Hello Molly Return Policy in 2024 (**Guide For Return**)

Hello, Molly is a famous shopping website for women.

After purchasing from Hello Molly, you realize you are unsatisfied with your Purchase.

You can return to Hello Molly by knowing the Hello Molly Return Policy.

They offer various clothes, quality shoes, excellent perfumes, women’s jewelry or accessories, cosmetics, etc.



What is Hello Molly Return Policy?

Hello Molly has a very smooth and easy return policy for their customers.

If a customer does not like any product they purchased from the store, they can easily get a return within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Hello, Molly will issue a store credit based on the return.

The customer can easily purchase any other item through the store credit from any Hello Molly store or hellomolly.com.


Hello Molly Return Policy Return Requirments?

Hello Molly Return Policy Return Requirments

Customers must remember a few minor details when returning to Hello Molly-

First, remember that Hello Molly does not accept any kind of exchange; they only accept returns.

The customer will get a 30-day window for return from the day of delivery.

The item must be kept in its original condition, unused, unwashed, and unstained at the return time.

All the original receipts, any kind of tag or bill, should be with the item at the time of the return of the product.

Customers cannot return any final sale items because they are always discounted.

If a customer wants to return any kind of footwear, the original shoe box must be with the shoe at the time of return.

There are also some non-returnable items in Hello Molly, like intimates, socks, hair accessories, hats, earrings or jewelry, personal massagers, cosmetic items, etc.

If a customer paid any kind of shipping charges at the time of order placement, then at the time of return, the shipping charge amount will not be credited to the customer.

Finally, if the return does not meet all the terms and conditions Hello Molly gave, then the item will be returned to the customer with additional charges.


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How to return Hello Molly products from the USA:

A customer can easily return any Hello Molly item from the USA as they have a flexible return policy applicable to USA customers.

  • First, customers must visit Holly Molly’s official website for the return purpose.
  • They must go to the Create Return option to further process their return.
  • Then they will get some instructions given by Hello Molly on the screen.
  • Then customers must fill in the Order ID and email address on the website.
  • If the customer returns the item with the original Hello Molly packaging, the packaging must be intact at the time of return to avoid any delays in the return policy.
  • If customers are facing any issues at the time of return from the website, they have to contact Hello Molly’s official mail address for further help and support.


How to create a return request for Hello Molly?

To create a return request, customers must visit Hello Molly’s official website and click Create Return.

Then they must fill in all the details needed and create a return label from the website.

Hello Molly Return Policy


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Hello Molly Return Policy for Afterpay purchases?

Hello Molly has almost the same return policy for any Afterpay purchase item.

  • Return time will be the same for 30 days from the delivery date.
  • The customer has to do the return from the Hello Molly website.
  • All the original receipts and tags must be sent with the item at the return time.
  • The item should be used, unwashed, and unworn at the return time.
  • For the return, the customer must generate a return label from the website.
  • But in the case of any faulty items purchased via Afterpay, Hello Molly will issue a store credit for the total amount of the item to the customer after a return. The store credit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • The customer has to give all the installments of Afterpay until it’s clear.
  • Customers can use the store credit at any Hello Molly store for further purchases.


How long does it take to process my Hello Molly return?

Hello Molly Return Policy Return Processing Time

Hello Molly They generally have a 7-working-day time frame to process a return from the day of receiving any return to their Sydney warehouse.

But if there is a busy day in the warehouse, especially during holidays, customers may face delays in their return.

If customers require additional assistance with their return, they can easily contact Hello Molly’s official mail address for assistance and support.


What is Hello Molly Return Policy for faulty items?

Hello Molly also has a specific return policy if a customer receives any faulty items and wants a return.

  • If a customer receives a faulty item with a manufacturer defect, he or she must contact Hello Molly via the official email address [email protected].
  • Then the customer will get further assistance regarding the return through the mail, but any kind of return or refund will not be committed from Hello Molly’s side till they do not receive the item as a return from the customer’s side.



We have provided all the details about Hello Molly Return Policy.

Always remember before purchasing anything from any company if you know their return policy guide.

It can help you with hassle-free returns. 


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