Glossier Return Policy in 2024

Glossier is considered the native skincare brand renowned digitally and has given rise to a well-deserved cult that follows among younger customers.

It commits to offering high-quality products with efficient customer service, having earned a series of awards since its beginning in 2012.

So, our post today will share all the things you need to know about Glossier Return Policy.

It does not necessarily mean that the return policy at Glossier is quite easily understood as the company is famous enough for its very friendly customer support.

The guide here will offer you a few basic facts where you can easily skip the difficulties and not take care of the entire process.



How does the Glossier Return Policy function? 

How does the Glossier Return Policy function

You can return almost every item you have purchased through Glossier within 30 days and get a complete refund to the original mode of payment.

Glossier is known for offering exchanges as well as refunds on almost every product that the customers are not completely satisfied with.


About Glossier Return Policy 

The return policy of Glossier is often considered to be fair and consumer-friendly.

Customers can easily place their return orders online or even visit the store in person.

However, these customers are required to file a return request about 30 days from the date of the purchase as it is an extremely good standard retained by the organization.

The return requests are not accepted after every stipulated period.

Prior to returning or exchanging a product, make sure that the product is not damaged on return.

Then, pack them up in a careful manner allowing the product to reach their facility in its original condition.

Customers need to email the Glossier at [email protected] to return the product online.

The interactions you have with the company regarding the issues will take place through the account. Customers need to mention the following in their email:

  • Name,
  • Address,
  • Order Number, and
  • Products name they plan for return.

Glossier does not dish out on their return slips with the products. Therefore, the customers will not encounter any inconvenience that may take place on losing this slip.



The refund process begins as soon as Glossier receives your returned products, as it would take anywhere between 5 to 10 business days.

It can be issued in a similar kind of payment that is used by you mainly for purchases.

Therefore, when you are using a credit card, the reimbursement will appear on your credit card statement.

The only exception that is included here is the payments in cash.

The cash payments are reimbursed as store credit.

The initial shipping costs that are paid will also be covered in this refund.

But, the cost that you are bearing on returning the product is never refunded.

You are eligible to collect only the amount you have paid if you were offered a discount as you have purchased these products.


Gift returns 

You need to provide your order number for returning the gift along with the first and last name of the gifter, their email address, and the product name.

You may get the refund in the original mode of payment after the order is tracked.

Also, make sure that the giver is not being notified of this process so that you do not have to worry in this regard.


What happens if you do not have the order number or the packing slip? 

You should not worry as Glossier never uses any packing slips the customer support team can aid you in finding your order number.

Contact the Glossier support team and request a copy from them.


Can multiple orders be returned in a single order? 

Glossier does accept the returns of multiple products in a single return package.

Make sure that you have informed your customer support team about each of the items that you will be shipping back to them and carefully secure them in this parcel.


Can Glossier Gifts be returned? 

Surely, Glossier gifts are returnable for the credit of the store only.

Always make sure that you have the all information about your purchaser before contacting Glossier support to return the product that you have received as a gift:

You need not bother about offending anyone; Glossier will just not tell the gift recipient of any later returns or exchanges.


What is the processing time for the refunds? 

Refunds to any credit card will take 5-10 days to complete.

The return may not arrive on your bill until the coming season, depending on the date of the return.

Is it possible to return an item after it has been purchased for more than 30 days?

Glossier may accept returns on products after the 30-day period has passed in rare situations. To see if you’re eligible, contact Glossier’s customer service department at:

  • Visit your nearest Glossier retail location and speak to a staff member
  • Send an email to [email protected]


How can you check the status of your return? 

If you haven’t heard from Glossier within the specified timeframe and haven’t received any updated information from the courier, you must contact them for some further information. By email, the Glossier customer service staff can keep you up to speed on the development of your return.


What is Glossier’s Exchange Policy? 

Glossier is recognized for being forgiving when it comes to misordered items.

When contacting Glossier over an incorrectly purchased product, several Reddit users have had similar experiences. Consumer service typically sends a new product while allowing the customer to keep the original.


Are there any limitations on the Glossier return policy? 

The following are considered as the exceptions applying to the Glossier return policy:

  • The charges of shipping are not refundable
  • The gift cards are considered the final sale
  • Make sure that the returns are not stressed involved

Irrespective of the helpfulness of the customer support team of Glossier, you may not go through the entire return process. The best news is you do not have to.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Glossier Return Policy

Below we share some FAQs related to the topic of “Glossier Return Policy”

1. Is it possible to return Glossiwear?

We allow Product returns and exchanges provided requests are filed within months of receiving the item, except gift cards and store-specific products, which are final sale (in their entirety).


2. Is Glossier going to be canceled?

In February 2020, the brand was discreetly phased off. Glossier’s exclusivity is also a point of contention among Redditors. Products are exclusively offered to consumers directly through the brand’s website or in-person locations, of which there are just a few across the world.


3. Is Glossier planning to ship to Australia?

Unfortunately, Glossier doesn’t really ship to Australia, so I’ve devised a method for having any Glossier order sent to Australia with no hassle. It entails working with a package forwarder, which is a store in the United States that will receive your Glossier order and send it to you in Australia.


4. Is it possible to return Glossier once it has been opened?

Yes! Bring your order number and the items you’d want to exchange or return to the shop, and we’ll handle the rest!


5. Why is Glossier such a big deal?

Glossier is a business that has recently gotten a lot of attention. This is now ideal for you if you want an incredibly dewy, natural look that allows your skin to show through.



We tried to answer most of the rising queries regarding the Glossier return policy. We hope you shop to get a flawless look without worrying any longer!


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