How Much TJ Maxx Pay their associates (Updated 2022)

TJ Maxx is a renowned company based in the US selling plethora of products that include footwear, bedding, domestic items, giftware, and many more. The company has more than 1000 stores spread across the US. Hiring is an ongoing process all year round. Our post here today will give you a glimpse of How Much TJ Maxx Pay their associates!

You may wonder how much they pay their staff if you wish to join this giant store or have already been here. So let us dive in deeper, explaining everything about the salary offered by TJ Maxx!


How Much TJ Maxx Paying in 2022? 

How Much TJ Maxx Pay

An average of $12 is the hourly pay that TJ Maxx offers its employees in 2022. The average pay rate of TJ Maxx ranges in an hourly rate from $9.72 to $16.98. The employees’ salaries vary greatly as it depends on the job title. For instance, the store managers of TJ Maxx make the most along with the average hourly range of about $20 every hour. The Associate Merchandisers and Sales Associates are paid an average of $11 each hour.

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The minimum wage offered by TJ Maxx? 

The minimum hourly Wage that TJ Maxx offers in every state across the US is $10. The minimum hourly average salary is $11 each hour that the sales associate makes.

The average wage is the reduced remuneration that the employers of TJ Maxx are paying their employees legally. The company may not be paying anything below the minimal requirement.

The following table shows the TJ Maxx payout to associates in a few states of the United States:

Virginia$10.40/ Hour
Texas$9 /Hour
Florida$14.88/ Hour


Are Weekly Payouts made by TJ Maxx? 

Yes, they do make weekly payouts. The employees of the TJ Maxx are paid bi-weekly and weekly along with every bimonthly that is around the eighth and twenty-third of each month.

The payment is made every 17 days and is paid directly, while it is mainly considered bi-weekly in reality. The payout times will change with every Franchise Location for TJ Maxx.

Every business, even the startups, including the joint restaurants, chains of restaurants, and the other the national companies, are making use of two varied kinds of payment cycles: weekly and bi-weekly.

Likewise, TJ Maxx is paying their employees and working on the basis of weekly schedules. The employees here are employed at the department stores and are paid every Friday.

In the earlier times, the chain of department stores had used biweekly payments. But, in recent periods, they have changed the weekly pay cycles for their workers along with their employees.

Job PositionsAverage Per Week
Apparel Associate$82.25/ Week
Backroom Associate$78.75/Week
Sales Cashier$86.24/Week
Customer Service Associate$75.95/Week
Front End Associate$73.05/Week
Front End Manager$81.55/week
Jewelry Associate$75.25/week
Lead Associate$77.35/Week
Customer Experience Coordinator$144.62/week
Marshalls Retail Associate$106.68/Week
Cleaning Associate$84.00/Week


What is the starting pay with TJ Maxx? 

The average starting pay offered by TJ Maxx is $12 each hour. You will be paid at least $11 each hour when the employees get recruited at TJ Maxx.

For instance, the starting hourly pay for the Sales Associate is $11 each hour, an Administrative Coordinator is $14, a Merchandize Coordinator at $13, and a Customer Service Coordinator is $12 each hour.

Job TitleRange Average
Sales Coordinator$13
Retail Associate$12
Associate Merchandiser$11
Retail Store Assistant Manager$19
Assistant Store Manager$20
Warehouse Associate$14


Is your first Paycheck held by TJ Maxx? 

How Much TJ Maxx Pay

Yes, it does! TJ Maxx holds your first Paycheck, and they will be sending your Paycheck each week.

It is mainly done to get the perception of the cost in terms of the payroll that they offer. They will be holding your initial check as a future separation payout, as they would have mentioned you during your hiring process.

How much does a cashier in TJ Maxx make? 

The cashiers of TJ Maxx in the US mainly make an average of $13 each hour. However, this year, the company has raised the salaries by about 5%.

The cashier of TJ Maxx processes the debit, credit, and cash along with the check transactions. Every transaction is the responsibility of the cashier.


On which day does TJ Maxx Pay? 

TJ Maxx pays each Friday. The organizations mainly pay about four times each month. The organization also pays bi-weekly in a few States. They also pay on Friday in this case. They have a direct deposit to your account each week.


Is TJ Maxx Paying for Orientation? 

Yes, they do! The employees of the TJ Maxx should be paying for the time they have spent required during the training and orientation even while the employees are not starting their regular scheduled work.


How to join TJ Maxx? 

The hiring process of TJ Maxx starts with the application for an online job, and this is identical to every other retailer who is present in the United States. If you wish to apply at TJ Maxx and build a career as an associate, check out the “Careers” section of the company’s website, click on the job categories, and search for the specific job role you plan to apply for.



Below we share some FAQs related to the query “How Much TJ Maxx Pay”

1. Does TJ Maxx offer raises to their associates?

It completely depends on the performance of the associates. The raises are based on performance reviews.


2. Does TJ Maxx raise the minimum wage?

TJ Maxx’s owner and the Marshall Discount chains mentioned that they would be increasing the minimum wage to about $9 an hour in the month of June this year, and the next year’s raise would be $10.


3. Does TJ Maxx follow the Pay Time and a Half mode? 

TJ Maxx is paying time and a half to the staff who work during the holidays and off-seasons. Employees who are full-timers at TJ Maxx are even paid extra for about seven hours, while the part-time employees are given extra pay for additional four hours.


4. What uniform do the associates of TJ Maxx wear?

The TJ Maxx employees need not have to wear any uniform and instead should be dressing in business or smart casuals. But, the employees should avoid wearing the t-shirts, torn jeans, ripped or even the crop tops.


5. Is your first check held by TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx does hold a check back for a week, but you will get your paychecks each week. They will be holding them as a binder or a contract that you sign when they are picked up late.



So, How Much TJ Maxx pay its employees? The payout is done every week or even every Friday by checking out the direct deposits offering check cash services on-site for their employees too.

The salaries for TJ Maxx, especially at the entry-level positions, are paid a bit less compared to the national average for the identical job roles. But, an employee fails to get performance-based raises almost annually or even more frequently.


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