Eastside Family Clinic Saint Paul, Doctors, Phone Number

Eastside Family Clinic is a group of practice. This clinic has one location. The clinic staff is specialized in Family Medicine, pediatrics, Nurse Practitioners.



Eastside Family Clinic Saint Paul, MN/ Hours

Eastside Family Clinic Saint Paul

895 7th St E

Saint Paul, MN 55106

Ph No- 651 772 9757


Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday- Closed


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Eastside Family Clinic Services 

Eastside Family Clinic Saint Paul

They provide services like

Primary Care Specialty Care
Preventive Care Urgent Care
Complimentary Services Pharmacy
Dental Care OB/GYN
Mental Health Child Care


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Eastside Family Clinic Doctors/Provider

Eastside Family Clinic Doctors

Here is the List

1〉 Maureen Beckerly 

Dr. Maureen is a family medicine specialist. Maureen specialized in Family Medicine.


2〉 Lisa M. Benish- Doctor of Eastside Family Clinic

Dr. Lisa is a Family Medicine specialist. She knows two languages English and Spanish.


3〉 Jason Michael Como, MD

In 2005 Dr. Jason graduate from the Ross University School of medicine. He treated many conditions like Acute Bronchitis, Anal Fissure, Hypertension, Urinary tract infection, and Eczema.


4〉 Kathleen Culhane Pera, MD- Doctor of Eastside Family Clinic

In 1983 Dr. Kathleen graduate from Michigan state university College. She performed procedures like Hearing Evaluation, Echocardiogram, Circumcision, Psychological and Neurological Tests, and many more.


5〉 Naomi Nichele Duke, MD

Dr. Naomi is specialized in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrician, Adolescent.


6〉 Victoria A. EDDY

Dr. Victoria is specialized in Family Medicine and Nurse Practitioners. Victoria is affiliated with Regions Hospital.


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7〉 Maureen Honish, MD-Eastside Family Clinic

In 2004 Dr. Maureen Completed her graduation from the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Dr. Maureen treated conditions like Iron deficiency anemia, Acute Conjunctivitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Meningitis, Hemolytic Anemia, Croup, and Many more.

Dr. Maureen performed procedures like Venipuncture, Hearing Evaluation.


8〉 Mauj Christian Lo, MD

In 2003 Dr. Mauj is graduate from Minnesota Medical School. He is specialized in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine.

Dr. Mauj performed procedure like Venipuncture, Arthrocentesis, Hearing Evaluation, Psychological and Neuropsychological Tests.


9〉 Peter Jensen Meyers, MD

Dr. Peter completed his graduation in 2015 and he is a family medicine specialist.


10〉 Lynne Sherwood Ogawa, MD

Dr. Lynne is affiliated with Regions Hospital. Lynne treated many conditions include  Candidiasis, Hearing Loss, Gout, Iron Deficiency, Skin Rash, Chronic Headache, Tinea Unguium, Acute Sinusitis, and Many more.


11〉 Stefan Hakon Pomrenke, MD

In 2008 Dr. Stefan completed his graduation from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.


12〉 Cathy J. Priess

Cathy is a Nurse Practitioners and works in Saint Paul, MN.


13〉 Ellen Ann Sevenich, MD

Ellen is a family medicine specialist. Ann spends free time with his Family, Friends.

Treated Conditions include Skin Rash, Plantar Fasciitis, Rosacea, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dehydration, Chickenpox, Bipolar Disorder, Uterine Leiomyoma, and treat many more conditions.

Ellen performed procedures like Venipuncture and Hearing Evaluation.


14〉 Michele Lynn Vanvranken, MD-Eastside Family Clinic

In 1995 Dr. Michele Lynn completed her graduation from Rush Medical College of Rush University. She specialized in Adolescent Medicine, Pediatrics.

She performed procedures like Echocardiogram and Psychological and Neuropsychological Tests.


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