Facial Feminization Surgery Cost- Explore All Factors (2024)

Facial feminization surgery consists of a massive range of processes for changing the masculine facial aspects into feminine versions. Instances would include:

  • Getting your hairline moved to create a smaller forehead.
  • Get your lips and cheekbones elevated.
  • Have your chin and jaw reshaped and resized.

You should understand Facial Feminization Surgery Cost to look more elegant.

The surgery can be done as a step included in the procedure to treat the distress due to the significant differences experienced between expressed genders and the sex assigned at birth.

The treatment will aid transgender women in transitioning physically to their affirmed gender.



How much does Facial Feminization Surgery cost? 

How much does Facial Feminization Surgery cost

Facial Feminization Surgery has not been covered by government healthcare or health insurance.

But, a few of the insurers have started to cover FFS from the selected surgeons.

It generally costs $20,000 and $50,000 and above, considering the out-of-pocket costs as it depends on the surgeon and the number of complex processes performed.

The insurers would often classify this treatment as elective cosmetic treatment.

However, facial feminization surgery has a greater impact on a person’s mental health and social well-being than any genital surgery such as phalloplasty and vaginoplasty.

There is a medical establishment that appears to slowly recognize FFS as fundamental to the care of the transgender instead of being optional and elective as society becomes familiar with the issues of transgender.


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Why is Facial Feminization Surgery done? 

Several aspects of your face, such as eyes, brow, and jaw, reflect the gender differences.

Facial features can be seen readily, while other body parts are hidden or covered.

Changing the characteristics would be necessary for the transition phase, especially for transgender people who have gender identities differing from the sex assigned to them during birth. Transgender women can also avoid harassment and discrimination when seen as women.

However, facial feminization surgery is not OK for the transgender, and the doctor will also recommend against these surgeries when you are a woman.


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How to choose a doctor? 

Facial Feminization Surgery Cost

You can easily pursue in-person, or Skype interviews with several surgeons as possible as this will help you determine the right surgeon who is capable of doing this job.

Also, make sure to ask various questions about every surgeon’s variations in terms of their treatment processes and their bedside manner.

Several surgeons offer presentations and consultations in bigger cities making appearances at transgender conferences.

It can also aid in reaching out to the former patients of surgeons that interest you.

You can get this done through the online forum, mutual friends, or support groups.


How is Facial Feminization Surgery performed? 

There are several subtle differences in the masculinized and unmasculinized faces in combination, tip the scale toward a face that can be interpreted as female or male.

Every area of the face can be addressed during the surgery among differentiated treatments such as:

  • Forehead procedures 

The treatment process for the forehead can contour it by shaving down the tougher angles, thereby reducing the importance of the brow bone. There would be times that the brow can be shaved down when the brow protrusion is smaller and when the brow bone is thicker.

You can shave down the brow bone heavily, resulting in a hole within the sinus cavity.

For this reason, people with larger brow protrusions need a lot of involved processes.

The frontal side of the brow bone is completely removed by temporarily exposing the sinus cavity behind it in these cases.

Next, the removed bone is contoured separately and then replaced, making it lie flat.


  • Hairline alterations

The work on the forehead is paired with processes of altering the hairline to counteract the effect of receding hairlines and even the male pattern of baldness.

The forehead can be accessed by an incision made on the scalp.

The common approach would be cutting along the hairline, allowing the scalp and hairline to move forward physically, lowering the complete hairline.

It was the only procedure that was available for several years. The advancement in the hairline becomes a standard by default despite at times having a masculinizing effect.

There is a new method of coronal incision along the top of the head that surgeon in recent years has pioneered.

This coronal incision mainly hides the incision scar within the bulk of the head of the person’s hair, and it especially faces upwards, just away from most of the viewing person.

Speak to your doctor about the coronal incision if you are interested in receiving hair transplants—the coronal incision allows for more excellent hair transplants, unlike any other process.

The incision is far off from the hairline, which is why.

The transplanted hair can be rejected through the incision’s healing tissue by getting simultaneous hair transplants with the standard hairline advancement.

The hair transplant will allow the surgeons to target the hairline areas that require reinforcement without any unnecessary advanced parts that would not be necessary aesthetically.

The coronal incision is a method that slowly gets incorporated into the practices of other surgeons.


  • Nose procedures 

A nose job is also considered Rhinoplasty.

It is responsible for contouring the nose to fit within the unmasculinized norms and maintaining the natural proportion with the rest of the features of the face.

There is no difference between standard cosmetic rhinoplasty and transgender rhinoplasty.

But, a surgeon who has experience in FFS can offer some of the best results mainly when several factors of the face are altered all at the same time.

Rhinoplasty can also be performed without external scarring when less extreme changes are called for.

However, an open rhinoplasty will also be required while performing more involved changes to the nose, and it would result in a smaller scar between the nostrils, and it is something that cannot be noticed.


  • Cheek augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a process that is quite not common, and a few surgeons only recommend it in a few specific cases.

The cheek augmentation also involves cheek implants as well as fat grafting.

When the synthetic hormones start redistributing the fat in the body, the cheeks start getting filled on their own, and it would make the surgical treatments unnecessary.


  • Lip lift

The unmasculinized and the masculinized faces will have varied proportions of skin just above the lip and below the lips.

The unmasculinized faces mainly have shorter distances between the upper lip and the base of the nose.

The upper lip would often curl upwards. The surgeon can also give the face a lip lift, and it would reduce the distances above the lip adjusting the lip orientations.


  • Genioplasty

The chin can be modified by genioplasty.

The surgeons would generally be approaching the jaw and chin with the help of the incisions within mouths along the gum lines.

A few chins would be calling for a reduction of the chin.

In this treatment, bone and protrusions are shaved down and smoothened.

Some other times, chin augmentation is the one that is recommended.

Surgeons will be slicing the bottom part of the chin bone into a wedge in this case.

Then slide it forward away from the jaw by reattaching it in its advanced positions.

There can also be a chin implant used while it is appropriate.


  • Jaw surgery 

The jaw surgeries aim mainly on the rear corners of the jaw, where the bone would be turning up towards the ears.

The surgeon will also be smoothing out the stronger protrusions.

But, there is always a limit to the reductions.

A jawbone contains a crucial nerve, and there are aggressive reductions in risks of exposure or the severity of the nerves.


  • Tracheal shave

The outlook of Adam’s apple can be reduced with the help of a tracheal shave.

There would be times when the incision is made right on Adam’s apple.

Whenever possible, the surgeon would make an incision just below the chin, making the scarring less visible.


  • Soft tissue procedures

The treatment included with the soft tissue can be performed easily in conjunction with the primary process included in Facial Feminization Surgery listed above.

These include:

  • lip injections
  • eye-lifts
  • face-lifts
  • eyebrow lifts

In various cases, the treatments are not quite fundamental to how people perceive the gender of a face.


Who is a good candidate for facial feminization surgery?

Facial feminization surgery is the one that is completely individualized treatment.

You have to get it done on your face, not to fulfill the desires of someone or try to fit any image.

The following are the best candidates for facial feminization surgery:

  • If you have been screened with persistent gender dysphoria
  • You have been residing as a member of the desired sex
  • You can easily make consent
  • You have positive or realistic expectations and outlook


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How do you prepare for FFS? 

Surgeons would need people to stop undertaking hormone replacement therapy about two weeks before surgery and refrain for two weeks after the surgery before its beginning.

Ensure to inform your surgeon about any other medications you should take regularly.

They will also be informing you to stop taking them for this kind of treatment.

You should never stop taking any medication after being approved by the doctor.

The surgeon would also have a few other needs based on your treatment.

These will include fasting if you are getting under general anesthesia.


Risks and possible side effects 

The following are the risks that are included here:

Causes damage to the nerves on the chin and nerves resulting in a permanent loss of function or feeling in the tongue and face.

Some infections are caused by cheek and chin implants.

Nerves are also severed, including the scalp incision, as several people would be regaining most of all the sensations in the scalp skin while they are healing.

Always be cautious in regards to the permanent fillers that include the silicone.

There are dissolvable fillers, including hyaluronic acid, allowing you to change the outlook of the soft tissues as your facial features change with age.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the “Facial Feminization Surgery Cost”

1. Are facial feminization surgery permanent in nature?

A few procedures involved in Facial Feminization Surgery will need the placement of smaller plates screwing to hold the bones in their new position, allowing them to heal.

These are mainly not permanent since the patients cannot notice them as they can be removed after complete bony healing in the rarest of cases you are noticing in them.


2. Is face feminization surgery painful?

You will never feel anything during facial feminization surgeries.

Doctors will be using general anesthesia while the treatment is being performed, all under closer inspection done by the anesthesiologist.


3. What is the healing time for FFS?

The entire recovery time from the facial feminization surgeries will take a whole year since most patients feel great after a couple of weeks of treatment.


4. How hairline be feminized?

The surgery is mainly performed by making the trichophytic incision and the hairline to bring the hair tissue from the scalp forward.

The hair follicles would then be transplanted after any closure to feminize the shape of the hairline, creating a more natural-appearing hairline.


5. What is the worth of facial feminization surgery?

Facial feminization surgeries are considered an integral part of any gender transition.

Research suggests that these surgeries can significantly improve the quality of life for transgender women.


6. Does insurance cover FFS?

FFS is specifically considered a cosmetic and not a medical necessity excluded from the insurance coverage.


7. What is the reason behind the masculinity of your face?

There are gender differences in facial appearances due to hormonal and cultural influences.

Generally, the bone structure on men’s heads is more prominent and angular.


8. What is the tenure of the FFS surgery?

It can take about eight to nine hours if you are getting a comprehensive FSS as individualized surgery.

A few surgeons recommend splitting the treatments into two distinctive surgeries ten days apart.


9. When do you shave after FFS?

It would help if you always avoided shaving where the surgery has happened for about four weeks allowing the skin and the incision to heal.

It is important to shave above the stitches as the razor would be pulling the stitches earlier to open up the wound.


10. What should you be eating after facial feminization surgery?

Try consuming many soft and nutritious foods for the first couple of weeks after surgeries.

We recommend yogurt, rice, scrambled eggs, soup, and smoothies.


11. When will you be able to sleep on your side after FFS?

Some people can specifically resume the front and even the side sleeping after a couple of weeks, although the timeline for recovery can alter from person to person.


12. How can you wash your hair after FFS?

You can start washing your hair about 48 hours after every surgery.

Getting the blood clots and scabs removed is important for better wound healing.

Never be alarmed if the wound starts to bleed while washing your hair.


What can you expect after FFS? 

The recovery time after a facial feminization surgery would vary on the basis on which it was performed.

Generally, you would be expecting to return home, and you would have to rest completely for weeks.

You should be refraining from returning to work or lifting heavier objects for about six weeks.

Your surgeon will be anchoring the eyebrows in place if you get forehead work.

You should be refraining from plucking your eyebrows for a few weeks as the anchor sets down and the tissue is healing.

Facial Feminization Surgery Cost will determine the determining factor for selecting the best transformation you will ever dream of!


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