Hey Dude Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Customers are always interested to know about the return policy of a company.

Before you purchase an item, you will be confused about what you do when the product is not up to your expectations.

In that case, Hey Dude Return Policy assures that you can shop from their stores or sites with pleasure.

If there is any kind of dissatisfaction, they will return the product. 

Hey Dude is a very popular brand. Hey, Dude was established in the year 2008.

Alessandro Rosano set this company up. They have a massive collection of various types of shoes.

It begins with a single style and a slip-on shoe called the Wally.

Their fan is always satisfied with their service and products.

Their shoes are lightweight, confirming, and easy to use like Crocs, and it is made with sustainability in mind.

Crocs acquired Hey Dude and tried to grow it as a casual comfort brand.



What is Hey Dude Return Policy?

The return policy is an all-time demanding scheme among the clients.

Each client desires a return policy for their favorite brand.

Hey, Dude is already a well-known shoe delivery brand.

It has earned its reputation among a huge number of customers. However, this company has an easy-to-understand Return Policy.

Hey Dude Return Policy is such a subject that you are searching for.

If you want to buy something, then complete it quickly. After buying, if you feel the item is not perfect for you, you can easily return it.

They offer to return the item within 30 days from your buying date.

Instead of returning, you can select either refund or exchange. The company has some rules:-

  • Ensure the item is in the same condition as the customer received.
  • All products are attached with original tags.
  • Original boxes are essential; otherwise, we will not be capable of receiving your return and refund.
  • The customers have to return the products within their given time, which is 30 days. 


How long does Hey dude take for a refund?

Hey Dude Return Policy for refund

Please allow roughly 1 to 2 weeks for processing.

You will acquire a refund notification from our company when your return has been processed.

The refunds will take an additional 1 to 3 business days to credit back to your actual form of payment.


In what conditions, Hey Dude, accept your return?

Though you are always welcome to return an item to Hey Dude, you must have to follow some steps. But the return must be granted if the item can pass its allotted conditions.

  • The items must be in the actual condition when you receive them.
  • The products should be returned in their original boxes.
  • The original tags are attached to the boxes.
  • The actual invoice and other necessary papers should be kept in that box.


Any dispute from the customers will never be allowed by Hey Dude.


In what conditions, Hey Dude, reject your return?

Hey Dude Return Policy return reject conditions

Yes, Hey Dude can reject the request for your return if they find any fault in those items.

  • Do not attach any tape or labels directly to the boxes.
  • Hey, Dude rejects the return if the products are deemed to be damaged. 
  • Original tags are the most important thing; otherwise, we will not receive your return.
  • Make sure the package and shoe must be original.


Is Hey dude issue a refund for shoes in-store purchase?

No, Hey dude, shoes can not issue refunds for in-store purchases. So contact the retailer you bought from for any returns or exchanges.


Hey Dude Return Policy for damaged or defective items

Hey Dude Return Policy for damaged or defective items

Hey, Dude is a famous brand, and they reserve the right to reject a refund or exchange if the items are damaged, worn, or fiddled with. If the original box is damaged, the £5 fee is deducted from any refund. 


Can I return or exchange a Heydude Gift card?

The buyer can request the purchased importance or unused balance. Refunds can only be returned to the actual payment system. Please contact customer service for assistance.


Hey Dude Return Policy for the United Kingdom 

If you want to return your order for any reason, then you have up to 30 days which is keeping out the extended Christmas returns period, to return your things for a refund as long as your order is still in the new, uncustomed condition that it was sent in.



Hey Dude, and tried to grow it as a casual comfort brand.
Hey Dude, shoes are available for both men and women.

The shoes are stylish, comfortable, and lightweight, and people grab them at a reasonable price.

They mainly provide thick memory foam insoles to help soak up the shock and to give relief under the foot as you walk.

The memory foam insoles are removable, so you can clean or change them when you want.

Do not wait for so long. Grab all offers and discounts.

Either refund or exchange and You have two profitable options. So don’t do it late and jump for hauling.


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