How To Use Mcdonalds App in 2024? (In-store, Gift Card On App)

If you don’t know how to use Mcdonalds App? Don’t worry; below, we share detailed information on this topic.

McDonald’s was a fast food shop selling only burgers.

It originated back in 1954 by a man, Ray Kroc, located in California.

Now, it has more than 36000 restaurants in 100+ countries and has become one of the leading food service brands.

It came to the limelight for its innovation, dragging people’s attention toward them.

The mystery that helps them to reach their pick today is day-to-day innovation.

McDonald’s app is made for the ordered food to reach the doorstep.

The app provides us with various offers in the delicacies being displayed. Discounts are being updated regularly on the app.



How To Use McDonalds App?

On the occasion of 40 years, McDonald had launched a new app. It is as convenient to use as any other app.

Some of the steps to be followed for placing an order in the McDonald’s app:- 

1) Register yourself to have a personal account.

2) Click the tab bar.

3) View the offers that are provided respectively.

4) Wait for a few minutes, and redeem the offer while in the store.

5) Place the order and confirm it.

Now, you might have a question about how to reset my McDonald’s account.

Simply by opening Settings, you enter the apps section.

Here you will get the McDonald’s app. Now to clear the cache, we have to erase all the data.

Determining which you want to know how to log back into your previous McDonald’s account after being logged out.

Nothing much to do to log in to your previous account.

You have only to select ‘more’ and ensure that you are logged in within the app.

If you cannot log in to your previous account, the username or password you entered might need to be corrected.

You might have logged in from your Google or Facebook account.

In that case, you might have to reset your Google and Facebook accounts.


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How can anyone use McDonald’s app?

How To Use Mcdonalds App (Can Anyone Use)

The latter is very reliable to use by anyone instantly in just a few minutes.

The app was made for the reliability of the customers.

The only goal of McDonald’s was to keep a smile on the faces of their customers.

Customers are deemed to be king to them.

For a franchise to achieve excellence in the market had to keep this message as its bitter truth.

If you are using the McDonald’s app for experience, you will be delighted with their service.


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How to use the McDonald’s app in the store?

In the store, the usage of the app is very relatable.

They can be withdrawn from the local restaurant, the curbside, the Service Kiosk, and the drive-thru.

Furthermore, you must place an order from the official app at the curb or front desk.

Simply follow a few steps, that is, by visiting the tab bar and viewing the offers. After which, you will get a scan code; you must scan it and place it.

Similarly, the procedure is the same at the kiosk, but here you have to scan the QR code with a kiosk, set the amount, and have it.

The DriveDrive Thru has the same procedure but not the code.

By clicking the code, you will get a redeemed text. You have to say it for receiving the order from the booth.


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Can I order food by using the McDonald’s app?

How To Use Mcdonalds App (Can I Order)

You can surely order food by using the McDonald’s app. You can earn some coins in the app by clicking the ‘Earn Points’ option in the tab bar.

You can get many advantages by earning the points, like getting free delivery just by telling the last four digits. Do you guys know how these points can be redeemed?

These points can easily be redeemed at the DriveDrive Thru, where you have to select ‘Add to mobile order’ and proceed with the mobile order.

Next, you must select ‘Use at the restaurant’ and provide your code before receiving the order through it. It cannot last forever, so it has to expire.

It is supposed to expire on the very first day after six months. Unlike the ‘Earn Points’ tab, you can get an access point by buying any product for a dollar.

Generally, 100 points are given on every $1 purchase. Consumers with 1500 points are given hash browns or a cheeseburger for free.

Similarly, those who collect 6000 points are given a happy meal for free. If you want to get the free french fries offer, you have to make a $1 minimum order to get the offer.


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Does McDonald’s app work internationally?

McDonald’s app can be used internationally, but it has a unique touch for every country.

You may check the country list by going to the ‘region and language section.


Does McDonald’s app take EBT?

EBT cards can only be used in a few recommended places, such as grocery stores and some fast food chains, unlike McDonald’s.

Only if you qualify for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families( TANF) benefit can you use a SNAP card. These types of cards are considered to be a type of debit cards.


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Can I use gift cards on McDonald’s app?

Gift cards can be used on their app and website.

McDonald’s app has launched an e-gift card facility that is very convenient.

The e-gift card can only be used in a restaurant, not for online users.

Once used, the cards cannot be refunded exchanged or refilled.


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Can I use Paypal on McDonald’s app?

Paypal can be used for the payment procedure in McDonald’s app.

Online procedure is used as the best possible way in today’s date, as digitalization is improving daily.

But you cannot directly pay through Paypal at the local store.


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Can I add points to my McDonald’s App?

McDonald’s points can be added through the app itself.

By going to the “Earn Points” option, we have to place a four-digit code in whichever mode you have, like drive-thru, Kiosk, or curbside.

Then automatically, you will get the points in your account.



McDonald’s is the best eatery, and its app utility is super awesome.

Hence, the store has a great volume of sales all over the globe leading to high growth.

Moreover, they try to improve the taste of the snacks and ensure satisfaction after every bite. 


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