How Long Does Walgreens Hold Prescriptions in 2024?

With roots in the 20th century, Walgreens is a well-known brand.

When Walgreens first opened its doors in 1901, it was just a modest drugstore.

This Chicago-based pharmacy’s initial owner, pharmacist Charles R. Walgreen Sr., decided to expand the business.

He had built nine enterprises by 1916 when Walgreen Co. was officially founded.

Since then, it has grown enormously to become the world’s second-largest pharmacy retail organization.

Its prescription-serving procedure is a significant contributor to its expansion.

Every drugstore, including Walgreens, has its prescription serving method.

Therefore, one reputable company takes all the required measures to review a prescription. It also ensures that clients comprehend the dosage correctly. 

Regarding the prescription process, there are many questions among the public. How long does Walgreens hold prescriptions?

What happens to the prescriptions during the busiest time of year? What are the costs associated with the delivery of the prescription?

In this article, all of your questions will be answered.



How Long Does Walgreens Hold Prescriptions?

No matter what, Walgreens will keep a prescription on file for 7–10 days.

They won’t be able to hold the prescription beyond this period, even if you call and ask them to keep it in stock.

It’s because of the insurance billing. When a prescription is present, the insurer covers the cost of a drug when it is prepared and available, not when you pick it up.

As a result, the stores are unwilling to bill for items that have not been picked up. In short, if the drug is not picked up, the insurance company receives the notification and ultimately cancels the charge.

On average, the drugstore will have more than 30 pulls per day, according to several employees.

The pharmacy tries to get in touch with the person after the created 7-day call list.

Calling is done to check on whether they still require the prescription.

The store employee or pharmacist will restock the medication if the consumer has not yet confirmed their order.

Additionally, if the client hasn’t picked up the medication, the pharmacies must reimburse the insurance for their money.


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What does Walgreens charge to deliver Prescriptions?

How Long Does Walgreens Hold Prescriptions1

There is a reasonably simple prescription delivery process in place at Walgreens when you need a refill on your medication.

Both elderly patients and patients who are bedridden have significantly benefited from this.

The ability to fill out prescriptions online has enabled drugs to be delivered to your door.

It should be highlighted that Walgreens charges for the delivery of prescriptions.

However, these fees cover only a few varieties of prescription delivery.

Through its four distinct services listed below, Walgreens provides prescription delivery.

  • Delivery via Walgreens ExpressTM
  • Online standard shipping
  • Expedited online shipping
  • Overnight online shipping

Out of them, only expedited and overnight online shipping are paid services.

Walgreens’ official website states that Expedited online shipping is $12.95.

Moreover, the delivery of the prescription takes two business days.

On the other side, it will cost you $19.95 if you choose the overnight online shipping option.

The service clarifies that prescription fillings are delivered in only one business day.


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What Prescriptions are free at Walgreens?

If a person does not need their prescription filled immediately, they can choose “Standard online shipping” or “Walgreens ExpressTM delivery.” The fact that neither of these prescription delivery options costs money is another benefit of choosing them.

Delivery by Walgreens ExpressTM:

Although Walgreens ExpressTM delivery is free, it takes one to two business days to arrive.

It should be noted that Walgreens does not directly offer the Walgreens ExpressTM delivery service.

Instead, FedEx from your neighborhood pharmacy completes all ExpressTM delivery orders.


Standard online shipping:

The primary delivery service offered by Walgreens is standard online shipping.

Although there are no fees associated with this delivery service, one should consider how long it will take to arrive.

The delivery of the prescriptions typically takes 5 to 10 business days.

Therefore, get the prescription renewed ten days before the original supply runs out to avoid emergencies.


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Does Walgreens have a 90-day prescription?

How Long Does Walgreens Hold Prescriptions

Indeed, Walgreens offers the 90-day prescription option.

According to the Walgreens website, it is a component of your prescription plan overseen by Express Scripts.

You have two options for obtaining a 90-day supply of your regular drugs.

These could include medications you regularly take to treat continuing diseases.

These health issues include high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

According to several customers, Walgreens’ 90-day prescription plan is a wise choice because it is less expensive than other prescription plans.

It enables patients to save money, as stated in the following way.

Each retail medication with a 90-day prescription has lower coverage costs.

Discounts on the prices of the constituents, such as ingredients and dispensing fees, are to account for the lower reimbursement cost.

Plan sponsors can save money by converting 30-day medication refills into 90-day prescriptions.


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How does Walgreens serve the Prescriptions?

Prescriptions from Walgreens can be delivered in several ways. One has two options for getting prescription refills: going in person to the store or online.

If someone orders a prescription refill online, they can have it delivered to their home in 1–10 business days.

The convenience of getting prescription refills delivered right to your door has helped Walgreens’ reputation even further. For Walgreens to deliver medications to your home, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Before anything else, you must complete your prescription via Walgreens’ online pharmacy service.
  • Before completing your order and paying for it, choose “Ship to you” on the “checkout” page to accomplish this.
  • You will next be given the option to choose from one of the three online shipping options we have already discussed.
  • From here, you must make a selection. “Standard online shipping” is the best option for free delivery. Choose “Expedited online shipping” or “overnight online shipping” if you want your package delivered quickly.
  • You can move on to complete the order by making the payment and selecting the method of delivery.

If you wish to use Walgreens Express delivery, you must follow a different process.

It is because Walgreens does not perform the Walgreens Express delivery; instead, FedEx does.

As a result, if you want free delivery through this delivery option, you must go through a different process.

The customer must enroll in Walgreens Express by requesting to use the service.

To do so, request the text message notifications service. To use the Express Delivery service, the user must text “JoinRx” to 21525.


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You now understand how long Walgreens hold prescriptions. To experience Walgreens’ flawless delivery service, ensure you thoroughly follow all the instructions.