How Long Does Walmart Keep Security Footage?

Walmart is very particular about the security of its stores. But often, it may cross your mind, how long does Walmart keep security footage?

The average period is six months. However, this is only the minimum period for retention. Walmart tries to keep the records for reference for a maximum period of one year.

Such a step acts as a great support to understand any fraud happening internally. Therefore, if the authorities suspect any employee, they can easily cross-check the CCTV footage and find evidence.

In a superstore like Walmart also, people may face mishaps like theft, losing their purses, mobile, etc. However, due to the presence of the video footage, it becomes easy to identify the culprit and resolve the issue at a great pace.



How Long Does Walmart Keep Security Footage?

Walmart is very particular about keeping the CCTV security footage.

Hence, please be free from all tensions if you shop in the store. In every store, you will notice that it is written that everyone is under strict surveillance.

Generally, Walmart tries to retain the footage for one year. However, after the recorder is overloaded, the old videos are replaced with new ones.

Thus, strict vigilance leads to the prevention of unlawful activities and shoplifting. The employees are also aware of the security facilities of Walmart and that these videos will be there for a minimum period of 6 months.


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How Long Does Walmart Keep Video Footage?

How Long Does Walmart Keep Security Footage (Video)

Walmart is a famous shopping destination across the globe. It operates successfully in more than 25 countries and ensures that everyone gets quality products.

Hence, millions of people depend on this superstore to obtain the articles they need, especially for daily use. The store officials are always alert to protect the store from intruders.

Moreover, they install security cameras in various corners of the premises. But you can be doubtful about the retention of this footage.

If you are keen to know how long Walmart keeps security footage, here lies the answer. The retention period is normally six months.

However, this will vary according to the size of the Walmart outlet and the location.

Although the average period of CCTV footage retention can be up to one year, shorter retention periods are popular among smaller stores.

The retention period can be thirty to ninety days for these small premises. Such footages are excellent evidence for solving criminal cases related to the stores. Therefore, these videos assist crime investigators a lot.


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How do I get camera footage from Walmart?

A proper process is there to store footage by Walmart. The everyday recordings of each store do not remain in the same location throughout the year.

Daily the centralized location of Walmart receives the recordings of different stores and retains the same to be stored permanently.

Thus, the management system of Walmart at Bensenville assures you to get the CCTV footage for the whole year in one place only.

However, no one gets access to these records unless they show a valid authorized letter or court order.

If the videos are necessary for any court case, you have to display the court order and check out various DVDs.

The forensics persons have to examine the details obtained through the video footage.

The officials will not hand over anything which you will select. Instead, you will access only the ones they possess in their database.


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Can I ask to see the security Camera inside Walmart?

How Long Does Walmart Keep Security Footage (See)

Some people are curious and can wish to see the security camera inside Walmart.

The customers are under the strict vigilance of the security cameras throughout the day in every area of the premises.

But it is not so easy to watch the main security camera inside the recording room of Walmart.

However, the officials will grant your request only because of a court order or any such legal discretion. Unnecessary access to the video room is not allowed in any Walmart store.

However, if any customer within the store seems suspicious, the executives will keep a keen watch over him or her.

In case of shoplifting, they will conduct a thorough search and make the person watch the CCTV footage in the recording room.

The loss prevention officers are in charge of such situations, and the store will likely file lawsuits against such shoplifters.


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How long do most security cameras keep footage?

Depending on the size and variety of security cameras, one can store the video footage for a maximum period of one year.

However, the minimum period in this respect can be three months.

After the respective period is over, the new ones will automatically be stored after deleting the old videos.

But the storage space can be higher in some special-purpose cameras installed by big corporates, etc.


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Does Walmart have a camera in every aisle?

Security cameras are a must for every Walmart store around the world.

However, the shape and sizes of these CCTV cameras may not be the same everywhere.

They maintain consistency in the quality of the cameras, irrespective of the locations.

Therefore, a security camera is present throughout the store in every aisle, making the entire premise fully secure from intruders or shoplifters.


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What is Walmart’s Shoplifting Policy?

The Shoplifting Policy of Walmart is very strict as the store does not tolerate any of such instances.

The alarm will ring whenever a person is suspected of having committed shoplifting.

The security officers remain ready to check those persons thoroughly.

Moreover, the CCTV footage will instantly catch such dishonest people and inform the officials of their wrong deeds.

Once someone is caught in a shoplifting case, Walmart will permanently ban the fellow from shopping in that outlet.

However, Walmart operates in different countries, so even after having such a negative history, one can continue to shop any time from other stores of Walmart.



Security cameras are vital in preventing shoplifting in a big shopping center like Walmart.

But how long does Walmart keep security footage? If this question is bothering you, read the above lines.

So, you know now that Walmart stores all the footage for six months to one year, according to the location of the respective store and its size of operations.

But for some smaller outlets, it can be for 90 days only. Be confident to shop from this secured store, as any shoplifting is highly restricted here. Your products are safe during packaging also.


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