How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make in 2024? ($$How Much$$)

This article looks at many aspects of the earnings of FedEx drivers and explicates the question of How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make.

FedEx Corporation, based in Memphis, USA, is a globally famed logistics multinational company with a legacy of 50 years and operating in the domains of transportation and e-commerce logistics. The success of FedEx is closely allied with the smart drivers in its workforce.

The all-important FedEx Express division provides transcontinental and international express services to 200 countries.

FedEx Express Air Services is an industry leader and famous for time-definite deliveries.



How Much Do Fedex Drivers Make, and what is the salary range?

How Much Do Fedex Drivers Make

According to the latest data, FedEx drivers make an average of $51,000 a year. In the US, the median salary is around $48,861. 

 Around 57 percent of FedEx drivers earn between $48,861 and $122,163

 The top layer makes around $269,524. Individual taxpayers in this tax bracket pay a federal tax of 22 percent. 

 After the Federal tax deductions, FedEx drivers’ take-home pay comes to around $45,180 a year.


What is the key role and contribution of FedEx drivers?

FedEx drivers ensure the safe and timely delivery of packages to various destinations. They work hard and ensure customer satisfaction under demanding conditions. Logically, their work is recognized and paid well. 


How much do top FedEx drivers make, and what are the other perks?

Although the average salary for a FedEx driver is $42,000 plus a year, it varies with the drivers’ rich experience and other backgrounds.

Drivers from major metros typically earn more than their counterparts in rural areas. In addition to salary, FedEx drivers also get health insurance and a fabulous 401k retirement plan.


What is the hourly pay for local FedEx drivers?

The average FedEx Ground delivery driver has an hourly pay of $19.07, which is more than 18 percent up the national average. 

According to the data from Indeed, FedEx Driving salaries vary in categories such as Commercial drivers, Courier drivers, Independent Contractor drivers, Local Drivers, Long Haul drivers, and Road Truck drivers.


What do FedEx Express drivers top out at?

 In addition to FedEx Ground and FedEx Express, eight other FedEx divisions employ truck drivers.

FedEx driver positions are in the city and road categories. 

 Local delivery drivers are called city drivers who ply goods between service centers and clients.

Long-haul truckers or road drivers transport freight between service centers and turn-point sites.

The OTR drivers must spend more time on the road and be away from home.


Do FedEx drivers get raises?

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make

FedEx drivers are top-earners with a hefty annual salary.

Along with hikes and bonuses, drivers receive pay during their leave. It can be for weddings, maternity leave, and family issues. Variable pay also exists. 

Indeed, the career of a FedEx driver is rewarding as they are known to add value in delivering goods on time with diligence and punctuality. 

The pay of drivers with FedEx is competitive compared to many other trucking fleets.

Top performers see a jump in salary. The drivers also get a bonus. Drivers are recognized for individual efforts, and monetary awards are plenty.

FedEx also pays pensions for drivers and takes care of financial stability in the sunset years.


How much do FedEx drivers make in Texas?

 In Texas, the average salary of a FedEx driver is $194 per day, which is about 38 percent more than the national average.

·The average base salary comes to around $22.65 per hour.


Do FedEx drivers get bonuses?

FedEx drivers earn a bonus if they ensure the item they deliver stays in the best condition throughout the delivery process.


How much do FedEx drivers make in New York?

In New York, a FedEx Driver gets an hourly pay of $18.07, which is 17 percent higher than the national average.

This salary information is gleaned from data points drawn from employees and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past three years.


How much do FedEx drivers make in California?

A FedEx Delivery Driver in California gets $39,129 as of August 2022, but the real range is $34,991 to $45,416.

The variation depends on the city and factors such as certifications, number of years served, and other skills.


As a FedEx Driver, how much tax do you have to Pay?

 As of 2018, the average federal tax rate for individual taxpayers in this tax bracket has been 22 percent.

That means FedEx Drivers have a take-home pay of $45,180 a year after a federal tax rate of 22 percent. The national average hourly rate is $19 per hour.


How much does a FedEx Delivery Driver make in the United States? 

The FedEx delivery driver draws a salary of $35,030 in the United States, but the range falls between $31,326 and $40,659, depending on certifications, skills, etc. 


Can you live a quality life by working as a FedEx Driver?

 FedEx is a good company with many benefits and good hourly pay.

The city drivers enjoy the Monday to Friday work. Road drivers are high earners, but they work long hours and spend night time on the road as well,


What is the best part of driver life in FedEx?

For drivers at FedEx, it is a great workplace where work-life balance and good pay add to job satisfaction. 

The work is fast-paced, gives great pay safety, good supervision, guidance, training facility, ability to meet personal goals, trust in colleagues, and a sense of belonging with brand power.


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