Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree in 2024

People are more likely to feel the hole in their budgets and planning on the places for shopping for the ideal deals as inflation continues to gauge the prices around the nation.

So, today we will check with the Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree.

For specific moments, household commodities act like art supplies and food; the Dollar Store and the Family Dollar are long the affordable sources to meet the necessities.

But, which is the true difference between the stores? Can you surely get a good deal anywhere else?

Today, we will check out the real differentiating factors that cover price, selection, location, and some extensive experts.



Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree 

Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree surely owns Family Dollar as of 2024.

The Family Dollar placed its shares for about the extensive sale in 2014.

Dollar Tree has purchased the shares for about $8.5 billion as of 22nd January 2015.

Dollar Tree is noted to sell almost every product for about $1-$1.25 less price, whereas Family Dollars are known to sell items that are just under $10.

Continue reading to explore the real reason if you wish to know more about the Family Dollar,

which is cheaper compared to the Dollar Tree!


The real difference between Family Dollar & Dollar Tree

People who are earning an average wage and those who are living on the outskirts of the city are the main target audience for Dollar Tree.

But, Family Dollar is catering to the lowest of the middle classes in the small towns and cities.

Dollar Tree mainly sells seasonal products, stationery, home décor products, as well as kitchen appliances, while Family Dollar aims more at daily groceries, national brands, and foods.



Dollar Tree took over the Family Dollar retail store in 2015.

Therefore, people do not know that both stores operate under the same tree but there are no shocking rate discrepancies that hold between the two as noted by the experts with an e-commerce platform devoted to savings for consumers online.

But, there are a few major differences.

The most noticeable part is that Dollar Tree has threatened its vocation with the recent pricing of goods that are higher than the standard promise of $1 along with the extra amount added for $3 to $5 items where both attempts at combatting the inflations.

While generic brands are the new norm, Family Dollar has its leg up on Dollar Tree, and it is worth noting that Dollar Tree has its historically stored items at $1 or even below by offering specific products in smaller sizes along with the single roll of toilet paper as well as the smaller bottles of washing powder.

Therefore, for the ones who look to purchase in regular quantities, Family Dollar is offering greater efficiencies in this regard and has ended up being cheaper instead of having to purchase the minute versions.



The answer may not be a clear-cut one when it comes to the better one meeting your wallet requirements.

Some regular customers are mesmerized by the entire collection offered at the store.

Dollar Tree is reported to offer a massive variety of products for just a single dollar, as Family Dollar has extremely limited selections offering discounts and sales.

Family Dollar also brings about the loyalty program offering customers some additional savings by offering coupons with the app’s help.

Determining the store that is a better one depends on what you search for and how much you are prepared to sell.

But, Family Dollar is noted for offering a massive variety of items that include the high-end crafts that are used for the more top-notch projects. Furthermore, Family Dollar offers sales on craft items while Dollar Tree does not.

But, for the ones who are in search of some great deals on the supplies of craft, Family Dollar is the ideal option.



For comparing the selections and the layouts for the location details, a couple of Dollar Tree locations might not represent the entirety.

Dollar Tree stores were quite messier with the sloppy displays and the crowd with unpacked boxes in the aisles, making it hard to pass by.

Family Dollar was messier, although less so than the Dollar Tree, as they have located more items that are priced for over $1.


Is Dollar Tree Combined with Family Dollar? 

According to retail dive, the Dollar Tree-Family Dollar deal was meant to be a merger, but it turned into a takeover.

Carl Icahn, a well-American billionaire, stated his feelings regarding Family Dollar put up for sale in June 2014.

Dollar Tree then announced that it would pay $8.5 billion for Family Dollar’s stock.

After six months, Family Dollar stockholders approved Dollar Tree’s offer, and the company was formally bought by Dollar Tree.


What is the Family Dollar Store? 

Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree

Family Dollar is the most extensively growing retail business offering a plethora kind of products with some great quality to the customers.

It offers all types of products, including clothing, home décor, cleaning supplies, groceries, and more.

One of its main benefits is Family Dollar offers reduced prices compared to its competitors attracting further customers.


Is Dollar Tree Cheaper compared to The Family Dollar? 

On the contrary, Dollar Tree is much cheaper than Family Dollar since Dollar Tree sells the products for about $1-1.25, whereas Family Dollar sells products for just under $10.

But, keep a note that Family Dollar is much cheaper compared to the other recognizable retail chains across the United States.


Who is the owner of Dollar Tree? 

Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is sponsored by several owners, along With the Vanguard Group, Inc., the company’s largest investor.

SSgA Funds Management, Inc. and BlackRock Fund Advisors are also among the top three owners of Dollar Tree.

Michael Witynski, the Chief Operating Officer of Dollar Tree, did get paid more than $3 million per year, per Wallmine.


Is Dollar Tree better than Family Dollar? 

There is no kind of comparison of a couple of stores, both of which are different from each other, targeting different types of audiences.

But, Dollar Tree is cheaper due to its $1 products; therefore, it is well-suited for individuals searching for multiple purchases with very little cash in their hand.

Likewise, Family Dollar has attained some fresh groceries along with branded clothes; therefore, if you wish to buy fresh fruits along with new clothes Family Dollar should be the best place.


Do you get everything at a dollar at Family Dollar?

At Family Dollar, you won’t find anything for $1; instead, you’ll find items ranging from $1 to $10, and occasionally much more.

Because Family Dollar carries major brands such as a family pet, home line, furnishings by design, and others, the costs are often about $10.

Also, take into consideration that Family $1 sells items that are more valuable than a dollar, such as clothing and home décor.


Frequently Asked Question 

Below we share some FAQs related to the “Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree”

1. Do the same people own Family Dollar & Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree owns Family Dollar, having bought it for $8.5 billion in 2015 and keeping control of the fast-growing store. While Dollar Tree buys things for roughly $1.25, Family Dollar does indeed have a larger selection of products from various national names and sells them for less than $10.


2. Will Dollar Tree and Family Dollar merge?

The Dollar Tree & Family Dollar brands are combined under one roof in the combination store model, which was first tried in 2019. It’s intended for small towns and rural regions with concentrations of 3,000 to 4,000 people – places where Dollar Tree has typically avoided opening a store on its own.


3. Does Dollar Tree own any other companies?

It owns and runs cheap variety stores that sell items at predetermined pricing. Dollar Tree, Deal$, Dollar Tree Deal$, Dollar Giant, and Dollar Bills are some of its retail names.


4. What’s the difference between Dollar Tree and Family Dollar?

$1 Tree provides a larger assortment of things for a dollar, but Family Dollar has a smaller range but frequently has promotions and discounts.

5. How long has Dollar Tree owned Family Dollar?

As the two discount retailers attempt to reach the six-year celebration of Dollar Tree’s $8.5 billion obtaining of Family Dollar in 2015, they tend to encounter a slew of hurdles and costs associated with operating a large chain of distributors, many of which are located in small, economically disadvantaged rural towns.


Concluding Thoughts 

So, while discussing Family Dollar Vs Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree is the owner of Family Dollar as they bought about $8.5 billion that still retains the ownership of the instantly developing retailer.

Family Dollar has a variety of products through the numerous national brands selling products under $10, while the Dollar Tree products here are sold mostly for about $1-$1.25.


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