How To Replace Costco Card in 2024? (**Detailed Guide**)

In this article, we share “How To Replace Costco Card.” If you lost your Costco Card or your card is stolen.

You can replace it. Costco is a warehouse club; it offers products in large quantities at lower prices.

In addition to groceries, it also offers apparel, toys, gadgets, and other goods.

You must have a membership card to shop at Costco.

One of the most well-liked places to shop is Costco, especially for people who want to stock up on food.

Most people buy groceries using a membership card because it offers great offers.



How To Replace Costco Card?

How To Replace Costco Card

Merely go to the Membership desk in the Costco warehouse that is closest to you. Inform them that you misplaced your card.

They will ask you for identification to confirm who you are and who you claim you are.

Your Membership number will then be changed, protecting you against someone else using your lost card.

Not to worry! Your new card number will be linked to your previous purchase history.

You will need to take a new picture, and they will print you a new card before sending you on your way.

If there is not a queue of individuals in similar circumstances, the entire process should not take more than 10 minutes.

You will not need to worry because your old buying history will be linked to your new card after they alter your membership number, protecting you from anyone exploiting your lost card. It only takes ten minutes to complete.

For Cardholders, Costco offers a variety of advantages. You are aware of the advantageous deals Costco extends to its Cardholders if you have an active Card and frequently shop there.

When entering, do the Costco personnel ask for a card? Yes, this is true. A Costco representative will ask to see your Costco card when you enter and leave the store.

You will frequently note that no one will ask you to produce your Costco card as you enter because they know to match the photo ID placed behind the shopper while calculating the charge and performing calculations.


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Does using a Costco credit card grant a membership?

No, although having a Costco membership is necessary for approval, the Citi Costco Credit Card does not come with one.

You must first purchase a Costco membership, which runs between $60 and $120 per year, in order to apply for the Costco Credit Card.


Are there any requirements to replace a Costco Card?

When you inform them that you have lost your Costco card somehow, they will just request identification to verify your identity before changing your membership number to prevent anyone else from using your lost card.

There are various ways to find out when your membership is up for renewal, including just stopping by any Costco location’s helpful membership counter.


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Does it cost money to replace a lost or stolen Costco Card?

How To Replace Costco Card

It will be replaced almost universally without charge, and Costco will not be an exception.

You only need to inform the office immediately because your membership card is usable in any warehouse worldwide.

They would prefer you destroy the old card, so even if you discovered it within the house once more, you now have a replacement with a new number.

No, there won’t be any additional fees for changing your card. Simply request a replacement, whether it be for a lost item or something else, and Costco will take care of it for no charge.

One thing to keep in mind is that while this replacement is free, you must update any accounts and bills connected to your card because your newly issued card has a different number than your old one.


Is a Costco membership card available online?

You can obtain a Costco card online, yes. Simply choose a membership type and add it to your basket to sign up online.

Your new member number(s) will be emailed to you following your purchase. Simply bring your email to any Costco membership counter to pick up your cards.


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Can my Costco Card be replaced online?

Cards from Costco cannot be changed online. If you need a new card, visit the closest camp.

You don’t even have the opportunity to issue a replacement for the old card.


My Costco card was lost. Can someone use it?

You must contact Citibank immediately if you misplace your Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card.

They will ask you a number of security questions before closing your original credit card and issuing you a new one.

On the back of every Costco card is a photo ID for the member.

Cashiers at Costco are advised to always check the back of the card to ensure the customer is using a card that has been provided to them.

Before anyone finds the lost credit card and uses it to make purchases, it’s critical to report it.

But even so, A missing Costco card is challenging to utilize.

The drawback of switching your Costco credit card is that you will forfeit the benefits you have earned thus far in the year.


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