Hermes Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

In this article, we will be focusing on Hermes Return Policy.

A return policy is a set of conditions that dictate how and under what circumstances customers can return merchandise they have purchased.

Return policies are essential for both businesses and consumers.

For businesses, return policies help manage inventory levels and discourage fraudulent activity.

For consumers, return policies provide peace of mind if an item needs to be exchanged or returned.



What is Hermes Return Policy?

Hermes Return Policy

To understand Hermes Return Policy go through the below information:

If you’re unhappy with your Hermes purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.

Some boutiques may have a slightly different return policy, so it’s always best to check with your particular location before returning. If you’re unsatisfied with an online purchase, you have 14 days from the date you received your order to initiate a return for a refund.

Items must be returned in their original condition with all tags attached. Hermes does not accept returns on sale items, except in the case of damaged or defective merchandise.

If you need to return an item, please contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization Number (R.A.N.).

Returns will not be accepted without an R.A.N. Items must be returned in their original condition, packaging, and invoice. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

If the item is returned within 30 days of delivery, Hermes will issue a full refund for most things purchased on their Website.

Items purchased in-store can also be returned. However, a shop credit will be granted instead of a refund to the original payment method.

All tags and accessories must be attached to the item to be eligible for a return.

The Hermes, customer care team is always available if you’re unsure about an item’s suitability for shipping.

Hermes’ return policy has a few exceptions. Items personalized, such as those with monograms, cannot be returned.

Gift cards cannot be returned or refunded for any reason.

It’s advised to contact customer support before making a return if you have any doubts about the quality of the item you’re trying to exchange.

There is no need to hesitate to take advantage of Hermes’ generous return policy, as they are generally accommodating when it comes to returns.


Hermes Return policy and procedure

Hermes Return policy

To exchange or refund any product purchased on the Website, you must return it within thirty (30) calendar days of the delivery date.

There must be a copy of the purchase invoice or a copy of the orange box for products to be returned, and they must be returned in their original condition and packing. Returned merchandise must be in its original condition, as determined solely by HERMS, at its discretion.

If you use our prepaid return labels and ship the item back to us via our carrier, you will not return the item for exchange or refund.

To return or exchange an item, go to your account’s “your orders” area and click on “return or exchange products.” Using these instructions, you will be able to: – select the items you want to return; – download and print a return label; – include your invoice with the return.

If you are unable to or do not desire to use the pre-paid label service, please contact Customer Service, who will record your return. Afterward, you can ship your package back to the following location:

101 Herrod Boulevard Dayton, New Jersey, 08810 H.O.P. Attn: Internet Returns and Exchanges

The item’s retail value should be insured to the fullest extent possible. Any items you return to the Website that are lost, misdirected, or delivered late are solely the customer’s responsibility.

Fragrance, cosmetics, and beauty products are subject to the following conditions: All cosmetics, fragrances, and other beauty products must be returned in their original packaging and unopened. No returns or exchanges will be accepted for items with open or removed transparent film or if the Product has been used.

The customer’s responsibility is to check that the Product’s bottle is still hermetically sealed in a defect or damaged during delivery (if this is not the case, contact Customer Service).


Hermes Return Policy Requirement

Hermes Return policy

The 30-day return policy applies to any Hermes product purchased from the Website (or received as a gift) and is subject to the following terms and conditions: -Returns must be in their original condition and packaging; -You must provide the original receipt along with your return, or a copy of the receipt if you are returning part of your order; -The 30-day return policy applies to any Hermes product purchased from the Website (or received as a gift).

In addition to the “Find a store” link, a list of HERMS boutiques that accept exchanges may be located on the back of your receipt.

If you return a product purchased online to a Hermès boutique, you will not be reimbursed for the shipping charges.

Any product purchased on the Website is non-refundable. No credit will be given to your debit or credit card.


What is the requirement to Exchange the Hermes?

If you meet the requirements listed below, you may return an item for a different one of lesser, equal, or greater value.

You must pay the difference in price if you want to exchange anything for something more expensive.

You will get a credit to your debit or credit card within ten (10) business days after returning the item if you exchange it for an item of lesser value.

If you exchange an item, you will not be reimbursed for the first delivery shipping fees. However, you won’t have to pay for the second delivery’s shipping expenses.

One swap per item is permitted.

When it comes to gift exchanges, the following guidelines must be followed: A gift from the Website can only be exchanged for an item of equal or greater value (the price difference must be paid by you, the recipient of the gift) if it is returned in its original packaging and its original condition. If you exchange your gift for something of lesser value, you will not receive a refund.

For scarves and ties, you can either swap it for another item of the same type (such as a silk twill scarf for another silk twill scarf, a silk twill tie for another silk twill tie), or another item of the same type (such as a heavy silk tie for another heavy silk tie).


How Long Does Hermes take to refund?

It is Hermès’ policy to make any refunds within ten (10) business days of receipt of the returned Product by crediting your debit or credit card if you request a refund. The Website will not provide you with an electronic credit that can be used on the Website, nor will the Website issue a retail credit that may be used in a HERMS store.


Some restrictions in Hermes Return Policy

Refunds and exchanges are presently unavailable for products purchased via the Website from the HERMS boutiques.

It is not possible to replace or refund a personalized product purchased on the Website.

Because each piece of furniture is manufactured to order, it is impossible to return, exchange, or cancel an order. There will be no compensation for this.

An order can only be returned or exchanged once.


To be kept in the shop’s boutique

You can ask a salesperson for an exchange or a shop credit; – a refund if you return the item to the Website; – a store credit (except in the case of an order received as a gift). The boutique’s responsibility is to return your things to the Website’s service.

Within ten (10) business days of receiving the merchandise, HERMS will refund your credit card in a commercially acceptable manner.


The Apple Watch has a 30-day return policy

You must return the Hermes Apple Watch Hermès in its original packaging, and it must not have been paired or synchronized with an electronic device. The returned Apple Watch Hermès serial number must match the Apple Watch Hermès serial number on the original receipt.


Hermes Returns Policy and exchanges on PayPal® purchases

PayPal® orders that need to be exchanged will require your credit card information if the new exchange order is more expensive than the original transaction; any balance owed must be paid with a credit card only.

Because cannot access your PayPal® details, we’re unable to accept your payment via PayPal® for the balance due on your exchange order.

No credit card information or payment will be required if the new order is equal to the original order.

You’ll get your money back from your PayPal account for a full refund, minus any shipping fees. In this way, you can enjoy the Hermes Return Policy via Paypal.


HERMES shoe returns and exchanges

To protect the bottoms of Hermès shoes, you should only wear them on clean, dry, non-abrasive, or carpeted surfaces while trying them on. Your return may be refused if you don’t comply with this requirement.


Hermes contemporary artists since 1837

Since its founding in 1837, Hermès has never wavered from its commitment to its handmade business strategy and humanist core principles.

The freedom to create, the never-ending search for beautiful materials, and the passing down of extraordinary know-how make Hermès the one-of-a-kind luxury brand today.

These factors allow for the production of functional, attractive things that can withstand the test of time.

Family-owned and -operated, independently run, and socially responsible, the business is dedicated to keeping most of its manufacturing in France at its 51 production locations while expanding its international distribution network to include 306 stores in 45 different countries.

Hermès began his business by opening a harness workshop in the Grands Boulevards neighborhood of Paris.

The shop’s primary clientele was the nobility of Europe.

He won multiple honors for his work, including the top prize in its class in 1855 and again in 1867 at the Expositions Universelles in Paris, for the high-quality wrought harnesses and bridles he designed and crafted for the carriage trade.



Below we share some FAQs related to the question of “Hermes Return Policy”

1〉 How long does it take to get a refund?

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for us to process your return once we receive it at our distribution center.

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the transaction has been completed.


2〉 Do you have a store return policy?

Within thirty calendar days of delivery, items can be returned to a Hermès shop in the United States for an exchange or store credit.

On the company’s Website, go to the Find a shop section for a list of Hermès locations.


3〉 If I give someone a gift, may they exchange it for another item?

A gift can be exchanged for another item of equal or more worth, provided an invoice or priceless invoice accompanies it.

You must pay the difference while exchanging. Prepaid return shipping labels are available for online orders.

Please get in touch with the company for further information.



In conclusion, the Hermes Return Policy is quite generous and lenient.

A few conditions must be met for a return or exchange to be processed, but overall, it is a very customer-friendly policy.

Please contact Hermes customer service for clarification if you have any questions about the policy.


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