Hobart Animal Clinic Locations,Services, Doctors

Hobart Animal Clinic strives to provide your Loveble pet with the standard quality veterinary care in Northwestern Indiana. Whether they are practicing preventive medicine, diagnosing your pet’s medical condition, or providing emergency veterinary care. Hobart Animal Clinic veterinarians are ready to assist you and your pet in any situation of the day.


Hobart Animal Clinic Contacts

Hobart Animal Clinic

1〉 24 Veterinary Clinic

Ph No- 219 942 4442

Normal Business Hours

Monday to Friday- 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 2 pm

After Hours/ Emergency

Monday to Friday- 6 pm to 8 am

Saturday- 2 pm until Monday 8 am


2〉 Boarding & Grooming

Ph No- 219 947 4442

Monday to Friday- 8 am to 6 Pm

Saturday- 8 am to 2 pm

Sunday- 9 am to 12 pm


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Hobart Animal Clinic Services

Hobart Animal Clinic believes that preventative medicine is the main key to Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy.

Physical Examination

Physical examination is a very important component of Veterinary Preventative Medicine. This clinic Veterinarians provide a through Physical examination of your Diet. Physical examination is the most important part of your visit and it helps to assess the health and Well Being of your Pet.



Over many years, pet vaccines have been used to prevent many life-threatening diseases. This clinic uses the highest quality vaccines to help keep your pet Healthy. In their practice, they continually evaluate which vaccines are needed based on your pet’s specific needs and activities.


Well Pet Laboratory Screening

Together the physical examination and pet laboratory screening provides a more complete view of your pet’s Overall Health.


Preventative Medications

There are many medications are available that your pet needs to keep him or her healthy. This clinic only provides quality preventive products to keep your pets healthy and disease-free.


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Hobart Animal Clinic Doctors

We only mention a few doctor’s names here. For more information about other doctors, you can visit the official site. Doctors include


1〉 Dr. Brian Thompson

Hobart Animal Clinic Doctors

In 1998 he was graduate from Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. Since 1998, he worked at the Hobart Animal Clinic.

Interests- Orthopedic Surgery, Dermatology, and Internal Medicine.

He has four children Cole, Gavin, Ryder, and Macey.


2〉 Greg Baisden

Greg Baisden

In 2006 he was graduate from the Purdue University School of Veterinary medicine. In veterinary medicine he has some special interest includes Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiology.

Outside the profession he like Hunting and Fishing with his stepson Angelo.


3〉 Suzanne Regan

Suzanne Regan

From 2004 Dr. Suzanne starts working in Hobart Animal Clinic. In veterinary medicine, he has many interests. Dr. Suzanne’s strongest interest in Orthopedic surgery. He is a certified Canine Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practioner.


4〉 Holly Masepohl

Hobart Animal Clinic

In 1994 Dr. Holly is graduate from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University. Since 2004 She has worked with this Clinic.


5〉 Cyndi Hatala

Cyndi Hatala

Dr. Hatala is a graduate of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. Since 1998 she worked at the Hobart Animal Clinic. Her interest includes Internal Medicine and Soft Tissue Surgery. She loves to enjoy sports and Travel.


6〉 April Gast

April Gast

In 2005 Dr. April Gast is graduate from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University. Outside the profession, she enjoys spending time with her husband and Kinds.


7〉 Kerry O Conner

Hobart Animal Clinic

In 2012 Dr. Kerry completed her internship in small animal medicine at Iowa state university. In 2012 she was started work with Hobart Animal Clinic. In her free time, she enjoys with her family of Furry Babies.


8〉 Laura Beyer

Hobart Animal Clinic

In 1987 Dr. Laura Beyer Earned her Bachelor of Science Degree In Zoology and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine Degree From Michigan State University.


9〉 Amy Wozniak

Hobart Animal Clinic

In 1994 Dr. Amy was graduate from the Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. She also practices Both Illinois and Indiana emphasizing the importance of good preventative care. She also likes to enjoy spending time with her family Reading, Studying Gemology in her Off Time.


10〉 Carly Stevens

Carly Stevens

In Northern Indiana, she was born and Grown Up. She is also interested in Soft Tissue Surgery and Opthalmology. In her free time, she likes to spoiling and running with her Dog and two Cats.


11〉 Ashley Sabedra

Ashley Sabedra

She has completed her graduation in 2015 and in the same year she also started work with Hobart Animal Clinic. Dr. Ashley’s interest includes Emergency Medicine, Soft Tissue Surgery, Ultrasound, and Internal Medicine.


12〉 Dianna Anagnos

Hobart Animal Clinic Doctor

Dr. Dianna is a graduate of Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her some veterinary interest includes Soft Tissue Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Rabies Prevention, and Behavioral Medicine.


13〉 Jeanette Asuncion

Hobart Animal Clinic

In 1990 Dr. Jeanette from Michigan state’s college of Veterinary Medicine. Jeanette has a special interest in Internal Medicine but enjoys a variety of General Practice.

Outside the profession, some of her other hobbies are Bicycling, Gardening, Playing Piano, and spending time with family.


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