How Long Does Nike Take To Ship in 2024 (Updated)

Nike is an American multinational company that sells products like footwear, apparel accessories, and services. Many millions of customers purchase products from Nike on the internet, and Nike receives orders daily and delivers products as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking to purchase items or have already bought products, you might inquire how long does Nike take to ship?



How Long Does Nike Take To Ship?

How Long Does Nike Take To Ship

In general, Nike takes 5-12 business days to deliver an order.

If a customer orders something, NikePlus Members automatically get the item, and when they receive the order, they will verify the item. 

How long does Nike take to ship standard shipping?

Nike also has a standard shipping service that can take two to four business days (the working day does not include holidays, weekends, or weekends).


What are Nike’s options for shipping?

As of this writing, Nike temporarily extended the delivery timelines to ensure that the time of delivery at checkout has a cushion for known delays.

Nike members get free standard and discounted shipping on expedited orders with every purchase.

All they have to do is sign up before checkout and receive the complimentary shipping instantly.

When they check out, shoppers select their preferred shipping method.

Customers must also provide the delivery address and where the merchandise will be delivered.

This information is used to calculate the delivery date, and Nike gives an estimated date of delivery with each item purchased.

These are Nike’s options for shipping:

Standard shipping

If you are a member, the option for shipping is entirely free.

In the case of guests, they will charge $8 for any order with less than $150.

For orders over $150, guests receive free standard shipping.


Shipping expedited

Express shipping is an expedited delivery option over the standard delivery speed compared to standard shipping.

When you choose this option, delivery trucks will travel from the place of pickup to the customer’s delivery address without any stops.

It is crucial to remember that expedited shipping is not available for all orders.

Nike customers who log up at checkout will be charged $5.

Guests pay $15


Express delivery

The Express Delivery option is the speediest option for shipping because the shipment to the delivery address takes between 24 and 72 hours.

This option of shipping may not be available on all orders.

Nike customers who log up before checkout will be charged $15.

Guests pay $25


Store pickup

Nike also allows you to pick your order up at the Nike store closest to where you live.

The shipping option is available for any eligible order. It is only necessary to select the “pick up’ option before you check out to determine if the purchase is eligible for pickup.

Utilizing Nike’s store locator to verify if the nearest store is operating is also crucial.

Due to the security of Nike’s employees and customers, certain stores are closed temporarily, and the operating ones are only open for a limited time.


Nikes Shipping terms

How Long Does Nike Take To Ship

When shopping in stores, you might have the option of sending the item to a retailer to pick it up.

If you cannot pick up the item within 30 days, the order will be returned to us. Purchase and refund it to the original form of payment.

We have the right to request the electronic capture of consumer data from the government or state ID for all returns and exchanges.

We keep a record of return activities by consumers exclusively to authorize exchanges and returns, and we do not share the data we collect by this method.

We also reserve the right to restrict exchanges and returns made using receipts or without receipts in any circumstance.


What is the shipping procedure for Nikes?

Nike handles and ships orders from Monday to Friday, except for holidays. On weekends, delivery is made for specific charges.

They employ a range of shipping carriers to guarantee punctual delivery.

Converse Custom requests and Nike by You take 2-5 weeks to process and are not available in the standard or expedited shipping options.

For orders with APO or FPO, address shipping is accessible via regular USPS Military Mail and should be delivered within 30 to 45 days of the dispatch date.

If you order multiple items, you’ll receive several delivery notifications with a shipping acknowledgment for all items. The message informs you when you can expect what thing.

The estimated delivery date you see in the checkout process is determined according to the shipping option you choose and your delivery address.

Nike does not offer shipping to post offices, package forwarding services, and reshippers.

They will only ship to their U.S. for APO and FPO addresses. They do not currently offer international shipping, but they advise customers to visit the Nike stores available in select nations or regions across the globe.


How Do I Track My Order From Nike?

How Long Does Nike Take To Ship

If you are thinking about how long does Nike take to ship? Then track your order after every shopping.

You can verify the status of your purchase using the order number as well as your email.

You can check your order status using the Nike mobile application or the Nike website.

If you are using, you will look at “Order Status” below. Select the “Order Status” option and submit an order’s reference number.

You will be able to view the current status of your order.

If using your Nike Mobile app, open the profile and tap Orders. Tap the order that you wish to track.

You will then be able to see the status of your order.


How do I exchange my Nike order?

All Nike purchases come with an extended 60-day return period (some limitations are allowed).

You can return your purchase at any time within 60 days. Give us an email, and we’ll take care of it.

We’ve got you covered if you’d like an alternative size or color in an entirely different style.

Do you not want to wait for your exchange’s arrival? You can swap the value of your and Nike App orders at the nearest Nike store.

Nike Members only require your Member Pass to be scanned (you can see it in the Nike App under the profile tab) or give the contact number or email address used to make the purchase.

Guests must provide their order number (you will locate it in any email we have sent out regarding placing the order).

Within 60 days of the purchase, you can exchange your unused and washed garments over the phone or in the Nike store.



All Nike purchases have an extended 60-day return period (some exclusions are allowed).

All purchases made through or among the Nike applications and in the Nike store are covered by 60 days to return.

Test the functionality of the quality of your Nike and Converse purchase to ensure that it is working for you.

You can return products (some limitations apply) within 60 days, including custom Nike by You sneakers.

After 60 days, you can still return your items if they’re unworn and not washed. 

Remember the return policy is always free for Nike members.

Shop with confidence, and be sure to enjoy your trial period of 60 days.


Do I need a receipt to return my items at a Nike store?

For orders made through or all other Nike apps, you must ensure that you have the order barcode or your order number in hand.

Nike Members may also supply the email address or telephone number you used to place your order.

For purchases made at a store, the quickest and most efficient way to return an item is to give the receipt from the store that was issued to you in the first place.

If you don’t possess the receipt some alternatives:

Suppose you have provided the Nike Membership contact information, or you had the Nike Pass scanned during the checkout, and you have scanned your Nike Pass during checkout.

In that case, a Nike store employee might be able to search for your order and offer full reimbursement for the original method of payment.

If you didn’t provide your Nike membership information if the items you’d like to return aren’t worn and unwashed, you might be able to return the items for a credit in-store at the item’s current cost. Also, we may be able to assist you by arranging the exchange.

If you’re returning items with a gift receipt, we’ll give you credit in-store for the value of the receipt. We’ll also assist you in changing the present.



Below we share some FAQs related to the question “How Long Does Nike Take To Ship”

How Does Nike Ship Its Products?

Nike ships shoes by trucks in the areas where a dissipation center is found.

You can receive the shipments of Nike on time via their respective distribution centers, which are located in every country and region around the globe.

From now until the close of the month, each Nike order shipped to the U.S. arrives in Memphis.


Does Nike Ship With Usps?

We work with multiple shipping companies to make sure you get your order as swiftly as we can.

There is no need to fret about expedited shipping deadlines following orders made through Nike By You and Converse arrive within two to six weeks.

To APO and FPO addresses, it is possible to ship your order at no cost by USPS Military Mail, and it will be delivered within 30 to 45 days of processing your order.


What is the cost of shipping to Nike by Your orders?

The Nike by You shipping cost is the same for the other orders.

Shipping is always free for Nike members, and we recommend you check out our shipping options to find additional details.

If you’re still not a Nike Member, sign up with us and enjoy the benefits right away.


Where Does Nike Dispatch From?

The orders you place through Nike through the Internet are typically processed at the Memphis distribution center, where Nike’s largest distribution center is situated.

Contact your retailer from Tennessee so that they can process all orders from your state within the United States.



Every nation has a Nike distribution facility.

When a client places an order at they think about how long does Nike take to ship?

It is shipped to the country of the customer’s distribution center.

Standard shipping is up to seven business days, and Express shipping is 2 to 3 days.

Nike makes use of UPS as well as FedEx depending on where you are located.


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