Ikea Vs Wayfair in 2024 (Store, Price, Product, Working)

Here we share the complete information on Ikea Vs Wayfair.

IKEA and Wayfair are both highly-known furniture brands all around the US.

And when someone needs to purchase furniture for their house, these two companies are the first to think about.

But there is always an argument about which is better: IKEA or Wayfair.

IKEA makes highly affordable furniture with modern designs for different parts of your room, and most of the products are sustainable.

And Wayfair is a company where you can purchase traditional, contemporary, a variety of furniture at a reasonable cost and get a few extra discounts at Wayfair.

But these pieces of information are not enough; many other things determine the company’s quality, and that’s why this article about IKEA vs. Wayfair is here to help you decide.



Ikea Vs Wayfair

Below we share major differences between these two companies: store ranges, Product ranges, Price ranges, Working Hours, and employee benefits.


Ikea Vs Wayfair (Store Ranges)

Ikea Vs Wayfair Store Ranges

The number of stores of a company determines its scaling, and IKEA is a brand available in 63 countries and has more than 460 stores worldwide.

IKEA has stores in Kuwait, Bangkok, Cairo, Taiwan, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc., and in the United States, it has around 52 stores available.

And soon, IKEA will open stores in Columbia, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Luxembourg.

As you can see, IKEA has a vast range of stores that are quite difficult for other companies to establish. 

Wayfair is an online-based, or what we say, e-commerce furniture company available mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

And if you live in the United States, then through the website, you can ship your product to any part of the US you want.

But currently, there are no Wayfair stores available where you can go to see the furniture. 


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Price Ranges

When it comes to the price range between IKEA and Wayfair that case, in that case, we have to compare a few items,

● In IKEA, the minimum cost of a single bed is around $49.00, and the highest price is $999.00.

And in Wayfair, the lowest cost of a bed is around $68.99 which is a double bed, and the most increased cost is around $26,199.99 

● In IKEA, the lowest cost of a wood wardrobe is around $100, and the highest price is $2,190.

In Wayfair, the lowest cost of a wardrobe is $144.99, and the highest cost of a wooden wardrobe in Wayfair is $13,565. 

● In IKEA, the lowest cost of a chandelier is $79.99, and in Wayfair, it’s $31.99. Also, you get such a wide variety of chandeliers in Wayfair than in IKEA. 

As we can see, in IKEA, you get more simple and minimalistic products at a low cost, whereas in Wayfair, you can purchase simple luxury products from a minimal amount to thousands of dollars. 


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Ikea Vs Wayfair (Products Category Ranges)

Ikea Vs Wayfair Product Ranges

Knowing about the product range is very important as this is the key quality that customer requires from a furniture company.

So, In both IKEA and Wayfair, the products we can get are extensive; examples.

In IKEA, you can purchase furniture, beds, mattresses, home decor, home textiles, baby furniture, lights, smart Home items, bathroom wear, rugs, etc.

Among the furniture, you can purchase a wardrobe, table, sofa, cafe furniture, gaming furniture, bar furniture, etc.

In the home textiles category, you can buy pillow covers, bathroom textiles, swing product clothing, etc.

In smart Home items, smart lights, air purifier system controllers, etc. So the variety is quite wide as well as affordable.

In Wayfair, you can purchase various products like furniture, rugs, kitchen, lighting, kids’ furniture, home decor, bathroom decor, pet items, custom cabinets, etc., of different price ranges based on your taste, from simple to luxury.

So in the lighting option, you get an exceptional variety like ceiling lights, chandelier wall lights, outdoor lights, ceiling fan lights, LED lights, etc.

In the furniture part, you can purchase beds, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, baby furniture, game tables, outdoor furniture, etc.

In the kitchen item category in Wayfair, you can purchase kitchen appliances, tableware, cookware, kitchen remodel items, utensils, custom cabinets, etc.

So, you can see the range is quite hard to beat. 


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Quality of the products

It’s essential to know the quality of a product before you try to purchase it, and when you have an excess of both IKEA and Wayfair, you should check the product quality.

So, according to customer reviews, most people say that if you purchase a product at a meager cost, then there is a chance that it is made of cheap material.

So if you want to purchase an item from any of these companies, you should at least invest a considerable amount to buy reliable furniture. 

In Wayfair, the range of items you get with different prices is very helpful in choosing your perfect product, and according to the customers, they are quite decent products.

Still, the customers have to assemble the product by themselves. In IKEA, the products are sustainable and easy to assemble, and you can purchase furniture in pocket-friendly amounts and very simply. Still, according to many customers, the IKEA furniture is short-lived.


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What is the Difference Between Employees Working Hours?

In IKEA, there are shifts available for the employees, and the employees have to work around 8 to 9 hours per day, approximately 40 to 45 hours per week.

Part-timers work about 20 to 30 hours per week, and if the employee has to work more hours, then IKEA provides extra pay. 

In Wayfair, as it is an online-based company, that’s why the employee post is different, but the timings are more or less the same.

If you are a full-time worker, then based on your preferred schedule, you can choose the working hours; the most common is 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, but the roaster can be different too. But no part-time Dole is available, so employees have to work 40 hours a week. 


Which one offers Good Employee benefits

Ikea Vs Wayfair Employee benefits

For the employees, knowing about employee benefits is very useful; through this, they can decide whether working at the company is worthwhile.

For the employees working at IKEA for them, IKEA offers excellent benefits such as health Insurance, job training, soft skill training, accessible transport, international relocation, cafeteria, child care, maternity, team outings, work-from-home, educational assistance, retirement plan, etc.

And if you are working in Wayfair, you get health insurance, gym membership, paid time off, paid holiday, paternity/maternity leave, retirement plan, etc.

Both companies offer quite excellent employee benefits but to answer your question, IKEA provides better uses for its employees.

Ultimately, deciding which furniture company is best for you is totally up to you.

In IKEA, you can go there and judge the product by yourself, and in Wayfair, you can shift the product to your home; if you don’t want it, you can’t return it.

Also, based on price and products, IKEA is reasonable, but Wayfair has more items.

Based on employee benefits, by reading the article, you will understand that both online and offline, Store IKEA has more employees and better employee benefits than Wayfair.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t work at Wayfair; they also provide decent benefits for its customers.

So now, if you want to purchase any furniture or home decor item, decide which one is more convenient for you. 


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