How Much Walgreens Pharmacy Technicians Make in 2024?

Pharmacy Technicians also make a good amount of salary annually.

So if you want to know How Much Walgreens Pharmacy Technicians Make? Here we share detailed information in this article.

All components of the prescription fulfillment process must be handled by pharmacy technicians, who also support the pharmacist daily.

A pharmacy technician school may offer a one-year diploma, certification program, or two-year associate degree program for aspirant pharmacy technicians.

The training, jobs, and employment options for pharmacy technicians are thoroughly covered in this career guide.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy technicians make a median annual pay of $35,100 once they start working.



How Much Walgreens Pharmacy Technicians Make?

To pay as little as possible, Walgreens only offers minor automatic raises per year, usually around $1, until a cap is reached.

Although it might be a terrific place to work, you won’t often forget that you’re in a business.

Not enough; the average hourly wage is $10–19. $19 is uncommon and usually reserved for seasoned technicians who manage the show.

Depending on your level of certification, It might even be determined by place.

Cleveland region’s non-certified starting pay is $10.50 per hour.

Not certain if certified, but most likely $12–14 per hour.

Depending on the state, you might need a Pharmacy license to work as a pharmacy technician.

You’ll be in the pharmacy most of the time.

You might be asked to assist at the front desk if the pharmacy is operating very slowly. Hourly rates range from $9.00 to $17.


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What does Walgreens Pharmacy Technician entail?

How Much Walgreens Pharmacy Technicians Make

The Pharmacy Technician Training Course at Walgreens is an “earn while you learn” initiative supported by the Department of Labor and the ASHP.

By assisting you in taking the necessary steps to become a Pharmacy Certification Board (PTCB) Certified Pharmacy Technician, as well as supporting you in maintaining the high level of expertise required in the pharmacy care industry, this apprenticeship program gives you a starting point for a career in health care.

Providing you with a portable, nationally recognized credential that will aid in your career advancement.


What is the highest level of pharmacy technician?

 Pharmacy technician III

The highest certification in the job route, pharmacy technician III, often involves additional education and experience.


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What are the duties of a pharmacy technician at Walgreens?

How Much Walgreens Pharmacy Technicians Make

The exciting shift from a transaction-based workplace to one that is considerably more patient-centric has occurred in Walgreens pharmacy technician positions.

You’ll be in the spotlight as just a Walgreens pharmacy technician and pharmacy technician apprentice, dealing with consumers and building trusting patient connections.

Our company’s primary competency is a pharmacy, and its pharmacy technicians have access to all the resources they need to advance their careers and accomplish their objectives, including the most cutting-edge technologies.


How to apply to be a pharmacy technician at Walgreens?

Requirements to work as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens?

Qualifications requisite

 Must speak, read, and write English with ease. (Apart from Puerto Rico)

Preferred Requirements

Good math abilities are preferred to fill prescriptions accurately, including counting, measuring, and weighing drugs. PTCB certification is preferred.

  • Prefer familiarity with managing shop inventory.
  • Prefer six months of retail-related experience.
  • Prefer prior experience working for Walgreens.
  • Favorable computer proficiency.


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How much Walgreens pharmacy technicians make in Florida?

In Florida, the hourly wage for a Walgreens Pharmacy Technician is about $18.32, which is 10% more than the national average.


How much Walgreens pharmacy technicians make in California?

California has an average hourly wage for Walgreens Pharmacy Technicians of about $19.09, which is 15% more than the national average. The usual pharmacy technician wage at Walgreens is $20 per hour. At Walgreens, pharmacy technicians can earn between $15 and $29 per hour.


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How much money do Texas Walgreens pharmacy technicians make?

In the United States, the typical hourly wage for a Walgreens Licensed Pharmacy Technician is about $16.49, which is in line with the national average.

A pharmacy technician’s income progression varies by geography and job. The starting income is $37,092 per year, while the greatest level of seniority earns $36,253 per year.


Is working as a Walgreens pharmacy technician challenging?

The rewards are fantastic! I currently work in a hectic, fast-paced environment at a drugstore. I wouldn’t advise it for someone unable to multitask. The only drawback I can think of is the scheduling; working late shifts can be very stressful if you have a family.


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Job Duties for Pharmacy Technicians at Walgreens

Typical duties of a Walgreens pharmacy technician include helping consumers choose health goods and using them properly by providing advice on prescription use and negative effects.

  • Keeping a work environment clean and safe by abiding by OSHA safety regulations
  • Keeping track of inventory by verifying the availability of commodities like over-the-counter medicines, shampoos, or other skin care products
  • Providing service to customers by responding to inquiries about medications and assisting clients in selecting the best products for their requirements
  • Conduct diagnostic tests like urine or blood tests using specialized tools like a microscope or computerized machine. 
  • Preparing materials for medicine delivery, including weighing pills or pills, measuring beverages, and mixing solutions.


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Is Walgreens’ pharmacy profitable compared to its front end?

Profits are made in the pharmacy division. 90% to 10% is typically the split for an independent pharmacy.

Prescriptions, which have a 20 to 25 % profit margin, account for 90 percent of sales.

Since their stores are larger and they can purchase in bulk, Walgreens can sell more retail goods than the majority of independent pharmacies.

Additionally, they can hire individuals to research what and how to market.

After that, they replicated it in more than 8,000 locations across the US. If you desire to find out more, you might search for the stock price of Walgreens.


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 What are the Pharmacy Tech employment prospects?

Becoming a pharmacy technician is an entry point into a pharmacist, staff nurse, or other medical professional career.

There should be considerable demand for pharmacy technicians for the next ten years, making this a potentially lucrative job.

Pharmacy technicians made an average of $35,100 per year in 2020, while state-by-state differences exist.

The richest 10% earn over $50,430 annually, while the worst 10% earn less than $25,400 annually.

The states with the highest average salaries for pharmacy technicians are California, Alaska, Washington, the District of Columbia, and Oregon.

According to the BLS, outpatient care facilities, the national government, schools, and universities offer the highest-paying jobs.

The average yearly salary for pharmacy technicians working in food, beverage, and personal and healthcare establishments is less.