Golf Galaxy Return Policy in 2024 (Damage, without receipt, Refund)

If you want to return your Golf Galaxy item to the company, you must do it within the first 90 days of purchase.

And if it’s new Hyperice and Theragun products, in that case, according to the return policy, you have to return the product within 30 days of purchase.

For returning items, Golf Galaxy is very particular about its products, and if there is something wrong, the return process gets seriously difficult.

For return at Golf Galaxy, all the items should have the original packaging, including manuals, parts, and accessories.

There are a few items that Golf Galaxy doesn’t receive at their store for a refund.

You have to contact the manufacturer and handle it under the manufacturer’s warranty or return policy.

Golf Galaxy is a well-known website for sports goods and a subsidiary company of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

At Golf Galaxy, customers can purchase various sports-related items, especially golf.

And as Dick’s Sporting Goods is the parent company of Golf Galaxy, why, like most other Dick’s companies, Golf Galaxy also has a return policy of 90 days.

But besides that, at Golf Galaxy, there are many other things that the customers should keep in mind at the time of product return.

This article about the Golf Galaxy Return Policy is the proper guide you need.



Golf Galaxy Return Policy for Damaged Items?

Golf Galaxy Return Policy for Damaged Items

Golf Galaxy is a subsidy company of a big company named Dick’s Sporting Goods.

If anything is wrong with Golf Galaxy’s delivery, it also affects its parent company.

Because of days, whenever Golf Galaxy delivers their item to the customers, they ensure it is securely packed.

But still, for delivery reasons, if the customer gets a damaged item, in that case, the customer can return their Golf Galaxy product to the company and get a refund.

But before the refund, the Golf Galaxy employees thoroughly check and verify the reason for the product return.

After that, if the claim is true, then Golf Galaxy refunds the amount of the product to the customers.

Besides that, some Golf Galaxy items have warranty policies.

Because of this, if customers are facing any issues related to the items and the product is not eligible for return anymore, They can utilize the warranty policy and get a replacement or repair of that Golf Galaxy item.

Still, if you have any further queries, contact Golf Galaxy customer service.


How to return the Product to Golf Galaxy?

How to return the Product to Golf Galaxy

People who are into sports prefer Golf Galaxy very much for their daily sports requirements.

From there, customers purchase golf clubs, balls, footwear, etc.

Besides gold items, customers purchase many other sports equipment from Golf Galaxy stores and its website. 

But still, even after purchasing great items from Golf Galaxy, some customers experience personal or technical issues for which they want to return the item to the Golf Galaxy company.

One of the best things about Golf Galaxy return is that you can also return your website-purchased item at the stores.

Whether you prefer in-store or mail returns of Golf Galaxy items is totally up to you.


So, to return the Golf Galaxy item at the store,

● Visit your nearest Golf Galaxy store,

● Tell the Golf Galaxy employee at the store that you want to return your purchased product.

● Then, provide your Gold Galaxy packing list or receipt and your credit or debit card used for the purchase. 

● After receiving the item Galaxy employee will check your product quality and all the original packing materials, accessories, and manuals that came with the Golf Galaxy product. 

● If everything is in perfect condition, the employees will accept your Golf Galaxy item for return.


Now, if you want to return your Golf Galaxy product through mail, then,

● Go to the Golf Galaxy website and log in to your account.

● Then find the return option and complete the Golf Galaxy product return process.

● Contact Golf Galaxy’s customer service representative at 1-800-287-9060 to receive the free prepaid UPS shipping label.

● Pack the item thoroughly for return and include all the documents inside the Golf Galaxy return parcel, such as the Merchandise Return Form, a copy of the original packing list, etc. 

● Then stick the prepaid return label at the top or side of the Golf Galaxy return package.

● Drop it at the UPS office or drop box.


And if you don’t want to use the free prepaid returns service Golf Galaxy provides, then the process is similar.

Still, instead of applying for the Golf Galaxy prepaid return label, you must pay and get a product return label from your preferred courier service, like USPS or FedEx.

Then after packing the Golf Galaxy return parcel and sticking your purchase return label, you have to send the product to the address,

Golf Galaxy

c/o Returns Department

7601 Trade Port Drive

Louisville, KY 40258



What products does Golf Galaxy not accept as a return?

What products does Golf Galaxy not accept as a return

Well, those into sports normally purchase most of their golf and other sports goods from Golf Galaxy.

Most of them enjoy their Golf Galaxy product, but some face a few issues and want to return their Golf Galaxy item.

But the issue is Golf Galaxy doesn’t accept all the products for return at the store or through the mail. 


● So the items you can’t return at Golf Galaxy are,

Firearms, Ammunition, Hunting Bows, Primers, Rifles/Muzzleloaders, Black Powder, Crossbows, Gun Powders, airbags, products that require gasoline or fuel, Topps Trading Cards, Yeezy Shoes, Custom, and Special Order Items, etc. Once you purchase this item, you can’t return it anymore. 


● Then, Golf Galaxy items that you can’t return after opened or the factory seal is broken are,

Football Helmets, Air Beds, Electric Scooters and bikes, Whoop Fitness Trackers, Face Coverings, Ice Rinks, and Portable Lavatories. A return is only available for Baseball or Softball Bats if the product is used and in new condition. 


For the bikes, Golf Galaxy doesn’t accept them most of the time.

However, a 24-hour return or exchange window is still available if the Golf Galaxy purchased bike is unused, and even if the bike is assembled, it is assembled at the store.

This is the only scenario where Golf Galaxy will accept a bike for return.

And between this 24-hour window, the product is not eligible for return if the customer used the bike even for Size or Color Inspection.


Then, for Rapsodo items, customers can’t return them at the Golf Galaxy Stores; they have to return them through the mail. 

Besides that, for return, the customer should have a reasonable cause for item return.

Among the many products Golf Galaxy doesn’t accept, a few products can be repaired or checked by the manufacturers directly.

In that case, the customers can contact the Golf Galaxy customer service number 1-800-287-9060 and ask for the manufacturer’s contact information. 


Does Golf Galaxy have a free return?

Golf Galaxy has a free return policy for in-store and online product purchases.

For golf lovers and athletes, Golf Galaxy is a great destination for shopping.

That’s why customers are very hopeful for the item when they purchase something from Golf Galaxy.

Still, even after that, sometimes, for some certain reason, the customer has to return their purchased Golf Galaxy item.

Therefore understanding the customer’s sentiments, Golf Galaxy provides a free return label to the customers. 

This way, the customers don’t have to pay for any shipping or handling charges for their Golf Galaxy product return or exchange. 


Can I return a Golf Galaxy item without a receipt?

Apart from the Golf Galaxy website, customers prefer to shop from the Golf Galaxy store.

But if a customer has changed their mind and wants to return the Golf Galaxy item, then it’s very important to have valid proof of purchase.

For returning a Golf Galaxy item to the company, the customer must have their order number, order confirmation email, Pack slips, original sales receipt, and return barcode.

Only by this can they return their product and get a full refund.

But if you lost your Golf Galaxy proof of purchase, then you can return the Golf Galaxy purchased item, but you have to show valid ID proof such as a US driving license, US military ID, US passport, etc.

And for returning an item at Golf Galaxy, when you use your ID proof for Information regarding return activity, Golf Galaxy keeps your ID information in the company-wide database to properly check customer return activity.

Then after that, your purchased Golf Galaxy item will go through a process of verification and checking to see if everything is perfect.

Then after the checking is done, you will receive your product refund in store credit for the lowest selling price.

So to avoid any of these situations, you must have the Golf Galaxy proof of purchase with you at the time of return or exchange.


Can we exchange a Golf Galaxy item instead of a return one?

The exchange is a great option if you don’t want to return your Golf Galaxy item to the store or website.

Well, various items are available at Golf Galaxy, and customers prefer Golf Galaxy very much to purchase their required items.

But after purchasing it, if the issues are above size, color, or material, exchanging it is better than returning it.

At Golf Galaxy, you can’t exchange every item at their store or website, but you can still exchange the available or eligible items.

Also, for Pre-owned, demo, refurbished items, etc., Golf Galaxy has a 7-day exchange policy.

All the exchange items must be in the same condition when sold.

Also, it will require proof of purchase such as order number, order confirmation email, Original receipt, etc. 

At Golf Galaxy, all the returns are subject to approval; if the company wants, they can deny the exchange of your product.

Besides that, if you have any queries or doubts, you can contact Golf Galaxy customer Service.


How much time will it take to get a refund from Golf Galaxy?

If you return your Golf Galaxy item at the store, it won’t take much time for the return, and you will also receive your refund faster.

But the process is longer if you return your purchased item from Golf Galaxy through the mail.

After the return, it will take around 5 to 7 days to reach the Golf Galaxy return department; after that, the item will go through a checking and verification process to see if everything about it is fine and all the necessary Information is available, and parts of the product is intact.

After that, everything is fine; within 5 to 12 days, you’ll receive your refund at the original payment method.

And if you return a golf Galaxy product that is purchased gift receipt, in that case for the return, the company will provide you a gift card or even exchange.

In returns where Scorecard Reward or coupon are involved, it will result in an adjusted refund amount at the time of the refund. 



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