Top 10 Essential oils for Lipomas or Fatty Tumors (Updated 2024)

Lipoma tumors are the common kind of tumors made out of soft tissues.

They are generally chunks of fatty tissues that develop under your skin preceding your muscle layer. Our post today focuses mainly on the essential oils for lipomas!

Order to remove lipomas medically; it leads to your skin getting scarred.

At times, these tumors reappear on the closer skin areas.

Surgery is not the sole option for removing lipomas or fatty tumors.

There are a few research made that state the effectiveness of essential oils for treating lipomas at home.

Lipomas tumors develop over a time period of years or months.

They form mainly on your shoulder, trunk, neck, or even in your armpits.

They are entirely harmless and not cancerous.

Continue reading Outpost today to learn more about the essential oils for treating lipomas and dissolving them naturally!



Best Essential Oils for Lipomas Tumors 

Best Essential Oils for Lipomas Tumors

The following enlisted are the top 10 best essential oils to treat lipomas naturally in humans:

Sage Oil 

Sage oil is derived from the species of Salvia, which is mainly the dried leaves from the sage plants.

People have started to use the herb for a long time for treating pain, viral & bacterial infections, and inflammations.

There are investigations made by researchers who checked the effects of the extracts of sage on its effectiveness in absorbing fat.

Numerous studies affirmed that the varied active elements of sage, mainly carnosic acid, can impede the development of fatty tissue.

Therefore, it can be concluded that sage oils effectively treat lipomas.

NOTE: Sage oil consists of powerful elements such as thujone. Sage oil can be hazardous to your body when used excessively. Always consult a professional expert regarding their method of use and dosage.


Grapefruit Oil 

Our preferred citrus fruit is grapefruit, also known as Citrus racemosa.

They are a tasty and nutritious source of several health benefits. Grapefruit is a Jamaican fruit.

Grapefruit essential oil is extracted by cold compression from the fruit’s peel.

Aromatherapy makes considerable use of the essential oil. Grapefruit oil is well-known for its detoxifying properties.

Grapefruit oil is high in limonene and other important medicinal components.

The oil is high in vitamin C plus antioxidants. Lipoma lumps may be relieved by these necessary nutrients and pharmaceutical components.

Furthermore, the oil can help to stimulate your lymphatic process by eliminating toxins and extra bodily fluids while also burning fat tissues.

Grapefruit oil used topically may help eliminate lipoma tumors naturally.


Ginger Oil 

Ginger is considered one of the most prominent spices dominating the Indian subcontinent.

Rhizome or Ginger root is an essential ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines and their practices.

Ginger is quite a prominent home remedy used since ancient times to treat a few stomach disorders along with symptoms such as vomiting, acid reflux, nausea, leaky gut, appetite loss, diarrhea, and others.

Several medical researchers have proved that the active elements of 6-shogaol and 6-gingerol in ginger root have anti-inflammatory effects.

Ginger essential oil is a great supplement for raw ginger roots. Studies conducted show that a drop of ginger oil can help in retaining every natural therapeutic compound of ginger. Ginger oil has an instant remedy to dissolve fat deposits, such as lipomas.


Patchouli Oil 

Patchouli essential is extremely beloved in the industry of perfume. It is an exotic fragrant essential oil originating out of the leaves of the herb Pogostemoncablin.

It is a bushy herb being a member of the Labiatae family and has its roots in Asia. A few other aromatic herbs arrive from a similar plant family, and they are sage, lavender, and mint.

Traditional Chinese therapies rely heavily on the plant. In Chinese, it’s known as gang Huo-Xiang.

Patchouli oil is a well-known home treatment for digestive and skin issues. Patchouli oil has a patchouli alcohol content of 32-38 percent. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may help with toxicity and abnormal tissue development.

Furthermore, the oil possesses fast-absorbing properties that aid in the dissolution of lipomas tumors. Patchouli oil can be used with tablespoons of carrier oil. Massage the mixture into the tumors of lipomas.


Frankincense Oil 

Steam distillation extracts frankincense oil from frankincense resin. Boswellia sacra plants produce frankincense resin. Among the most studied fragrant oils is frankincense.

The anti-inflammatory, antiviral, analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-cancer components in this “King of Oils” contribute to its high therapeutic efficacy.

The discomfort connected with lipoma tumors can be relieved by Boswellic acids in the oil. Furthermore, the oil showed promise in preventing tumor development beneath the skin.

Lipomas can be naturally eliminated by diluting frankincense oil along with a carrier oil.


Tea Tree Oil 

The Australian plant Melaleucaalternifolia is the parent plant from where tea tree oil originates. It is used extensively as a treatment that can be tried at home to treat various health-related issues.

It works extremely well for treating disorders related to skin. It is highly composite of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant compounds. These have healing powers that can help in dissolving the lipomas tumors naturally.


Turmeric oil 

Turmeric root with turmeric essential oil has quite a long history as a vital plant in India’s ancient Ayurvedic health treatments, which has influenced modern usage of turmeric today. Turmeric essential oil is heat extracted from the turmeric root and contains two distinct chemical components: Turmerone and ar-Turmerone.

Internal usage of Turmeric essential oil is a mainstay in your daily health practice because these components are best recognized for their nervous system advantages.

Turmeric oil has both internal and external benefits. Turmeric oil, which is beneficial to the inflammatory response, may have calming properties that stimulate a favorable immunological response when consumed.

You need to mix a single teaspoon of powdered turmeric, blend it into a paste using olive oil, and then apply them directly onto the lipoma and cover them with a clean cloth. Curcumin is an active ingredient present in turmeric.

It can be added to food or even consumed in the form of a capsule or tablet for treating several health-related conditions. There have been several studies on the health-related benefits of curcumin, mainly due to its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory role in a man’s health.


Clove Essential Oil 

Clove Essential Oil is distilled with the help of steam out of the flowering bud growing on the clove tree.

The oil is known commonly to treat toothache along with gum infections.

Massaging the clove oil onto the area affected by the body can improve blood circulation.

It is noted to have powers at minimizing the accumulation of fatty tissues.

They even help in relieving pain while being applied to the skin.

Always remember to dilute clove oil with the help of a carrier oil since it has a lot of power.

Simply blend in a few drops of coconut oil prior to its application to the area affected by lipoma.


Neem oil

The neem tree is used to make neem oil. It is quite advantageous to the health of both the skin and the hair.

It is used to treat some skin conditions. The antiseptic qualities of neem give significant value to a variety of items, including pharmaceuticals and beauty & cosmetics.

It’s also used as a beneficial insect repellant and in insecticides. Neem oil offers several advantages.

Neem oil is high in fatty acids, including caprylic, linoleic, & oleic acids, all of which support good skin.

As a result, the oil is widely used in skin products.

The plant’s leaf has health advantages as well.

Flavonoids and polyphenols, plant chemicals with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, & antibacterial activities, are found in the leaves.


Flaxseed oil 

Flaxseed is the main compound that is present in the Flaxseed oil. It is a rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid.

The swelling is reduced distinctively with the help of alpha-linolenic acid and other compounds present in the flaxseed oil, and it is the reason why individuals are using them for treating inflammations and lipomas, as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

The essential flaxseed oil is also used for treating heart-related diseases, higher levels of cholesterol, high levels of fat or lipid in blood, or high blood pressure, among other conditions; however, there are no scientifically backed affirmations for its uses.


Other Home Remedies to treat Lipomas 

Various natural supplements have been shown to help with fat deposits. This contains turmeric, dandelion, and other root vegetables.

These have been detoxifying herbs that should be ingested with plenty of water to help with toxin clearance. You may also get turmeric by putting a teaspoon in your milk every day.


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What are the Causes & Symptoms of Lipomas 

Essential oils for Lipomas

Although the exact reason behind the development of lipomas is not quite distinctive, there are a few facts that increase your chances of developing lipomas!

  • A trauma or maybe a physical wound may have provoked the development of lipomas.
  • If you are in your age range of 40 to 60s, then you may be inclined toward developing lipomas.
  • You may have inherited it genetically from your family.
  • One of every 1000 people is prone to developing lipomas at any time in their lives.
  • Alcoholics who may suffer from Madelung’s disease are prone to developing lipomas.

The following are a few of the common symptoms of lipomas:

  • Lipomas are subcutaneous, or they grow below your skin.
  • Lipomas develop below your skin or are subcutaneous
  • The doughy or soft tumors moved when you imposed pressure with your fingers on them.
  • It is painless when these rubbery and soft swelling develops beneath your skin.
  • Lipomas commonly develop on the shoulders, neck, thighs, back, armpits, etc.
  • Tumors are about 2 to 5 inches in width.
  • You can be subjected to the development of more than one lipomas at a time
  • Pain is common in case your lipomas comprise a few blood vessels.


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When to Consult a Doctor? 

Usually, a lipomas tumor isn’t a serious medical condition.

But, you must see a doctor first if you see a lump or swelling all over your body.

Mainly, lipomas or fatty tumors are not considered serious medically.

However, you should visit your physician if you notice a swelling or a lump that forms all over your body.

The doctor will perform a diagnosis of the lump and inform you whether or not they are harmful.

In the rarest cases, lipoma tumors develop inside your body, affecting your muscle.

It may also become cancerous, known as liposarcoma. For any such conditions, always seek medical attention.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the query “Essential Oils For Lipomas”

1. What Causes the Growth of Lipomas?

Lipomas arise when fatty deposits accumulate in the subcutaneous fat and form a lump.

Depending on where they’re placed and how long they’ve been developing, this cancer can develop to be quite huge, weighing several pounds.


2. Do Lipomas Eventually Disappear?

Lipomas can sometimes go away on their own, although this is uncommon.


3. Do Lipomas Grow or Shrink?

Lipomas can alter in size over time. They can encircle blood arteries, nerves, and muscles, impeding normal function and causing pain.

Unfortunately, most patients wait until their tumor has grown significantly before seeking medical care.


4. Is it Possible to Drain a Lipoma?

No. Lipomas are not drainable. They can be treated with surgery or extracted using liposuction if they are at the skin’s surface.


5. Is it possible for lipomas to be hard as well as impenetrable?

Generally speaking, no. Lipomas are soft, malleable lumps unless they’ve developed through or over a muscle, nerve, or ligament.


6. What Happens When a Lipoma Is Squeezed?

Squishing a lipid tumor is not recommended since it may cause injury. Squeezing lipomas can cause injury to the skin and underlying tissues, which can lead to inflammation and infection.


7. Is it Possible to Remove a Lipoma by Yourself?

A lipoma can be removed by using moisture essential oils (or combinations produced with them) regularly for several months.

You can take control of your health and well-being with the help of a thorough diagnosis from your doctor.

For these reasons, home treatments should be tried before surgery.


8. Can a Lipoma Be Removed Without Surgery?

Several alternative therapies might also work without surgery for those who have little, less serious tumors.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are inserted into the tumor, fatty deposits are reduced through diet and exercise (lipomas dissolve while you lose weight), and essential oils are applied to the skin over many months until they dissolve entirely, determined by the size and period of the lipid tumor.


9. How are Lipomastreated effectively using Essential Oils?

The essential oils can dissolve fat, and this, in combination, can be used for treating the affected area or the fatty tumors without any requirement for medical surgeries.

You can use these oils naturally by applying them to the surface of your skin and around the lipoma.


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Final Thoughts

  • Essential oils for lipomas surely work wonders, although these soft rubbery tumors are extremely harmless. However, they may hinder the flawless aesthetics of your body.
  • Extraction of lipomas tumors with the help of surgery is expensive. They can reappear in case the tumors are not entirely removed.
  • Using essential oils for treating lipomas along with several other home remedies is safe and can be used without any difficulty.
  • The essential oils have the potential to dissolve fat and therefore minimize the deposits of fatty lipomas present in the muscle tissue.


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