How To Get Kroger Card? (Apply, Ways, Replace, Card No)

In addition to Kroger brand stores, the Kroger chain has 24 store affiliate brands, including Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, City Market, Dillons, Ralphs, King Scoopers, and Smith’s.

The wider footprint in 35 states also means Kroger wants customers comfortable with plenty of promotions and programs to help shoppers save money on groceries while turning them into loyal customers. This roots the question of How To Get Kroger Card; of course, the Kroger shoppers card in many versions.

Certainly, it pays to be a member of Kroger. It takes a few minutes to sign up for the Kroger card or Kroger Plus card. Shopping without a Plus card does work. But having the Kroger digital membership means a lot; it is convenient too.

The Kroger app is free. Since everything rests on the app, merely the phone while shopping at Kroger brings good savings and reward points.



How To Get Kroger Card?

The two ways to get a Kroger card are either going to the customer service at a Kroger store and filling up the application or applying online. The physical card obtained can be used at any cash register. 

Even if the shopper has left the card at home, then accessing benefits is not an issue as the registered phone number is enough to avail of the discounts.


Online applications make it easy.

The easiest method is signing up at This will yield a virtual card number usable at any store. 

Input your phone number to access benefits at the store. If shopping for groceries, discounts, and points will be automatically added using the card linked to the account.

In every physical and checkout, a printout of the points balance will be provided to the customer and available at the bottom of the receipt. 


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How to apply for a Kroger card?

How To Get Kroger Card

The physical Kroger card can be obtained from a customer service desk at any Kroger store. The virtual card can come via the Kroger website giving updated information on the discounts and points available.


How can I replace my Kroger Plus Card? 

Replacement and additional cards are taken care of by the Customer Service desk of the Kroger local store.

A customer can pick up new cards and continue purchases. But give a call to 1-800-576-4377 to complete the shopper’s card registration.  

Although the replacement card will have a new number, the points or rewards will not be lost. This replacement can

also be done by visiting the Kroger website.


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How to find my Kroger Card number?

Simply download and install the Kroger app on your phone. Add all personal information. At the top left corner

of the My Account menu will be visible; scroll down to My Plus Card, where you can see the card number with options to edit the address and add an extra phone number.


How does Krogers card work?

How To Get Kroger Card

A Kroger Plus card comes activated by the time a customer receives it. It is ready to use and good enough to get the sale prices and earn fuel points.

To earn additional rewards with a Kroger Plus card, it is advised to register it with your name, address, and phone number. 

Also, download the Kroger mobile app and secure ‘electronic coupons’ and all additional offers available.

The above points illustrate the benefits of keeping a Kroger card and ways to use it. Also, many top retailers are wooing.

Customers with branded reward credit cards. They include an Anywhere Visa Card, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, and Amazon Prime Store Card.

All of them require an active membership. For annual Costco membership, the starting is $60 for Gold Star members.

In the case of Amazon Prime, the charges are $139 a year.

However, Target RedCard and Walmart cards will not insist on any active membership.


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