Free Food At Mcdonalds in 2024 (How To Get)

In this article, we share detailed information on Free Food At Mcdonalds.

Everyone loves free food, and resisting it is next to impossible when it’s from McDonald’s.

Mcdonald’s is one of the top fast-food chains worldwide, and their fries and hash burgers drive people crazy.

So, getting the chance to eat some there for free won’t be a bad thing.

To help you out, there are a few ways through which you can get the chance to get free food from McDonald’s.



How to get Free food at Mcdonalds?

How to get Free Food At Mcdonalds


● Fill Survey

Many restaurant brands have this offer available for their customers.

First, buy something from the McDonald’s restaurant for this offer to work.

You’ll get a receipt using the order number if you complete a survey.

On the following order, you’ll get accessible McDonald’s food, the menu varies from restaurant to restaurant, but there you can get free fly nuggets or buy one get one offer on some McDonald’s food.



● Buy one, get one 

In McDonald’s, many events are going on most of the time, and even though there are different types of offers available, a few times you can get the offer of buy one get one free on the limited menu of McDonald’s.

So, you and your friend can enjoy a great meal using the chance.

Also, a regular customer can get a special service by buying one or free food on the following order coupons. 


● McDonald’s App

Whenever you download the McDonald’s app for the first time, you get instant rewards and promo codes for free orders.

You can get fries or nuggets there for free, but as they are side dishes, you have to order something like a burger or a Happy Meal.

But after the first order at McDonald’s, you won’t get any free meal coupons in McDonald’s later on.


● McDonald’s Rewards 

Many people don’t know about this feature, but when you use the McDonald’s app, you earn rewards points, and in the app, you can find an option called ‘Earn Points’ that shows you a 4-digit number; well, it’s the code of the user.

So, if you even visit McDonald’s in person, you must show the cashier your user code.

After your purchase, the reward points will automatically be added to your account, so it’s a crucial step you can’t forget. You get 1500 points when you spend around $150 at McDonald’s.

So, after the points reach 1500, you can get free Hash Browns, McChicken, or Cheeseburger and Vanilla Cone.

And when it reaches 3000 points, you get a Sausage Burrito, Medium Fries, and six PCs.

McNuggets or Large Iced Coffee. Then there are also free food rewards for 4500 points and 6000 points. 


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● Messed up order 

The chance of getting messed up orders is quite rare in McDonald’s.

But if the McDonald’s employee somehow misunderstood any ingredients and gave the wrong order to the customer, then the customer can ask for an exchange of their order.

Also, if the McDonald’s staff took so long to provide your order, McDonald’s employees understand their mistakes and offer complimentary food, but it depends from store to store. 


● Gift card 

Another method of getting free food at McDonald’s is through gift cards; many times, friends and family on occasions give you McDonald’s gift cards.

If you keep it to yourself, then when you want, you can pay for your McDonald’s meal using the McDonald’s gift card. Hence it is an excellent way of buying free Mcdonald’s food.


● Credit card

Credit cards also allow you to buy free food at McDonald’s. When you use a credit card for many of your purchases, it often provides you with offers, extra discounts, and options where you can save money or get a free purchase. So by using that credit card offer, you can purchase free McDonald’s food.


● Pay using phones 

Using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay, you can get a few offers you can get that you can use to buy free food at McDonald’s.

In Google Pay, the app offers a few dollars you can use in the next few purchases or a 100% cashback offer; these offers are helpful for McDonald’s lovers.


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Can you get free food from the Mcdonald’s app?

Free Food At Mcdonalds

Yes, you can get free food using the McDonald’s app; after you download the McDonald’s app for the first time, you get many offers and reward coupons where you can get some free McDonald’s food on your first order.

After that, the frequency might get low, but if you follow the McDonald’s app quite often, you’ll notice that it offers you some free fries, burgers, or sandwich coupons and offers such as buy one get one free.

So, with the McDonald’s app, you can get many free food offers in the long run.

Besides that, McDonald’s app also gives its customers good reward points, which come in handy later. 


How do I get a free burger from Mcdonald’s?

If you want to buy a free McDonald’s burger, then you have to wait for the offers of McDonald’s.

If you use McDonald’s app, you will notice that it shows many offers and promo codes.

And sometimes free McDonald’s burgers are something that you can get.

But you won’t get a burger just for free. For that, you have to order some other McDonald’s food, and the free burger will come with it.

Then you can use your McDonald’s reward points to get free McDonald’s burgers.

Also, you can get free burger coupons if you are a regular customer. 


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How can I get a free Big Mac at Mcdonald’s?

By using Mcdonald’s app, when you order a Big Mac as a reward, Mcdonald’s offers you a coin, and later you can use that coin to order a free Mcdonald’s, Big Mac.

But this order is only available sometimes you use it.

Apart from that, you can get a big Mac by completing the Survey using the receipt. 

So, in the end, you see that there are few options through which you can get free food, but the offers and McDonald’s foods depend on the McDonald’s store.

If these aren’t enough to get free food from McDonald’s, then the only option you have is to join McDonald’s as an employee. 


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