How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay in 2024? (Weekly, 16 Year, Texas)

Dunkin Donuts is always particular about the payment of salaries.

But how much does Dunkin Donuts pay the employees? Is this based on hours?

Get the answers to all these vital questions in this content.

The company pays about $8.41 for an hour. However, it can go up to $15.50 per hour.

The hourly rate varies as per the job responsibilities and positions.

Moreover, the company also revises the rates at certain intervals following the terms and conditions.

Generally, the people working in the restaurant earn higher amounts than most of the other employees.

Their wages per hour is $14.52.



How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay?

Dunkin Donuts pays its employees well, thus being a preferable company for part-timers.

Moreover, along with an attractive pay package, the company offers several health benefit schemes and other perks.

The financial perks include the yearly bonus, monthly bonus, and employee discounts for having any item from Dunkin Donuts.

These advantages are truly impressive for any worker.

The flexible time schedules paid leaves, and vacations also let them enjoy freedom even while at work.

The company’s retirement benefits prove that Dunkin Donuts considers its employees’ welfare very seriously.

The company hires personnel in various positions divided into different categories.

Some of the prominent job positions, along with their approximate salaries, are mentioned below;-

· Assistant Store Manager: $16.08/hr

· Cashier Supervisor: $7.87/hr

· Branch manager: $32,449 per annum

· Cashier/Clerk: $9.74/hr

· Counter Sales Representative: $18,000 per annum

· Crew Member: $12.87/hr

· Unit Manager: $70,986 per annum

· Assistant Manager: $13.83/hr

· Training Manager: $68,384/hr

· Baker: $12.48/hr

· Shift Leader: $13.06/hr

· Customer Service Associate: $12.84/hr

· Account Representative: $33,079 per annum

· Account Manager: $52,910 per annum

· Managing Partner: $43,551 per annum

· Location Manager: $9.81/hr

· Client Relation Specialist: $26,419 per annum

· Inside Sales Representative: $32,203 per annum

· Crew Manager: $30,000 per annum

· Equipment Repair Technician: $13.42/hr

· Building Maintenance: $10.64/hr

· Appliance Technician: $51,972 per annum

· Facilities Technician: $19.34/hr

· Diesel Mechanic: $22.47/hr

· Field Technician: $14.89/hr

· Gardener: $11.04/hr

· Equipment Maintenance Technician: $55.879 per annum

· Facility Supervisor: $79,844 per annum

Therefore, a keen observation will let you understand that the company is inclined towards paying more to the Engineering and Technical Department.

However, the entry-level staff also gets desirable amounts. The students can have job satisfaction while working in this entity.

The people pay off their hard work well with amazing holiday opportunities.


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How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay Weekly?

How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay Weekly

The payment policy of Dunkin Donuts shows that the company makes weekly payments to the employees.

However, hourly wages do not apply to certain job positions.

Those people can expect a salary on a monthly or yearly basis.

According to the words of some other employees, Dunkin also pays biweekly in some cases.

The frequency of the payment varies per the location of the store or the employee.

The weekly payments for the stores in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and some others are based on $7.25 per hour.

Often, the company can provide appraisals by increasing the wage rate and rescheduling the job.

But you are still considered a part-time employee only. It is only a reshuffling of wages.

However, the weekly payments indicate that you work full-time for the company.

After analyzing the working hours, you will find that the work hours differ from the full-time associates.

The persons working in the management team usually get the payment annually.


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How much does Dunkin Donuts Pay to a Part-time employee?

As you plan to be a part of Dunkin Donuts, the first question is, how much does Dunkin Donuts pay?

Concentrating on the payment package as you enter an organization for a job is logical.

However, this fact may not matter much for the freshers as this is the time to understand the real-world work process.

The part-time employees will not be in a disadvantageous position either.

This is evident from the pay packages of the company for entry-level employees.

The company policies state that anyone can join the job in an entry-level position after 16 years of age.

The hourly wage starts from about $10.81 for entry-level crew members.

However, the range can be between $8.31 and $15.41. The owner has all the rights to decide the pay scale for each job position.

Therefore, it is wrong to think that the employees in the same position will receive similar amounts for all stores of Dunkin Donuts.

The workers get varied wage rates as per the locations of the company.

Some prevalent rates in the US for part-time employees are;-

· Barista: $10/hr on average

· Crew Leader: $11/hr on average

· Restaurant Manager: $14/hr on average

· Cashier: $10/hr on average

· Baker: $11/hr on average.

The figures can be more or less than the ones mentioned above per the respective policies of different areas.


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How Much does Dunkin Donuts Pay for 16 years old?

How Much does Dunkin Donuts Pay for 16 years old

The 16 years old teenagers usually work as part-time employees. A few of the applicants can even be 14 years old.

But Dunkin Donuts only allows people to work here if they are 16.

The students can only generally work part-time.

Hence, the stores appoint hardworking and interested candidates on a part-time basis.

The standard wage rate of these young people starts from around $8.50 per hour and can be as high as $14.

So, it varies depending on the job position and the store location.

The rates are similar to the part-time employees for entry-level jobs.

Dunkin Donuts prefers to consider teenage freshers for entry-level posts only.


How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay in California?

Dunkin Donuts pays more than 16% of the national average of the US prevalent in California.

The approximate figure in California is $14.73 an hour.

However, the company’s lowest pay begins at $7.40 and can even touch $22.20 for different designations in California stores.


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How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay in Texas?

How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay in Texas

Are you living in Texas and want to know how much Dunkin Donuts pays here on average?

Here is the information.

The rates do not vary much from other states of the US. The cashier in Texas receives around $7.85 per hour.

On the other hand, high-scale employees can receive as much as $19 approximately while working in any store here.


How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay in Florida?

Dunkin Donuts pays a low amount in Florida, which usually does not exceed the national average.

$11.01 is the average pay here for the Crew Members. The Shift Leaders can expect around $24,482 yearly for working in Florida.


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