How Much Does Family Dollar Pay in 2024

There are over 8,000 stores of Family Dollar all across the United States and several other areas, as it is often one of the very few places where people can head out to shop for household products, groceries, as well as supplies for school.

Today, we have come across a common topic on How Much Does Family Dollar Pay, and we are going to share this guide to clarify your growing wonder with you.

The low prices on a massive variety of household products as the Family Dollar stores are the most prominent place for individuals who love to shop.

However, you can be curious about working at the Family Dollar, wondering about the pay.

Family Dollar is growing its base by opening new stores almost every time, making it a powerful employer for anyone in search of work.

If you are facing any doubt about what it is like to work here, how much it is paying, and whether they pay weekly, all the research is mentioned in our post!



How Much Does Family Dollar Pay? 

How Much Does Family Dollar Pay

The average pay merely ranges from about $8 to $15 every hour as it depends on the position along with the store locations as updated in 2022 at the Family Dollar. Mainly, the cashiers here can expect to make an average of about $10 every hour.

Family Dollar is paying a bit less than the average national salary in its entirety.

Family Dollar does not pay weekly, even biweekly, every two weeks on Fridays, as noted from our 2024 surveys.

Each of the pay periods operates from Sunday to Saturday at the Dollar Tree.

The minimum wage here is around $8, which is less than the other similar stores.

Eligible full-time employees benefit from around 401K, health coverage including dental and vision, and credit union memberships.

Continue to read on to find more on this question if you are still having doubts about the pay at Family Dollar and like the different positions offered here!


What are the earnings of Cashiers at Family Dollar? 

The cashiers at the Family Dollar are expected to make between $8-$12 every hour. The average salaries for the cashiers are $10 every hour.

Additionally, the responsibilities of the Family Dollar cashier include the following:

  • Calling up the customers at the cash counters
  • Answering the queries that customers are having
  • Answering questions that customers might have.
  • Answering the queries that the customers are having
  • Cleaning up the work and store areas.


What are the earnings of a Store Manager at Family Dollar? 

How Much Does Family Dollar Pay

The store managers at the Family Dollar stores have an average pay of about $16 every hour, and it is generally for the head store manager at the respective store.

The expected pay for the assistant store managers is around $12 each hour.

The responsibilities that come under the responsibilities of the assistant managers and managers often change, but it includes:

  • Setting employee schedules
  • Creating a schedule for employees
  • Assigning work
  • Offering training to new hires
  • Assisting or helping the customers

Point to note: You need to keep in mind that the pay is different across varied states. The following table offers you an idea:

S.No US State Minimum Pay Maximum Pay
1 California $18,679 P.A. $99,785 P.A.
2 Louisiana $45,734 P.A. $72,717 P.A.
3 Ohio $9.26/hr
4 Texas $27,467 P.A. $72,212 P.A.


On which day do the employees get paid at Family Dollar? 

Every other Thursday, Family Dollar employees may expect to get their payment.

On the other hand, Family Dollar has a collaboration with DailyPay, an interface that lets employees get their salary sooner.

DailyPay is a mobile feature that enables employees to monitor their revenues after each shift and withdraw the funds at any time.

The employee will then get any money not deducted from their usual salary on the scheduled payday.

In summary, Family Dollar pays just about every week, but employees may use the DailyPay app to monitor and withdraw the money between these paychecks.


Do Family Dollar Employees get paid weekly/biweekly? 

Family Dollar pays its employees every two weeks. Additionally, the payday is Friday and about two-week pay time that operates from Sunday to Saturday.

Additionally, the Family Dollar pays for direct deposits, company-issued debit cards, or paper checks.


How Much Does the Family Dollar Pay? 

The District Manager is the one who decides the wages that are based on the knowledge and experience of the employee.

However, many store employees even earn hourly wages, and the managerial employees, such as the District Manager along the Store Manager, receive an annual salary.

Additionally, the average salaries for hourly employees at the Family Dollar are as follows:

  • $9 an hour for customer service representatives
  • $10 an hour for the cashiers
  • $12 an hour for the assistant store manager
  • $11.22 an hour for warehouses
  • $8.85 an hour for stockers and receivers

Sadly, these rates are quite less than the wages compared to the stores like Aldi and Dollar General.

The average hourly wages at Family Dollar are less compared to the national average for identical positions in the US.

But, the full-time employees can access several benefits such as:

  • 401k
  • Credit union membership
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Medical
  • Vision and dental coverage

Additionally, the other employee benefits would include the wellness benefits and the employee assistance programs.


Does Family Dollar Pay Extra for Working on Holidays? 

Overtime compensation and greater pay for performing on holidays appear to be different policies at different Family Dollar businesses.

However, some shops do pay benefits and a premium rate for holiday employment. Working on holidays, for example, attracts a higher fee of one including a half times the ordinary rate.

The District Manager ultimately decides on how often Family Dollar employees are paid.


Is there vacation pay or sick days at Family Dollar? 

Certainly, full-time Family Dollar workers who work 40 hours or more a week will be entitled to paid vacation and sick time.

You can also carry over unclaimed sick days into the next year if you don’t utilize all of the available sick leave throughout the year before the end of December.


Does Family Dollar Offer a Raise? 

Sadly, the answer to this query is a bit foggy.

For instance, a few workers here at Family Dollar have never received a raise, while others confirm that the company is offering raises annually.

However, the other employees at Family Dollar have reported their raises are offered every quarter or even after 90 days since their day of employment. But, it completely depends on the individual stores along with the managers.

A few employees have stated that the managers are getting raises on a more frequent basis than the cashiers. While it can be so in reality, there is no such information to confirm this.


Our Employee Benefits Offered by the Family Dollar? 

Some benefits are offered to the store workers at the Family Dollar, which are amazingly versatile and good.

Therefore, as the pay itself might not be quite generous, the Family Dollar store offers various employee benefits.

Additionally, there are even more benefits as there are several of the primary ones mentioned by the Family Dollar.


Is there a PTO at Family Dollar?

Certainly, Family Dollar is offering paid time off to all its workers. But, the days off may change as it depends on the time that has worked along with the other factors.

Surely, workers expect to get the PTO for vacation time, bereavement, and even during their birthday while working at Family Dollar.

Furthermore, it is not quite clear how exactly the number of days off every employee gets, so it is recommended to ask your manager during the interview or training.


How long does each shift cover at Family Dollar? 

You can anticipate working an average of eight hours each shift per day at Family Dollar. However, according to planning demands and other situations, this may alter.

Family Dollar’s regular morning shift continues from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The noon shift is after that from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Finally, Family Dollar’s nighttime shift runs from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Managers at Family Dollar may appoint you for any one of the previously defined shifts depending on the store’s requirements.

Furthermore, several Family Dollar employees point out that the timetable might often change, making planning difficult.


What would it feel like to work at the Family Dollar Store? 

The Family Dollar stores are located across several rural as well as neighborhoods of urban low-income, which makes them the initial choice necessitating the grocery store for numerous people.

Family Dollar has job openings across various positions across the country, with several stores and new ones opening up.

Concerning the pay, the wages for Family Dollar for hourly employees are greater than the minimum wage and lower than the average national.

But, the employees at the Family Dollar get their benefits when they are working full-time for over 40 hours a week.

It also belongs under the policy at Family Dollar for promoting internally making it possible to move from sales to managerial positions.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the “How Much Does Family Dollar Pay”

1. Do you earn raises at Family Dollar regularly?

Before you may seek for or earn a promotion, you must wait 90 days to one year, depending on your position or job title. Annual raises are offered.


2. Do you provide increases at Family Dollar?

Yes, after an annual assessment, Family Dollar employees are given increases.

Employees may also receive raises due to promotions, such as if a Customer Service Representative will be an Assistant Store Manager.


3. Is working for Family Dollar worthwhile?

It is easy to work with lots of room for promotion. It’s simple labor! Always arrange around family gatherings that you are aware of.

The manager is responsible for implementing most holidays so that normal staff may enjoy their vacation!


4. In Texas in 2022, what is a decent wage?

To meet their necessities, a single adult residing in Dallas County will also need to generate $16.53 per hour by 2022.

To satisfy their family’s basic necessities, a single adult with one child will need to receive $31.60 per hour.


5. What are the working conditions at Family Dollar?

With a 3.5 out of 5 overall ratings, 83 percent of workers would suggest working at Family Dollar.

Employees gave Family Dollar a 3.1 out of 5 overall company culture, a 3.1 for rewards received, a 3.3 for growth opportunities, and a 3.4 for assistance received.


Concluding Thoughts 

So, answering your question about how much does Family Dollar Pay is, it is noted that the associates are expected to earn anywhere between $8-$16 every hour as it depends on their position and time spent in this company.

On average, the cashiers here make around $10 every hour. On the contrary, the store managers earn about $16 each hour.

Additionally, there is enough room for raises in several cases.

Family Dollar employees can get their paychecks early using an application such as DailyPay to make a highly convenient payday.

Additionally, Family Dollar is noted to offer a plethora of benefits for their employees that include insurance and paid time off options.


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