Pay in July 2018. 

Fast Pay provides Dashers across America with the ability to withdraw their earnings every day for a modest fee of $1.99.

Dashers can get their money through Dordash instead of waiting to receive their direct payment.

You require a debit or credit card to use this Fast Pay service. Prepaid cards are not suitable.

To protect your account, Fast Pay is disabled for seven days following the time you (1) join the card of your choice into Fast Pay for the first time or (2) upgrade your debit card in your account.

Dasher Direct is a viable alternative to Fast Pay, offering no-cost daily direct deposits and additional perks and rewards. Find out more information and sign up to receive free daily payments through Dasher Direct in your Dasher App’s Earnings tab.

Fast Pay is $1.99 to make use of it, and you’ll be able to take out every week’s earnings.

But, you aren’t able to withdraw earnings from the Dash that you’re currently in.

As an example, when you earned:

  • $45 delivering on Monday
  • $75 delivering on Tuesday
  • $25 delivered on Wednesday


The Downside of Fast Pay

Now that you know the positive benefits of receiving your money immediately, we’ll now try to look at the negatives.

At Best referral driver, we’re a network made up of freelancers. We aim to help educate gig workers and assist you to earn more by sharing with you our expertise. In the digital age, we are also here to help you protect your account to protect your account from cyber-attacks.

Unfortunately, there are several frauds surrounding gig workers. We have all been victimized by scammers who claimed to be employees of corporations using online-based apps.

They claim they’ve observed strange activity in our accounts. They ask for the password.

At this point, I think that you can visualize the events that took place quickly.

When someone can access your account, it is simple to move your cash earnings to them.

Doordash will never call the user via phone. It would help if you didn’t give your password to anyone who is not your friend.

Doordash has put in a lot of effort to ensure your earnings are safe. FastPay is blocked for seven days from the date of the last update to your debit card. This gives you time to ensure that your transaction information is correct.


Requirements to Use the DoorDash Fast Pay

Requirements to Use the DoorDash Fast Pay

You have to be in the U.S. market.

Your Dasher account must be active.

At minimum, 25-lifetime deliveries

Must be using DoorDash Platform for Two weeks.

If you satisfy the requirements above, you are eligible to utilize Fast Pay.


What Do Drivers Need to Be Educated About?

If you’re currently working for DoorDash or thinking of beginning, you may have also heard about DoorDash Fast Pay.

With DoorDash prompt payments, you’ll ensure that your hard-earned cash is in the bank faster than usual.


How to Use Doordash Fast Pay?

If you’re eligible for quick Pay, Here are the steps you need to follow to get cash in a flash:


DoorDash comes with the “Set Quick Pay” button, which is accessible beneath the “Earnings” and “Earnings” buttons in the DoorDash driver application.

You must set up your bank account so that DoorDash will pay you as usual. In addition, you must input your debit card details to allow you to withdraw cash with speedy payment.

The debit card component is essential as a prepaid debit card will not be enough.

Remember that there’s a 7-day waiting period after signing up for fast payment for it to be activated.



If you have entered your banking information correctly and have waited seven days, you’ll be able to use DoorDash quick pay, provided you’ve satisfied the other requirements.

Its “Earnings” section of the app features a quick pay button that you can tap to transfer your weekly earnings into your bank account.

Also, this costs $1.99 each time you use it. However, you aren’t able to utilize fast pay for earnings included in the active Dash.

If you have to update your debit card details, You can do it under the earnings section and make changes to your bank account details before using fast Pay.


How to get instant cash through FastPay?

The Doordash cash-out feature is available only for delivery drivers residing in the United States.

Here’s a list of the criteria for eligibility to be eligible for the Doordash Instant Payment:

Are you a member of an active DoorDash account

You can use a debit card that was that is issued in the U.S.

25-lifetime deliveries have to be completed.

Must be using the DoorDash platform for at least two months (14 days) from the time of activation.

Have cash available that is not less than $0

For immediate deposit, you can’t use Prepaid Card. The liquid cards are not able to transfer cash because they’re not connected with your account at a bank.

Delivery and rideshare companies that provide this service will require a cash-out card to pay out.

Today today, 95% of U.S. debit cards are capable of immediate money transfers.

Based on Stripe, the following banks don’t allow instant payment for debit cards from Stripe:

Aba Card Solutions, inc Brenham National Bank
Barrington Bank & Trust Company Banco Popular De
DCB Bank Limited Citizens Bank Swainsboro
First Century Bank National Association Calvin B Taylor Banking
Heartland Bank Florida Capital Bank National Association
Wesbanco Bank Inc The Bank & Trust
Republic Bank of Chicago Northbrook Bank & Trust Company
Madison County Bank HSBC Bank USA
Ravalli County Federal Credit Union MB Financial Bank
Corner Bank UK Ltd First Merit Bank National Association



We helped you out with DoorDash Fast Pay. DoorDash is among the few businesses within the U.S. offering a choice of workers being paid per day rather than the more conventional weekly or biweekly Pay. If you need cash today, using the Doordash FastPay service is a fast and straightforward method to get money.


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