How Long Does Depop Take To Ship in 2024

After ordering products from Depop now what is coming to your mind is “How Long Does Depop Take To Ship“. It takes around 3 to 7 business days to arrive at your shipping address.

Depop is a new edge-focused company that allows people to buy and sell second-hand products through their website.

Depop is a Subsidiary company of Etsy, founded in 2011 in Italy.

And this company does not only provide its services in the United States but also in international countries.

Depop’s headquarter, even at Landon. So, it’s easy to understand that Depop is a growing company.

Plus, In the new generation, people focus on recycling used clothes.

For that, Depop is a great place. And to deliver the Depop items through the website, there are proper shipping requirements.

Because Depop is quite different from most other companies, the users get quite confused about how it works.

Therefore, to guide the Depop buyers and sellers, this article about Depop Shipping is here.



How Long Does Depop Take To Ship?

Depop orders generally take 3 to 7 business days to arrive at the shipping address.

Depop, most of the time, deals with seller and buyer addresses that are close to each other.

This way, the product gets delivered early or on time. Depop allows buyers to purchase second-hand clothing items from the sellers.

From enlisting and selling to shipping, everything happens at the Depop website; hence it makes the process quite easier.

So when you order any Depop item, it gets delivered from the seller within a few days.

And it isn’t important if you are a domestic or international customer of Depop as the service of delivering the product in both ways.


What method did Depop use to ship my order?

What method did Depop use to ship my order

To purchase quality items at a low cost, Depop is the best place.

There you can purchase second-hand products that are barely used.

So this way, people started using Depop quite often.

If you want to deliver the item to the buyer, many Shipping options are available at Depop. 

The first one is the standard shipping option at Depop.

Buyers can get their products through this service within 3 to 7 business days.

And the shipping charges of standard shipping at Depop are very low, and the seller also provides free shipping for the Depop product.

If you are ordering small accessories from Depop, then First class delivery is the best option.

They’re best on the size; you can choose an affordable and fast Depop option.

And for this shipping service takes around 1 to 5 business days to reach your Depop shipping address.

You also have the option at the Depop website to utilize the priority shipping option.

Priority shipping is best if you want your product as soon as possible.

The Priority mail is quite fast, and it requires 1 to 3 working days to get delivered.


What are the Depop Shipping requirements?

There are no serious requirements to deliver your Depop order.

But as a seller, first, you need to upload the product you want to sell at Depop.

Then when you successfully find a buyer, you can arrange your Shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

But if you want to use the Depop’s shipping arrangement, USPS is in their in-app courier service. 

This is all you require as a seller while using the Depop website.

And if you are a shopper, you only need to purchase any required item from Depop.


What are Depop Shipping & Handling Fees?

What are Depop Shipping & Handling Fees

While using Depop to purchase a clothing item, there are a shipping fee and a few other charges that you have to pay.

But while selecting the item for purchase from Depop, you can’t get a proper shipping fee.

Shipping fee is based on the particular product and its destination.

But that’s not it; on the total amount, there is a 10% share for the Depop services, label fees, etc.

Based on all days, the total shipping amount of the product is determined. 

So at the time of order at Depop there, based on the product, the shipping charges are, 

● for shipping Dresses, the fee is $7, 

● for Tops, it’s $5, 

● for T-Shirts, it’s also $5, 

● then for Jeans, $8, 

● for Shoes, the fee is $15 and

● for Other Small Items like Jewelry, makeup, etc., the fee is $5. 

The label cost can be different later depending on the courier service. So, the shipping labels fees are, 

● Extra-small: $4.40 (First Class – less than 4oz)

● Small: $5.40 (First Class – less than 8 oz)

● Medium: $6.20 (First Class – less than 12oz)

● Large: $7.60 (Priority Mail – less than 16 oz)

● Extra-large: $12.25 (Priority Mail – less than 2lb)

● Extra-large: $16.15 (Priority Mail – less than 10lb)

So, if you don’t know, the label fee for the order has increased. So, it can also change later. 

Then there is a 10% selling fee for Depop, as, through their services, you successfully sold your product.

And finally, apart from these above fees, the seller or the buyer must pay a 3.3% payment transaction fee as all the payment incoming and outgoing services of Depop are done through PayPal.

So it requires these Fees for Depop product shipping.


Does Depop Provide free shipping?

Well, there are free shipping options available for the customer at Depop.

But the free shipping service mostly depends on the seller.

So best on your total billing amount, maybe you can get free shipping. 

Plus, if you have a Depop subscription, you can take advantage of many interesting features, so you should check the Depop website.


How can I track my Depop Order?

When you order a beautiful item from Depop that you have desired to purchase so many times but couldn’t find, Tracking the Depop item is the primary thing a buyer would want after they receive the confirmation mail. 

Now to track your Depop order, you can check it through the Depop app or website.

But to get detailed information, use your Depop confirmation mail; find the order number from there.

Then use that order number on the DSPS website to track your Depop order.

But you must know that it takes around 24 hours to get full access to the tracking after the product gets shipped.

And apart from that, if you want, you can use your tracking service, and buyers can track their products from there. 


Why Does Depop Take so long to ship?

Depop orders generally don’t take too long to get delivered.

But still, try to wait for 7 to 8 working days to get your product from Depop.

Even after that, contact the seller and ask for the Depop shipping proof if you don’t get your ordered item.

And even after that, If you don’t receive your item by 15 days, you can claim a full refund for the Depop item.


Can I order stock items from Depop?

At Depop, things like this often happen where you like a Depop product so much that you want to purchase it.

But the item gets stocked out before you can arrange all the money to purchase it.

Now the problem is that they are mostly second-hand items; hence, they don’t have the same item anymore.

But it depends on the seller. If they have that out of stock, then they will restock it.

But the chances for that Depop product are very low.


How long does Depop Take to ship Internationally?

How long does Depop Take to ship Internationally

Depop has become a highly preferred shopping platform as you can purchase second-hand items from the site.

That’s why you can purchase branded products at a low cost.

And because of all these reasons, Depop has also gained huge popularity in international places.

So, for Depop orders in Canada, it will take 18 to 21 working days to reach the address mentioned at Depop.

And if it’s another country like the UK, New Zealand, Germany, etc.

In these places, for the Depop order deliveries, it will take around 21 to 30 business to reach the buyer’s doorstep.

For international product shipping from Depop, processing an item takes longer than usual.

After processing the item, then the shipping fee of your order is decided on the particular item, its weight, its distance, and other fees.

So because of all these, Shipping the item within 2 to 3 days isn’t possible.

Apart from that, a few products are restricted from international shipping.


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