How Long Does Ruggable Take To Ship in 2024

It’s difficult to maintain rugs at home where guests, kids, and pets keep on ruining the product. 

That is when Ruggable comes to the scene. Kindly many people already know about Ruggable. 

But for those who don’t, Ruggable is rugs, runners, and doormats-making brand that creates washable rugs. 

You can easily wash these rugs in your washing machine and not only that, they are Interchangeable, nonslip, and Stain Resistant. P

So finally when you get such an amazing company for rugs, then it’s important that you know about this shipping service as well. This way you can order Ruggable products tension free.



How Long Does Ruggable Take To Ship?

Ruggable made their products after the order was placed.

Hence, based on the product size, Ruggable delivered their item within 1 to 2 weeks of purchase. 

For people who are obsessed with Ruggs and love trying modern designs for them, Ruggable is the destination.

And the best thing about Ruggable Rugs is that they are easy to wash.

So because of this, demand for Ruggable is increasing in the United States daily.

Unfortunately, if you are from domestic locations in the United States, you can’t purchase Ruggable Rugs. 

But they do deliver in Alaska and Hawaii. Another good thing about Ruggable is that they deliver their products to International countries such as Canada, the UK, etc. 

And to deliver their product in Canada, it takes around 1 to 3 weeks to deliver. 

And in other international locations, it can take 2 to 4 weeks to successfully deliver the Ruggable items at the shipping address.


What method did Ruggable use to ship my order?

What method did Ruggable use to ship my order

Ruggable is a great brand, and you can purchase rags that can be easily washed using your washing machine. 

And it is the revolution of rugs. Now when customers are experiencing something new, many want to purchase Ruggable products. 

They must have proper shipping methods to purchase this item for the company. 

The first method is standard ground shipping to send your Ruggable products. 

Through standard delivery as a customer of Ruggable, you have to wait for your Ruggable order to arrive quite long. 

But in the standard delivery, you can take advantage of free shipping.

But the free shipping service is only available within the US in Canada only. 

Besides, if you want to order your Ruggable product from Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories And desire free shipping, you can’t have that. 

You have to pay for shipping charges. Plus, Levity products do not ship to Canada or the US Territories in standard shipping. 

As you can see, standard ground shipping can take a long time to deliver, and this is one of the most convenient shipping methods.

Then the next shipping service available is express shipping.

Ruggable uses the services of FedEx to deliver the order as soon as possible.

 This Rug delivery service is only available in the United States and Canada. 

But only available on some selected rugs. So if your order is eligible for Express delivery, delivering a product from Ruggable will take 1-2 business days.

International delivery in Canada will take around 2 to 3 business days to deliver your order. 

For the customers who are using Express shipping, there Ruggable always tries to keep them as the priority.

But you have to pay a good shipping fee for this Shipping service.


What are Ruggable Shipping & Handling Fees?

When you try to order any product from Ruggable, then for the delivery, it’s natural that you have to pay a shipping fee.

But for Ruggable hard to understand the shipping fee in advance.

So in the standard delivery of Ruggable items, you can utilize the free shipping option.

But there are a few cases and locations where you have to pay the shipping fee.

And it can only be determined after your order is at the checkout process. 

For Express shipping, your order has to be eligible, and then after you select all your orders.

Then, based on your products’ destination, size, and weight, your order express shipping fee will show at the checkout.


How can I track my Ruggable Order?

How can I track my Ruggable Order

The Ruggable products take white long to deliver products.

And it’s not the fault of the customers that they get impatient. 

So it’s very important that the customers can freely track their Ruggable order.  

So, to track the Ruggable order, you can use their order tracker.

You will receive a confirmation mail once their order is shipped from Ruggable.

And at the mail, you will find your order information and estimated delivery date. 

Easily so, through that, you can easily track your order plus, at your Ruggable profile, you can also check whether your order is under processing.


Why Does Ruggable Take so long to ship?

Everyone knows that Ruggable provides one of the best services for rugs.

Therefore people keep on ordering rugs for their homes from Ruggable.

But still, there is a question that occurs in everyone’s mind: why does Ruggable take so long to deliver its products?

So the thing is, all the Ruggable dogs are still made after the order is placed. 

Therefore based on the customer demand, the design is chosen.

And depends on the size of how long the rug takes to complete. 

After the product is made, then it is sent for shipping.

This is why Ruggable products take so much time to deliver. 

And above that, when there is any weather issue, then it creates some additional delay.

And during the festival, because of increased order volume, if the delivery is past the estimated delivery time of 1 to 3 weeks. 

Then wait about the extra 48 hours to track any updates. If not, then you can contact the Ruggable customer care team.


Does Ruggable deliver items to PO boxes?

Does Ruggable deliver items to PO boxes

Unfortunately, Ruggable can’t deliver their item to any PO box.

It is against their delivery service and company policies.

So, if you somehow put your nearest PO box address for shipping, you can contact the Ruggable customer service number to update your address.

Or, as soon as they realize the issue, Ruggable customer service will contact you.

But you have to respond to their claim, and if customer service doesn’t hear back from you within seven days, your Ruggable order will be canceled.


Does Ruggable ship its products to Military addresses?

For new companies such as Ruggable, getting access to services at military addresses is a little difficult.

So, in the United States, Ruggable can’t deliver their product to any military locations.

So whoever wants to purchase a Ruggable item must order from a residential, domestic location, or else their order will be canceled. 


Can you purchase Ruggable items from a US territory address?

Ruggable has quite popular among customers.

And as a result, people from different locations in the United States want to purchase Ruggable products.

So in Alaska and Hawaii, you can purchase Ruggable products.

But in PO boxes or US territories, you can’t order any Ruggable as they don’t have a delivery facility available.


How long does Ruggable Take to ship Internationally?

Ruggable products are not only famous.

People worldwide desired to use just washing machines to wash rugs for their homes, and they finally got the solution from Ruggable.

And to fulfill the customer’s demand, Ruggable also delivers their items at International locations. Ruggable mainly uses FedEx for this delivery service. 

And you can order Ruggable items at locations such as the UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, and Canada.

The Ruggable products take 2 to 3 weeks in Canada and the UK to reach the shipping address.

And in other international locations, it can take around 3 to 4 weeks.

So, as an international customer of Ruggable, you need to be patient. 


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