How Long Does Scentbird Take To Ship in 2024

After ordering any product from Amazon, if the question comes to your mind “How Long Does Scentbird Take To Ship“.

People’s love for perfume is a serious thing. For perfume lovers, purchasing a perfect perfume option is quite difficult.

And to rescue them from this trouble, Scentbird is the perfect place. 

Scentbird is a company where you can purchase different styles of perfumes each month.

And the number of products you’ll receive from the website is based on your subscription plan.

For one item per month, you have to pay $16.95; for two items per month, the subscription fee is $27; and finally, for three items per month, the Scentbird subscription fee is $37. 

Now, depending on your subscription option, the feeling is quite good when you receive the shipment of your Scentbird products.

And apart from the subscription plan, you can also use Scentbird the way you like.

So for delivery of the items from Scentbird, there are things you must know about its shipping services. And for that Scentbird shipping article is here for you.



How Long Does Scentbird Take To Ship?

For the Scentbird perfume order in the United States, it takes around 5 to 7 business days to deliver the order.

If you love perfumes, then no place can be better than Scentbird.

At Scentbird, you can get various perfume and cologne options for both men and women.

And as they have a huge range of perfumes in different sizes, many people in the United States prefer Scentbird.

And because of its demand, Scentbird has to deliver its item all over the United States, including the US territories like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

But that delivery takes longer in these places than in the US domestic States.

And not only that, Scentbird has its business in international countries as well. 


What method did Scentbird use to ship my order?

What method did Scentbird use to ship my order

People prefer Scentbird very much, as in the service, customers can take advantage of new perfume every month by paying a basic monthly subscription fee.

But I think there is very little information about Scentbird.

So, as much we know is that among the shipping methods, Scentbird uses the standard shipping service from UPS, FedEx, etc.

And the delivery takes around 5 to 10 business days to reach the shipping address.

As the Scentbird delivery is mainly based on subscription, Express delivery isn’t required.

If you try to order a perfume from Scentbird, then there is a chance that you can get an Express delivery option.


Does Scentbird provide free shipping?

Scentbird does have a free shipping option available on its website.

We already know by now that Scentbird is a company that provides services for subscription-based perfumes.

And as the service runs on a monthly subscription, providing free shipping is important for Scentbird. 

So everyone enjoys free shipping, especially for new items every month.

But for Scentbird, you can’t take advantage of free shipping in all cases.

There are prospects where you have to pay shipping fees for Scentbird items.

Therefore, if you are a perfume lover from the United States, to avoid shipping charges at Scentbird, maintain the Scentbird subscription.


What are Scentbird Shipping & Handling Fees?

What are Scentbird Shipping & Handling Fees

When you purchase a subscription from Scentbird, it’s natural that, in most cases, people get free shipping.

For the Scentbird subscription, based on the plan, customers receive 1 to 3 items each month.

Now as a perfume enthusiast, if you are from the United States, then for the subscription order, you don’t have to pay any shipping or handling fee.

But if you are from Canada and have a Scentbird subscription, you still have to pay $4.99 for international shipping and handling charges. 

And besides that, if you don’t have a Scentbird subscription and still want to order a particular perfume from the website, you can do that.

But you have to pay a $3 shipping fee for the order. Scentbird mainly deals with small-size perfumes or cologne, so the shipping charges are low. 


How can I track my Scentbird Order?

There are many people available in the US who are quite obsessed with perfume.

And good quality perfumes tell a lot of things about you. So, when it’s time for your Scentbird order to arrive at your address, waiting for it becomes difficult.

That’s when people try to track their Scentbird orders,

So, to track your Scentbird order, 

● First, open the Scentbird app or website.

● At the app, click on your Scentbird account icon.

● Then from there, tap the option Order Tracking & History. 

● If your Scentbird order has been shipped, then you’ll notice an option “Track It” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen; click it.

● And then, you can check your Scentbird order.

Apart from that, for your Scentbird order, you can also track it from shipping websites.

You must have provided a mail ID when filling out your subscription form or placing your Scentbird order.

And after the order is shipped then, between 3 to 5 working days, you must have received a confirmation mail from Scentbird.

In the confirmation mail, billing details and order numbers are available, which you can use to track your order. 


Why Does Scentbird Take so long to ship?

Why Does Scentbird Take so long to ship

Scentbird tries hard to be punctual with its delivery services.

Due to a few reasons, sometimes Scentbird delivery checks time to reach the address.

So the most common reasons are bad weather, product restocking, and especially during holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, etc., the process and shipment get delayed.

Apart from that, for your Scentbird delivery delay, there are no other reasons. So if you are facing your Scentbird product delay, just wait a few days.


Can I order stock items from Scentbird?

Scentbird has its method of doing business.

So the Scentbird company services mostly run with subscriptions.

Hence if you have an item added to your queue, then as a part of your Scentbird subscription, you will get the item on time.

So, experience in stock out isn’t an issue.

But still, somehow, if you forget to add your favorite Scentbird perfume, cologne, or skincare item, you also have chances for that.

Without the queue selection, Scentbird will send you its top perfume of the month.

And even after that, at Scentbird, if you want to purchase a particular perfume, you have to wait until the product is restocked.

The perfume restocking can take some time, but most of the time, it gets restocked.


Does Scentbird ship its items to military addresses?

Many brands and companies in the US market don’t ship their product to military addresses.

But Scentbird isn’t one of those companies.

And as a sign of showing appreciation to the military and their families, Scentbird delivers their perfumes and other products at APO/FPO/DPO addresses.


How long does Scentbird Take to ship Internationally?

Scentbird isn’t a worldwide company; they have their services mainly in the United States.

But if we talk about international shipping services in the United States, Scentbird only delivers their items from the US to Canada.

And because of this process, the delivery of Scentbird products takes around 7 to 15 working days to reach Canada. 

Apart from that, if you desire to experience the perfume collection from Scentbird, then the process is complex.

You have to use third-party websites to order Scentbird products in international countries.


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