Howard Beach Animal Clinic Address, Hours, Phone Number

If you notice your pet isn’t feeling well then must bring them into Howard Beach Animal Clinic. To schedule an appointment you must call 718 848 6803. Since 1981 they serving the community.



Howard Beach Animal Clinic Address/ Hours

Howard Beach Animal Clinic

The address is

163-11 Cross Bay Blvd (map)

Howard Beach, NY 11414

Phone Number- 718 848 6803


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Howard Beach Animal Clinic Services

Howard Beach Animal Clinic

They offer services include

Veterinary Supervised Boarding 7 days a week

Pet Daycare

Pet Grooming

State of art glass kennels

Six experienced veterinary doctors work in this clinic. Dr. Peter Roufail is the owner of this Clinic. This animal clinic has more than 30 years of experience in animal medicine.

They are also available on call 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.


Pet Boarding

It includes

Veterinary Supervised Boarding 7 days a week

State-of- art glass kennels

Pet daycare

Pet Grooming

Their team offers a well-maintained boarding facility.


Traveling With Your Pet

Travel with your pet follow some rules

Domestic Travel

In the United States if you want to travel with your pet your pet must be vaccinated and have been treated for fleas and Ticks. Before 10 days to fly your pet must be examined.


International Travel

If you want to travel to another country with your pet. You must need an International health certificate from a USDA accredited veterinarians.


Pet Wellness

They offer pet wellness services include

Vaccines Spaying and Neutering
Surgery and Emergency Care X-rays and Blood Tests

For your pet checks ups, you must visit this clinic. They are available 24/7 for your pet.


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