Garmin Return Policy in 2023 (Updated)

If any customer is unhappy or satisfied with the purchase from Garmin, he may easily return the product and get a full refund. Garmin is always happy to assist customers with their returns. They have an open four platform that allows the customers to return or exchange their products without difficulties. 

Still, it is pretty natural to have some confusion in people’s minds. Therefore we have developed a detailed description of the Garmin Return Policy. 

Garmin was set up by Gary Burrel and Min H. Kao in 1989. It has been almost three decades since Garmin introduced itself in the aviation industry with its cutting-edge GPS navigation products. Now its products of Garmin cover the aviation, marine, and automotive industries. Garmin always tries to offer superior quality products at a reasonable price.


What is Garmin Return Policy?

Garmin is always trying to make the customers happy by hook or crook. They offer a satisfaction guarantee for the customers. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase from Garmin, there is an open door for you: the Garmin return policy. It allows you to initiate any return for a product and get a full refund for the product. Garmin also allows you to exchange products by introducing an excellent exchange policy. You will get 30 days from your purchase date to initiate your return or exchange process. 

You may return the items online or in-store. The product you are returning must be in its original condition. Garmin does not accept returns for open software, downloadable items, and customized products. 

The Garmin return policy says that the products you are returning must be in the original packaging, and all the tags must be attached to the product. Otherwise, your return will not be accepted and will be returned to you again. 


Garmin Return Policy for United Kingdom & Ireland

Garmin allows you to return any product when you are not happy with it within 30 days from the date of purchase. The product must be in its original condition to be eligible for returns. You may raise your return request online.


Garmin Return Policy for in-store purchases.

Garmin Return Policy for in-store purchases

If you want to return an in-store purchase, you must go to the location where you purchased the item. The return policies in every location may be different from another. You may have to pay the restocking fees. You should contact the dealer to get their return policy details. You will be able to find the Garmin stores only in Miami city. Garmin will not issue a refund for cartography and open software products. You will be able to exchange the product for getting the same product. You have to provide the original receipt for returning any product. Only the products along with the box and UPC will be eligible for returns. You have to return the accessories too along with the product. The product you are returning must be in its original condition. 


Can I return opened Garmin watch?

No, Garmin does not take returns for open software items. You can not return an opened Garmin watch and get a refund for it. You may exchange the watch for the same piece as it. 


How to request Return to Garmin?

How to request Return to Garmin

There are three ways to raise a return request to Garmin. They are as follows: 

  • You may call Garmin at (800) 800-1020 and raise your return request. 
  • You may send a return request letter at Powertex Group, Attn: Garmin gear returns, 5651 Highway 93, Eau Claire, WI 554701, including the details of your order and information related to your return reason. 
  • You may fill out the return for refund request form by entering your order number and shipping zip code by following the further instructions. 


Where can I return my Garmin Watch?

You can return your Garmin watch by submitting a return request online. 


Does Garmin offer a satisfaction guarantee to its customers?

Yes, Garmin offers a satisfaction guarantee to its customers. When a customer is unhappy with his purchase from Garmin, he may easily return the product and get a full refund. He may also exchange the product. 



You will be able to enjoy your shopping when that company has a good return policy. The Garmin Return Policy offers customers a great experience when shopping with Garmin. The return policy for online and in-store purchases is very appealing to the customers, especially those new to using this company. Now read this article and have a good day with Garmin.


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