Garland Animal Clinic Hours, Spokane, Address

In 1966, Garland Animal Clinic was started its journey. Since 1999, Dr. Steve Boharski and April Weber owned this animal Clinic. They are opening the new hospital in 2017. Their clinic has more than 85 years of veterinary experience. This animal clinic doctor shares their experience and expertise with each other to ensure your pet receives full care.



Garland Animal Clinic Hours/ Spokane

Garland Animal Clinic Hours

The address is

1022 W. Garland

Spokane, WA 99205

Telephone Number- 509 326 3151

Fax Number- 509 326 3154

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Garland Animal Clinic Services

Their services include

General Wellness

DentistryDiet & Nutrition
Parasite ControlWellness & Preventive Care


Diagnostic Services

RadiographyDiagnostic Ultrasounds
Laboratory ServicesAllergies


Surgery Services

Spay & NeuterSoft Tissue Surgery
Orthopedic Surgerycat Declawing


Special Health Services

Behavioral MedicineCardiology


Reproductive Services

Labor & Delivery


Holistic & Therapy Services

Laser Therapy


End of Life Care

It includes



Burial Services


Travel Certificates

They offer a

Domestic Health Certificates

International Health Certificates


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Garland Animal Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Garland Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Steve Boharski

Dr. Steve grew up in Montana. He attended Montana University to receive his degree in Biology. Before becoming a Veterinary doctor he taught for 5 years in Montana. To receive his veterinary degree he joined Oregon State University and Washington State University of Veterinary medicine.

In the clinic, he enjoys challenging medical and Surgical cases and performs most of the time Orthopedic Surgeries.


April Weber- Boharski

Dr. April grew up in Las Vegas, NV. For her Undergraduate degree she attended the University of Neveda Reno. From the same University, she also receives her bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science and Animal Science. She loves to treat any kind of animal and has a special interest in Exotics.


Carrie Grace

Dr. Carrie was born and grew up in Spokane, Washington. From Washington State University she receives her Undergraduate and DVM. Since 1999 she worked at this animal Clinic. Dr. Carrie has a special interest in Internal Medicine, Oncology, and Soft Tissue Surgery.


Saundra Taylor

In 1998, Dr. Saundra graduate from the University of Washington in Mathematics. Saundra completed her DVM degree in 1992 at Washington State University. After practice several years in Iowa and Michigan she joined the Animal Clinic in 1996.


Brianne Sorensen

Dr. Brianne was born and grew up in Spokane. She really loves animals during her childhood and always wanted to be a Veterinarians. From Washington State University, she receives her bachelor’s degree in animal science. In 2015 she completed her Veterinary Medicine degree from Washington State University. In her free time, Brianne loves to do Hiking, Rock Climbing, Running, Camping, and Cooking.


Brooke Cummings

Brooke grew up in Eastern Washington. To receive her degree in animal science she attended Washington State University. In 2017 she joined the Garland Animal Clinic.


Sophie Ascaso

Dr. Sophie love all kind of animals and always want to become a Veterinarians. In 2019 Sophie completed her graduation from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In her free time, Sophie loves to enjoy Horseback riding, Swimming, Hiking, and Running.


Dr. Jo Cobb

Dr. Jo originally belongs to California. From Brigham Young University she completed her graduation with a Biology. In 2018 she receive her Veterinary degree at Washington State University. Dr. Jo loves to treat cats, dogs, small mammals, Birds.


Lisa Pearson

In 2008, Dr. Lisa completed her graduation at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


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