DTLR Return Policy in 2024 (Process, Conditions, Price)

Before purchasing any product from DTLR, you must be aware of the DTLR Return Policy.

Being a shoe lover isn’t easy; there are so many things that you have to keep in mind, and after checking everything through and finally being able to purchase your dream shoe for DTLR, you find out that it doesn’t fit, you will or doesn’t look good on you.

The only option you have is to return it. But before you try to return it to DLTR, you should know their return policy.

If you want to return the DTLR product, you have to return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

The return of the product has to be unused and in new condition.

The box and the tags have to be intact from the returned DTLR.



What is the DTLR Return Policy Process?

DTLR Return Policy Process

When there is a requirement to return the shoes or clothing you purchased from DTLR, you must go through a process to return the product successfully and get your refund. So, the DTLR return process is as follows, 

For an in-store return,

You can easily visit your nearest DTLR store within the first 30 days of purchasing the item.

Then there, you can ask any employee to help you with product return 

You must show them your original product receipt 

And after checking everything, if you are product is approved, 

Then you’ll get your refund.


For online returns, 

First, you have to request an online return,

Then after it gets approved name, you have to pack your product box inside another box so that anything related to the DTLR item stays safe. 

Then Stick the return invoice label at the top of the box ( and if you don’t have an invoice, you can add your name, address, phone number, and email on a piece of paper).

Then you must go to the post office and ship the product to the address.  


ATTN: Returns

410 Corporate Drive

Building #4

Muhlenberg PA 19605

 and forget to pay for the shipping charges for your DTLR product.

These are the methods to send your purchased item for return to the DTLR company.


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What are the DTLR Return Conditions?

DTLR Return Policy conditions

In DTLR, the return conditions are almost the same as the return policy. So if you want to return your DTLR product, you can get a refund only after fulfilling the requirements.

DTLR will only accept the product if it’s under and in new condition.

The box and the tags of the product should be intact.

For online returns, the customer has to pay for the shipping charges.

For online returns, the product box has to be inside another box, and if the label is not attached to the outside box, the product won’t get accepted.



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What products does DTLR not accept as a return?

DTLR is a brand that mostly deals with shoes and apparel, so they don’t have any specific items they can’t accept for returns. They accept all products for return, but the returned product has to be in perfect condition to get accepted by the company; if not, the customer won’t get any refund.


Does DTLR have a free return?

DTLR don’t charge anything additional or extra for their product returns, but if the return is made through courier service, then for the online return, the customer has to pay for the return shipping charges.


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What is DTLR Return Policy for Faulty Products & Damage Items?

If you somehow got a DTLR product that is damaged or defective, in that case after purchasing the product within 5 days, you have to report it to the DTLR company using their customer service number 844-788-4552. Then the company will try to resolve the issue, and if needed, they will pay for the product return shipping charge or a full refund.


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How Much time will it take to get my refund from DTLR?

After the product was written to the DTLR, people generally get restless thinking about the refund. So there is nothing to worry about, as after you return the product within 10 to 15 business days, you’ll receive your refund for online purchases. And if the order was made using PayPal, Afterpay, etc., then as a refund, you will receive store credit.

And if you return the product at the DTLR store, then after checking the product, you’ll receive your refund.


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