Herman Miller Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Are you eager to buy an item from Herman Miller but afraid of the lack of a Return policy?

Don’t worry; after purchasing from Herman Miller, if you are unsatisfied with the Product, you can easily return it by knowing the Herman Miller Return Policy.

Herman Miller has occupied the position of a supreme design company that produces the products with the love and craze of every ordinary folk.

Though the company was founded in 1905, modernization can touch the company altogether.



What is Herman Miller Return Policy? 

Return & Refund – these two terms are now popular among shopping lovers.

The craze for shopping is gradually increasing day by day.

However, the consciousness of wasting a single penny also arises among the people.

And that’s why every single customer demands a return policy. Yes, Herman Miller has their return policy too.

Herman Miller Return Policy is composed of the advantages for every type of customer.

Suppose a customer becomes upset after purchasing a product from Herman Miller.

The product may not be deemed suitable for them.

What will they do then? If they keep the product in their room, the purchased amount will go in vain.

In that case, Herman Miller allows their customers to return the unsuitable product to them.

What are the benefits of returning the products? The customer will be given two options.

Either they can take back their amount or exchange the item with another one.

However for both options, they need to be qualified first. Herman Miller has some specific conditions.


What do I need to follow to return a product to Herman Miller? 

Herman Miller Return Policy

Returning a product to Herman Miller is possible for all the aggrieved customers.

However, according to Herman Millar Return Policy, some conditions are applied for returning. 

  • As per Herman Miller Return Policy, the customers should have to return the product within 30 days after the exact date of the bargain. But in the U.K., the period is considered only 14 days.
  • The product must be in the original condition which they have received.
  • The shipping charges are never considered for a refund.
  • The products are received for returning only at their warehouses. But if a customer wants to return the accessories, they can contact their local stores.
  • Restocking expenses of 10% of the whole price tag will be deducted from the discount, not to surpass $500 per thing. Adornments, lighting, and execution seating with the Herman Miller brand are absolved from restocking expenses.
  • If you have bought an item in a whole bundle, you must return that complete bundle in return within the allotted 30 days. You can’t return the bundle by separating one from the whole.
  • The single customized product will be approved for return if the item fails to satisfy the customers’ requirements.
  • If the customer can show the original receipt when returning, you will be paid back in the original mode of payment. 
  • If the customer seeks to return an item with a gift card, the Refund will be added to their product’s credit.
  • The product should be sent in the original packaging with all the tags, original invoice, and other necessary documents.


What does Herman Miller accept as the proof of purchase?

According to the Herman Miller Return Policy rules, proof of purchase is highly needed for refunding, credit, and exchanging.

The tax should also be paid according to the state legislation. The proofs are –

  • E-receipt 
  • Order ID number 
  • Slip of real packaging 
  • Original invoice of the product 
  • Invoice of gift
  • Slip of gifts’ packaging

After getting the product, the staff of Herman Miller will start their inspection. If the product can pass all their conditions, you will be confirmed for return.

The amount of tax will be sent back to you. But whatever charge has been given for shipment will not be returned.


What should I do to cancel my Herman Miller order?

Herman Miller Return Policy

Herman Miller always deals with good quality products. So there is no chance of canceling any item after giving the order.

Still, if you want to cancel an order, it will only be possible instantly after confirming the order. If they have stock of that product, they try to leave the product for shipment within 24 to 48 hours. Once a product goes for delivery, you can’t cancel the order. 

But if they don’t carry the product for final delivery, they may accept the cancelation. The customized products are not approved for cancellation.


When will I get my Refund from Herman Miller? 

Once your product is ok as per their conditions, you will be sent confirmation mail of refund. They start the process of refunding quickly. Within 5 to 10 business days, you will possibly receive the Refund.


Herman Return Policy for Damage or faulty items?

Herman Miller never lets any customer be disheartened by delivering any damaged or faulty product.

Still, you can mail them or contact customer service if they mistakenly provide this product.



I hope this article clarifies all your doubts and queries regarding Herman Miller Return Policy. Now your shopping will be stress-free.


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