How much does a facelift cost? (2024)

In North America, especially among middle-aged adults, try reversing the effects of aging as Facelift and facial rejuvenation processes are considered quite prominent anti-aging remedies.

However, the skin would lose its elasticity naturally over time, with collagen production slowing down and halting completely.

As a result, fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin develop across your face.

Luckily, there are several kinds of Facelifts, including the non-surgical and surgical options aiding you in restoring your natural youthful appearance.

However, it is the reason behind the rapidly evolving question of How much does a facelift cost?

Undergoing the facelift procedure will be the best choice for you if you are unhappy with the way the face appears and like to impact positive changes in your life!



How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

How much does a facelift cost

So, how much does a facelift cost in Florida?

To patients who look at addressing their concerns with aging before they become more prominent, the mini facelifts make it a great alternative.

The process can be treated with sagging skin and moderate jowling with less invasive approaches, including scarring, downtime, and decreased pain.

In addition, patients can postpone the need for the costlier surgeries for years by choosing the Mini Facelift before and after the procedure.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the traditional Facelift will cost anywhere from $7700-$11780.

This process is the most cost-effective anti-aging solution compared to the complete Facelift.

The treatment would start as low as $3000 and rise to about $8000 as it depends on various aspects.


What is a Facelift?

Skin and tissues will lose their elasticity as you age. As a result, it leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

A facelift is also known as rhytidectomy, a surgical process of lifting and tightening the tissues on the face.

A facelift involves the removal of excess skin by smoothing out the folds and wrinkles along with tightening the facial tissues.

It will not include eye or brow lifts, although they can be done all simultaneously.

For this reason, it would lead you to the question of how much does a mini facelift costs.

A facelift mainly focuses on two-thirds of the face at the bottom and often the décolletage or neck.

People will get facelifts for several varied reasons. First, the common cause will help to disguise the skin aging signs.


Primary Categories of Facelifts

Facelifts mainly fall under two distinctive categories: surgical and non-surgical processes similar to other facial plastic surgery treatments.

It depends on the patients and doctors to decide about the option that is the best one on an individualized basis.

So, what is a non-surgical facelift?

A few patients can be more comfortable opting for the non-surgical Facelift than others might ideally be comfortable undergoing this surgical Facelift for medical and personal reasons.

Mainly, it is something that you should be discussing with your surgeon during your first consultation.


Types of Facelifts

How Much Does a Facelift Cost

There are about nine kinds of facelifts that you should understand if you are considering undergoing a facelift.

You should keep in mind that every type of Facelift will be targeting varied regions of your facial structures on how much does a facelift cost in Mexico is determined.

1. Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift

The primary purpose of the deep plane facelift is to eliminate the appearance of the sagging skin at the lower side of the chin and the neck lifting up and strengthening the lax muscles in that part of the face.

The deep plane facelift process involves the surgeon who goes beneath the musculoaponeurotic system or SMAS.

It is located under the skin closer to the muscle used to frown and smile, where your surgeon will reposition, smooth, and reshape out the SMAS layer to iron out the wrinkles making you appear younger and radiant.


2. Mini Facelift

It is a surgical facelift process using small, inconspicuous incisions made under the hairline so that the surgeon can tighten and smooth out the skin and remove excessive tissues.

The mini Facelift is mainly effective in reducing the look of jowls and eliminating them combined.

So, when can I sleep on my side after Facelift? 

The jaws mostly form around the lower end of your cheeks and mouth due to the reduced collagen production as you attain age.


3. Mid-Facelift

As implied by the name, the mid-facelift mainly targets the middle part of the face, primarily the cheeks.

Unlike the cheek implant, the implants are not added to the cheek for plumping them.

Instead, the facial plastic surgeon will remove the excess tissue and even use the existing tissues to lift the cheek, eliminating sagging and removal of wrinkles, and fine lines.

Therefore, the mid-facelift is mainly recommended for patients who will not have marionette lines or jowls.


4. Cheek Lift

The primary purpose of a cheek lift is to enhance the outlook of the cheekbones along with the removal of the reduced look of the wrinkles and fine lines in the mid-face area, which is much like the mid-facelift. In addition, the cheek lift can aid you in achieving voluminous; the uplifted appearance would eliminate the puffiness under the eye and contour nasal folds.


5. Jaw Line Rejuvenation

There are people, mainly women, who exhibit signs of aging around their neckline and jaw. Jawline rejuvenation involves the extraction of excessive fat cells from the neck region through the liposuction of your neck. The primary purpose of the process is to allow your surgeon sufficient space for reshaping and contouring the jawline, making it smoother.


6. S-Lift

The main reason behind this procedure is known as S-lift since the incision is of an S-shape made on the lower end of the face around the jawline and neck.

It allows the surgeon to separate the top layer of the skin, removing excess fat cells and contouring the muscles along with the underlying tissue results in smooth, wrinkle-free skin.


7. Cutaneous Lift

The cutaneous lift mainly focuses on the lower area of the face, which includes the neck and jaw.

First, inconspicuous incisions are created around the ears and hairline.

Your surgeon will then separate the top layer of the skin from the tissues and muscles lying underneath from there.

Excessive skin is cut out and discarded after being removed.

Next, the skin that remains is stretched through the area with the incision.

Finally, the incisions are sealed with sutures.

The skin stretched mainly has similar effects to that of ironing clothes; the skin is primarily tightened, and the wrinkles are lastly removed.


8. Temporal or Brow Lift

Smoothing out the wrinkles in an area will also benefit the other areas of the face since your brows and temples are closer to each other.

It would be the best process for you if your eyebrows are hanging too low or have become droopy.

It needs a longer time to recover, and a brow lift is a faster and more convenient being the great alternative to other invasive eyebrow lifts.

Along the hairline, a small incision is made; another incision is made in the underlying muscles and skin that are lifted, stretching out the drooping skin on the eyelids.


9. Liquid Facelift

What is a Liquid Facelift? Liquid Facelift is mainly practiced across North America, and it is the far more primary kind of facial rejuvenation process.

The liquid Facelift will involve injectable serums such as Restylane, Botox, Juvederm, and Dysport injected into your face targeting the main area.

However, it is known for its time efficiency, simplicity, and non-invasive characteristics.


What is included in the Cost of a Mini Facelift?

There are top three expenses for almost every surgical process: your surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and hospital operating costs.

Patients will be able to save on all three of the massive expenses since Facelift is less invasive.

Now, let us check them out in detail for how much a facelift costs!

Surgeon’s FeesThe process is less time-consuming than the traditional Facelift, although this is an excellent surgical skill for creating the most natural appearance outcome.

So, how long does a facelift last? The standard facelifts will take about 3-4 hours since mini Facelifts can be finished in just 2 hours.


Mainly, the surgeon will be taking time into account while customizing the prices involved for the facelift treatment.


  • Anesthesia & Hospital Expenses

The cost is determined hourly since it is how hospital and anesthesia expenses are priced.

It is why the treatments are not complex and can be finished in less time as it comes with a low price tag.

Additionally, not all facelifts will include the use of general anesthesia as it depends on the individualized requirements your surgeon should suggest the local anesthetic can be cost-effective.

Additional Costs

So, how much does it cost to get a facelift? Of course, there are expenses included in pre and post-surgical, as you may wish to consider.

However, several expenses will not affect the budget as they can surely add up if you pay out of your pocket.

These are the costs that will ensure that the treatment will go as smoothly as possible without any complications.

  • Medical Tests
  • Lab Work
  • Prescription Medication
  • Post-Surgical Compression Mask
  • Follow-Up Visits

A few of these costs are also included in the estimate made by your surgeon.


What can you expect from a facelift consultation?

How much does a facelift cost

It is noted that the facelift consultations mainly take about 15 to 25 minutes as depending on the number of questions that the patient will have, and the consultation mostly lasts for about one hour.

The following are the details that your doctor will go through:

  • family and personal medical history
  • medications
  • possible contraindications, including smoking
  • the patient’s surgical goals


The Facelift Procedure

Facelift varies mainly on what outcome you may wish to have.

Mainly, an incision is created at the hairline near the temples.

The incision stretches in the frontal side of the ear down in front of the earlobe and goes back down to the lower scalp behind the ears.

The excess and fat skin would be redistributed and removed from the face.

The connective tissue and the underlying muscles are tightened and redistributed.

The mini Facelift can also be done if the skin sagging is less.

Excessive skin and fat will be removed if you wish to perform a neck lift too.

The skin of your neck will also be tightened and pulled back and up. It is often performed through an incision lying under the chin.

These incisions often have sutures that are dissolvable or skin glue.

You may also have to return to the surgeon to get the stitches removed in a few of the cases.

These incisions are made in a manner in which they blend into your facial structure and hairline.


Potential Risks & Side Effects

Any medical procedure is associated with risks and is also associated with Facelift. The following are the risks included:

  • anesthesia risks
  • bleeding
  • infection
  • cardiac events
  • blood clots
  • pain or scarring
  • hair loss at the incision sites
  • prolonged swelling
  • problems with wound healing


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Below we share all related FAQs of How much does a facelift cost.

1. Which kind of Facelift is good?

The longer-lasting and more comprehensive kind of Facelift is the deep plane facelift.

It involves layers of muscles present under your facial skin.

The muscles are responsible for the drooping and sagging that you may be experiencing in your face with aging.


2. How long does a facelift last?

A complete facelift, for instance, offers the most dramatic results lasting for about 15 years post the process.

You can attain more moderate results, mainly lasting for about two to six years with the lesser invasive techniques.


3. What is a revision in Facelift?

The corrective treatment that is performed for revising and improving the results of the previous facial surgery is the revision facelift.


4. What is the ponytail facelift?

A ponytail lift will involve incisions made higher on the face above the frontal side of the ear or beyond the hairline.

The facial cosmetic surgeon will be pulling the ligaments below your skin to adjust and reduce the sags.


5. Is Facelift painful?

The truth is that most of the patients are surprised at how little discomfort they would be experiencing, although it may appear like a facelift surgery that is thought to be quite a painful procedure.


6. Can a facelift makes you look different?

You will continue looking at the gradual improvements to any residual post-operative swelling subsides.

Generally, the outcome from your Facelift will appear quite good after a month, and you will start to look at your best at six months.


7. Can asymmetry be fixed through Facelift?

The skin and the muscle can be tightened with the removal of excessive skin and fat with the help of lifts.

The options that are included are brow lifts, eye lifts, and facelifts.


8. Can I get a facelift at 60?

You need not worry if you think that the process involved is too risky for someone your age.


9. Will you age faster with a facelift?

The facelift surgery will result in a rested and refreshed facial appearance.

In addition, the treatment will make you appear like a completely different person as it will reduce the visible signs of aging for several years.


10. Can I consume coffee after a Facelift?

It would help if you avoided smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine after a facelift, as these would dramatically reduce the healing process.



A facelift is mainly a cosmetic treatment involving removing excess skin, smoothening out of the wrinkles and folds, and tightening tissues on the face.

There is no medical requirement for facelifts, and risks are also involved.

Therefore, it is vital to have the required preparations and steps of facelift recovery in mind while determining the facelift cost.

Speak with the certified plastic surgeon to check which option is best for you if you wish to explore your options with facelifts.

Hope you find the answer to How much does a facelift cost


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