Horn Lake Animal Hospital Hours, Doctors, Address

Since 1994, Horn Lake Animal Hospital offers pet care services to the DeSoto County and NW Mississippi. It includes the Southaven,  Olive Branch, and Walls. Horn Hospital uses advanced veterinary medicine and the latest veterinary diagnostic help to keep your pet healthiest and Happiest. They also offer a 15% discount on military services.


Horn Lake Animal Hospital Hours/ Address

Horn Lake Animal Hospital

The address is

3390 W. Goodman Road

Horn Lake, MS 38637

Phone Number- 662 393 1116

Fax Number- 662 393 8426

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm

Emergency open- 24/7


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Horn Lake Animal Hospital Services

They offer services include

Routine Surgery

Complex Surgery

Preventive Care
Pet DentistryDermatology
Laboratory ServicesDigital Radiology

Pet Pharmacy


Routine and Complex Surgeries

Orthopedic ProcedureSoft Tissue Surgeries
Spay/NeuterWound Care
Cyst RemovalBiopsy
Eye SurgeryExploratory Procedures
Rodent SurgeryExotic Pet Surgery

Pocket Pet surgery


Preventive Care

Customized Vaccination ProgramParasite Prevention
Dental CareNutritional Counseling
Bathing for cats and DogsVeterinary Examination


Pet Dentistry

Digital RadiologyProfessional Cleaning include Polishing and Scaling
Tooth ExtractionsPrescription Diets
Home Dental Care


Laboratory Services

This veterinary hospital lab include

Standard Wellness ScreeningLiver and Kidney Function
Electrolyte ImbalanceInfections
Diabetes TestingThyroid activity
AnemiaNutritional Deficiencies


Digital Radiology

Digital radiology is used following conditions include

Bone FracturesTumors

abnormal masses

Foreign ObjectsDental Problems
Cardiac abnormalitiesPulmonary Diseases


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Horn Lake Animal Hospital Doctors

Horn Lake Animal Hospital

Their doctors and staff are

Dr. Matt CastellawMedical Director
Dr. Kristie ChavezAssociate Veterinarian
Dr. Carlson GrahamAssociate Veterinarian
Dr. Summer Lathum”    “
Dr. Kathy Young”     “


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