How Does DHL Logistics Work in 2024 (Complete Information)

One of the largest logistics companies in Germany is DHL.

It is majorly a courier service which offers to deliver parcels or packages from one side to another.

It’s also a vital department of Deutsche Post. DHL has become Europe’s most extensive courier service, delivering about 1.6 billion packages yearly. 

In 1969, 25th September, DHL Express company was set up in San Francisco, the U.S.

Though its establishment was done in 1969, it started to circulate its business worldwide in 1970. DHL has become one of the world’s most influential and leading courier services.

Earlier, people had to wait at the port to get their packages. They had to go through several long steps of documentation.

As long as they stayed there, the more they had to pay there.

DHL was the first who think about the solution. They started to handle the documentation before shipping and reached the packages to the owners. They had huge success and created communion with other companies. Now the question is – How Does DHL Logistics Work?



How Does DHL Logistics Work? 

From the first, DHL has been giving its spotlight on logistics as its root business.

It is responsible for creating 85% of revenue in the business within 2020.

Each division is set up in a proper position to cover all the deliveries worldwide.

The logistic model of DHL works in some steps.

In the logistic model of DHL, there are segmentation strategies and marketing strategies.

The segmentation strategy is vital and difficult to analyze because DHL has to deal with numerous customers.

They employ geographic and demographic models to identify the requirements of each type of customer.


What is the main activity of DHL? 

The main activity of DHL is to hand over various parcels to the customers and also deliver documents to the business owners.

Apart from that, they deal with numerous e-commerce sites.


How does the DHL supply chain work? 

How Does DHL Logistics Work (2)

DHL has its own supply chain.

It is connected with Deutsche Post DHL. business areas and incorporates warehousing, transportation, and worth-added administrations, including Lead Logistics Partner,

Real Estate Solutions, Service Logistics, bundling, and e-satisfaction.

DHL Supply Chain makes an incentive for its clients universally by consolidating broad industry information with an immovable devotion to greatness, improvement, development, and manageability.


What are the four pillars of DHL? 

DHL has enormous competitors in this world. It has a unique business strategy that is based on four multiple pillars. It’s called the marketing mix. The four marketing mixes are – product, price, place, and promotion. This strategy supports the brand in combating competitors and designating its mission and vision. Let’s focus on the four marketing mixes below.


DHL is the best company that offers various services from its five different divisions.

Among them, the DHL Express is the most well-known air carrier.

DHL is the best option for emergency product delivery services.

The products of this company are transported by rail, air and by road.

It can carry both light and heavy-weighted products.

The e-commerce businesses prefer DHL to proceed with their business.

This service also applies to cold storage or temperature-controlled items for particular preferences.



The price of DHL is quite reasonable.

It’s considered after observing the price rates of its competitors.

However, the prices are set on the product’s weight and the distance of the destinations.

The ordinary folk like to have a service at the standard rate.

But there is an expensive price chart too for the fastest delivery services. A report said that DHL earns $22 billion in revenue annually.



DHL is available all through the world in more than 150 countries. DHL

Express works its armada of the north of 250 planes over 800 terminals, workplaces, and product houses.

The organization’s store network area works in 60 nations and has 1500 distribution centers and workplaces.

The multi-user distribution center is help given by DHL to various organizations and makers.

These multi-client distribution centers are put in modern requests, specifically in a reasonable area that makes them effectively open.

Furthermore, DHL offers a multi-story distribution center with many floors associated with lifts.



DHL is already one of the oldest companies in the world.

It started its promotional campaign through television and radio.

They also give newspaper ads. With the rise of social media sites, DHL has started to promote them through social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


What is DHL’s competitive advantage?

FedEx and UPS are two of DHL’s essential opponents.

With regards to measure and staff, UPS utilizes the vast majority, with DHL intently continuing to runner-up.

Concerning numbers, FedEx is as yet developing.

With FedEx being another opponent, UPS is a vast worldwide supplier and a furious opponent to DHL.

Furthermore, DHL ensures that UPS is tested by its carbon management and Environmental Management Systems.

Thus, the three organizations above offer practically identical administrations to clients, except for DHL, which makes a point to utilize the most trend-setting innovations to follow mail and products instead of FedEx and UPS.

Asia and the West’s DHL administrations’ degree of value.



DHL is a great and demanding delivery company. Though it has vast competitors, it can still stay at the top position. 


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