12 Points On How Dollar General Destroyed Rural America in 2024?

This article discusses several reasons How Dollar General Destroyed Rural America.

Even though Dollar General is quite a famous place for shop lovers, you can get affordable products.

But no matter how popular the spots are, few of its business choices are destroying many things whether they acknowledge it or not, and destroying rural America is one of them.



How Dollar General Destroyed Rural America?

How Dollar General Destroyed Rural America

Below we share 12 Points about how it happens

1. Buy asking for Tax

After thinking of Kansas, Dollar General started demanding to make the Dollar General store there, and the taxpayers had to do their work.

If you need help understanding small towns or rural places like Kansas, Baldwin, etc., where the government has to finance the grocery store using the text money paid by the citizens.

Therefore when no other business chain tries to do business in such an area, Dollar General builds a warehouse-sized Store there.


2. Unnecessary build

In many rural places where Dollar General builds its stores, If we focus on the Dollar General store in case Kansas as an example, you will understand that even though those small towns or rural areas have grocery stores, small retail stores, etc.

Available still, Dollar General built a huge store among them that really affected the local store structure in rural areas.


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3. Suffering from local stores

As Dollar general builds its stores among other local stores in small localities, the local business suffers very much.

As Dollar General Store serves many items at low cost, It creates massive competition between the stores, and finally, those who can’t survive the competition have to lose their businesses.

In small towns, it’s difficult to find a proper career path, and what is more, most people lost their most prominent source of income due to Dollar General stores which were businesses.


4. Low salary

Low salary is another reason the small-town people curse Dollar General.

Due to Dollar General, most of the small-town people lost their jobs and businesses, so finding no other way, they started working at Dollar General.

And taking advantage of that, Dollar General hires a few employees at a low salary.

And the employees out there don’t have many options available, so they either have to work there or go to major cities for better jobs.


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5. Unhealthy foods

The Dollar General stores in Rural areas have significantly fewer customers every day.

Most rural dollar general stores are built in deserted regions far away from cities, so we can’t say that stores in these areas are popular.

So, when these places consist of packaged food or fresh foods, it doesn’t stay good for so long, it doesn’t matter how minimal the stocks are, but still, if it sits there at the store for quite a time, then it’s not fresh.


6. Travel to shop for fresh food

As the small-town citizens can’t find fresh food at the dollar General Store, they have to travel elsewhere to buy fresh meat, fish, etc.

And it gets difficult for old people to travel far, or the small-town citizens who work in cities because of the low work field in small towns have to bring necessary items on their way back home.

So, by omitting most of the grocery businesses in a small town directly or indirectly, Dollar General is also reducing its sales.


7. One store after another

It is a very deadly habit of the dollar general. When Dollar General has a store in a location, then after a few years, Dollar General looks into other potential places and establishes another Store near the nearby town or any other locations almost near the present one.

So, through this, Dollar General is not only destroying a single community, but Dollar General is destroying rural America.

It affects the local stores, their product production, process, etc.


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8. Costly products

When a dollar General Store stays in the market and successfully destroys most local businesses, it increases the price of many products.

Then the Dollar General store is not about the dollar store anymore. But that doesn’t mean all their products are above a dollar.

At least 40% of their products are under a dollar, 40% of them are under $10, and the other 20% are above $10.

So, even if anyone doesn’t want to buy anything costly, they don’t have any other option than buying it from the Dollar General store.


9. Earrings divided

If a store for clothing, foods, accessories, etc., is available in a rural town, then through the businesses, the money circulates in the town.

But in the case of Dollar General, no matter how much they earn, its total earning percentage won’t be a part of the town.

Every dollar General Store has to send back a percentage of their earnings to the corporate office of Dollar General in Tennessee.

Hence, this is another reason why Dollar General destroyed rural America.


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10. No contribution

Dollar General has no contribution to the community of any rural town.

Even though Rural-town communities are pretty small, they still have specific days on which day celebrate, support, and spend their whole day serving the community.

They do any services they can provide; for example, those who have bakery bakes cakes for everyone, coffee shop owners make hot beverages, etc.

But Dollar General never involves itself in any of these occasions.


11. No profit for the town

Dollar General stores are not very profitable for the town even though they manage to establish their territory.

When a dollar General Store is built in a rural place in America, that place is mainly run or used by the town’s local citizens.

But those Dollar General stores are not used extensively. On the other hand, the government has to pay for electricity, water, etc.

So, after all these payments using the tax money, the town has a meager profit left.


12. Harm the community

Dollar General destroyed rural America not only through its stores but also by taking out its stores from the area.

When Dollar General built one of its stores in a rural place, it had already destroyed half the community by ruining most local businesses.

So when most of the businesses were shut down, and the Dollar General Store also decided to take out their store, it created a difficult situation for the community.


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