Hill Country Clinic Round Mountain, Redding Address, Hours

Hill Country Clinic is a full-service health clinic offer medical, counseling, and integrative health services at the Redding and Round Mountain with the addition of Dental in Round Mountain. They offer a play area for children, A public free area with computer and internet access, Facilities for the local community radio station, and many more services.



Hill Country Clinic Round Mountain/Redding

Their locations include

1〉 Hill Country Clinic Round Mountain

Hill Country Clinic Round Mountain

29632 Highway 299 East,

Round Mountain, CA

Phone Number- 530 337 5750

Medical Clinic Hours Round Mountain

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

8 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday- 10 am to 5:30 pm

Counseling Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

9 am to 5 pm

Wednesday– 10 am to 5 pm


2〉 Lake Blvd

317 Lake Blvd, Suite A

Redding, CA 96003

530 241 4100


3〉 Northpoint

351 Northpoint Dr, Suite C

Redding, CA 96003

530 241 4100


4〉 Hill Country Clinic Gold Street

Hill Country Clinic Gold Street

1401 Gold St, Suite A

Redding, CA 96001

Phone Number- 530 319 7066

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

8 am to 12 pm

1 pm to 5 pm

For medical records and prescription call- 530 337 6655


5〉 Care Center

1401 Gold St, Redding, CA 96001

530 691 4446


6〉 Market Street Counseling Center

2042 Market St.

Redding, CA 96001

Phone Number- 530 691 4451


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Hill Country Clinic Services

Their services include


Their medical team is working in a very innovative way, to provide the best possible healthcare. In Round mountain location they have one MD, two physician Assistants, Two-family Nurses, and Podiatrists. In redding location, they have a one MD and Two Family Nurse Practitioners.

Their medical services include

Preventative Care Women’s Health Men’s Health
Well Child Care Senior Care Family Planning
Sports Physicals Medication Management Accident and Acute Illness
Podiatry Referrals to Specialists Diabetic Education



Their dental team includes Four dentists and three Registered Dental Hygienists. Their dental team offer services include

General Dentistry Dental Hygiene
Preventive Care Root Planing
Sealants and Varnishes Supportive Periodontal Therapy
Oral Health Education


Hill Country Clinic Behavioral Health

In the Behavioral team, they have four licensed clinical social workers and one Ph.D., Psychologist. Behavioral services are available for Individuals, Couples, Child and Adolescents Counseling and Group and Family Counseling.



The chiropractic employee’s name is Robert Smith.

Tuesday/ Thursday Mornings in Redding

Afternoons in Round Mountain. To make an appointment you can call 530 337 5750.



You must make an appointment for a Massage. Call 530 337 6243


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Hill Country Clinic Staff

Hill Country Clinic Staff

Their Administration staff include

Administration Staff

Names Identity
Lynn Dorroh CEO
Nick Cutler CFO
Kelly Tucker HR Director
Shayna Williams HR Generalist
Ajay Guttikonda Information systems Coordinator
Angelikea Gardner Staff Accountant
Brandy Isola Chief Compliance Officer
Cedric Schmidt Accounting Clerk
Jo Campbell Integrated Operations Director
Megan Fernandez Office Assistant
Melanie Schafer Quality Improvement Assistant
Richard Hardie Senior Financial Advisor
Sarah Joy Quality Improvement Coordinator
Sharon Sherman Grant Manager
Susan Nye Accounts Payable Specialist


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Behavioral Health Staff

Names Identity
Tammy Allen LCSW Behavioral Health Director
Ron Parton LCSW
Christine Mayerchak PsyD
Lisa Crowell Case Manager, FSP
Kim Rumford Front Office
Helene Stovall LCSW
Patrick Moriarty
Linda Whitehead Behavioral Health Assistant


Hill Country Clinic- Gold street Medical Staff

Names Identity
Abby Lorenz Mat Case Manager
Alice Ellis LVN
Alyssa Crowder CMA
Ashley Peel Front Office
Hailey Polonus BHCC
Jeanne Mellon MA
Kassandra Gamsby MA
Kim Deforest CMA
Libby Hernandez FNP
Margaret Jensen New Patient Coordinator
Meldeen Printz RN
Melissa Greding Front Office Assistant
Wayne Denham New Patient Coordinator


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