Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Fredericksburg Address, Hours

Since 1976,  Ferry Farm Animal Clinic serving the Fredericksburg pet community, and they also fulfill your veterinary health needs. Ferry Farm Animal Clinic offers full Veterinary services with both inpatients and outpatient care. This clinic primary mission is to provide the highest quality care and surgical veterinary care possible in a clean, friendly, and quiet environment.



Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Fredericksburg

Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Fredericksburg

The address is

386 Kings Highway

Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Phone Number- 540 371 5090

Email- [email protected]


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Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Services

Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Fredericksburg

Their veterinary services include

Domestic Pet Care Their primary focus is the treatment and care of dogs and cats
Routine Examinations, Health care, and Vaccinations
Medical Diagnostics, Treatment, Emergency and Critical Care
Dentistry Oral Care, Extractions, Routine cleanings, and other dental Procedure
Anesthesia It is used for medical, surgery, and dental procedure
Surgery Orthopedic, abdominal, soft tissue, emergency surgery, Spray
Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatment This treatment is helping to relieve pain, Speed tissue healing, treat chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, reduce swelling
Radiology Services X-ray is used to diagnosed bone fractures, abdominal disease, heart, lung, and skeletal
Diagnostic Ultrasound This ultrasound help to clear view of abdominal Organs and heart to help with diagnosis and treatment
Endoscopy It helps to diagnoses the issues like Abdominal, Gastrointestinal, Respiratory Tract, and some joint issues
Laboratory Services They also offer lab services for Routine and Diagnostic lab test
Acupuncture It is used to treat arthritis and joint inflammation
Pet Pharmacy In pet pharmacy Flea, heartworm prevention, Prescription medications, and specialized Diets
Specialist Referral and Support


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Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Doctors/ Staff

Ferry Farm Animal Clinic Fredericksburg

Their doctor or staff include

Larry W. Witter, D.V.M

Dr. Larry completed his graduation from Cornell University. Larry is an owner and senior Veterinarian of the Ferry Farm Animal Clinic. Since 1976 he has been practicing in Fredericksburg. Dr. Larry has a special interest in Orthopedics and Soft Tissue Surgery.


James G. Hart, D.V.M

Dr. James completed his graduation from Virginia Tech and in 1992 he joined this Clinic. Before joining this clinic he spends three years in emergency practice in Richmond. Dr. James special interest in Opthalmology and Surgery.


Adrienne B. Foster, D.V.M.

In 2001 Dr. Adrienne graduate from Virginia Tech. In 2005 she joined this animal Clinic. Adrienne’s special interests include Pediatrics and Feline medicine.


Brianna R. Horricks, B.V.M.S

Dr. Briannna completed her graduation from the University of Glasgow in 2014. She is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Brianna is grown up in Stafford. Dr. Brianna has a special interest in internal medicine, Oncology, and Ultrasonography.


Lindsy Brokman, D.V.M.

In 2016 Dr. Lindsy completed her graduation from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Lindsy was grown up in the Fredricksburg area.  Her particular interest includes dermatology, neurology, traditional Japanese acupuncture.


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